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1500 More Reasons to Hate OctoMom

3/25/2009 3:09 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

This is getting out of hand -- OctoMom just blew another $1500 on clothes ... for herself.

We're told Nadya Suleman went on a major shopping spree yesterday at Bebe Sport -- which isn't a baby brand, it's a pricey adult one!

Sources tell us she picked up things ranging from t-shirts to tank tops, a sexy fit metallic cami, woven cargo dress, crystal heart sweatsuits (two colors) and sports bras.

What's worse -- sources say when Nadya was asked for her ID during a separate shopping spree at Bebe last Friday, a blonde woman with her said "Oh come on, don't you know who she is?"

Launch pics!Unfortunately, we do.


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2007 days ago


Jesus, if she had any brains, she'd shop on-line in the privacy of her zoo!

2007 days ago

Mad as hell    

I wonder who was watching all the kids!!! Stop sending her money. if you want to help the kids, send milk, baby clothes, pampers, etc. did you really think she was going to by things for the baby?????

2007 days ago


i think the social services and disability people need to investigate her monies...her accounts and all.. obviously she has a small fortune somewhere somehow to pay for all the invitros/all the nannies over the past few years/her minivan/and her really good deal of a house that is worth a half million...oh yeah i guess in california that is a deal... real cheap? i would have more sympathy had she given her mom some of the money to save her house now her mom has sacrificed all for we all saw nadya wouldn't even let her in the new house...sorry gotta go puke now before i go to my ss appt to only get denied yet again =sngle mom, no car, no nothing yet i can't get any help? is that because I have only one kid?

2007 days ago


What do you say about the worthless women in California I bet nothing because you are to much interested in one person who cares she still doing her duties as a mom what else you guys want, bottom line is you guys just are jealous of her because she can do things others can't, I make money off the ppl so what that makes me you fool, so you have to do whatever it takes to make money, and stop with the poor excuse about the only word you guys could say taxpayers get over it already California is like this for other reasons moron...........

2007 days ago

really now    

And people wonder why we get so pissed off at this woman . really now.

2007 days ago


#126 have a nice life you won't be missed......

2007 days ago


oh yeah joseph i am real jealous out here in california of big trout pout nadya and her brood of 14...hell yeah cause she knows how to work the system successfully and I don't...Nadya write a book so i can qualify for some of those services and ss checks for me and my son too please..tell me what i am doing wrong that I got denied twice..I don't own a car, I don't own anything I barely have a checking account..PLEASE NADYA GIVE THE REST OF US SINGLE MOMS THE ANSWERS HOW TO WORK THE SYSTEM LIKE YOU DO!!!!!!!!!!!!!

2007 days ago


So What? TMZ and the rest of the media needs to back off this woman and leave her alone. I'm sick of hearing of her.

2007 days ago


I don't buy it. There's nothing at Bebe that would fit her fat ass.

2007 days ago


How many women work the system in California? millions of them and they should be investigated trust me they should be because I see them everyday out there so ppl should really mind their business and focus on their own lives.................

2007 days ago


Sorry, noone is jealous of her. How stuiped, normal people wouldn't do this. I would rather have my freedom then have this mess, no amount of money would make a normal person settle for this. Also she sure spends a lot of time away from those babies obviously she could care less what they are doing or if they need her. So she is not attached to them at all. Let someone else worry. Also, I really don't think anyone on here is sending her money, especially bleeding heart white people. She is the one that chose this life if you want to call it that.

2007 days ago


Wow...I just had one baby in November and make very good money and about all I can afford is Old Navy...I would love to have the money to take care of my baby, pay my bills, AND shop at Bebe. I certainly hope the government has stopped sending her checks for any reason at all. I'm sorry but if she can spend $1500 on clothes then she doesn't need a check from the government for her disabled children. If she has that kind of money to spend on clothes then she has more than enough money to take care of them.

2007 days ago


Speak for yourself some of us are not hateful idiots like you are some ppl do have a heart and are not envious of other ppl and she is not coming to your door to ask you for money so get off the bandwagon already, it is sad how many jealous ppl are out there very sad.................

2007 days ago


she will ride the coat tail of fame forever.......People keep complaining about her drying the tax payers money but she is but those programs are designed for people who hit a bind and need help to get out of it even if it means getting on government assisstance. she has to care for her kids just like everybody else but if i were her i would not be spending so much money and time on other people but i would be doing all the deals that containe money cause i would need to buy a huge house with a pool and a lexus but this chicken head is running the well dry as all hell

2007 days ago
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