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Paul Stanley

Won't Poop

on a Tour Bus...

3/25/2009 2:45 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

... because KISS has their own frickin' private jet!

It's amazing what rockstars are willing to reveal about themselves. 


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2037 days ago


kiss sucks woundnt be able too keepup and adaapt to todays metal ok fo there time tho someone has to put him and the rest of kiss metalica and alike out of there misery u dont see members of poison running aroundmaking fools of them selves some of these old geezers of rock dont know when to giveit up and retire and live there rest of there lives in a retirement home

2037 days ago


sorry people, KISS obviously has done something right, they haven't toured on a "bus" since like freaki'n '85, private jet please! All you haters go listen to Love Gun......

2037 days ago


just another example of a spoiled, rich dumbo who thinks his crap is too good for a tour bus. just think of all the money they could of saved by going on a bus instead of a private jet the last thirty years and could of fed and clothed and gave clean drinking water to children in africa and all over the world. i wonder how much KISS pays for a roll of toliet paper on the private jet. i hope it is 5 dollars a sheet.

2037 days ago


Ummm.. Have you NOT seen Brett Michaels from POISON on his stupid reality show Rock of Love????

2037 days ago

Mrs Butters    

No Steve,

Poison shleps around in tour buses,and can't carry KISS's cod piece

2037 days ago


Do they buy carbon credits? Do they not know they are causeing Global Warming? Do they not know they are helping to destroy the whole planet? Hold on I have to turn up the heat it's snowing and freezing outside. Any way we must control the weather and the only way to do that is to pay a carbon tax fast. People need to get rich and Gore needs to be remembered for something.

2037 days ago


Shadowwolf please get the mental help you are desperately in need of

2037 days ago

Black Teef    

Maybe he just takes a dump in those tight leather would make that neat squishy sound.

2036 days ago


They have their own privat ejet? Looks like they did INCREDIBLY WELL throughout the years.

2035 days ago


Kiss has earned every dollar, and spend as they wish.
All of you haters and losers, are sorry for yourselves.
Only in America., as for the starving children in Africa.
Send your dollars, yeah you can make difference lol.

2017 days ago

Sunset Strip Dealer    

The original boy band. Ashamed I like these guys as a little kid. Then I realized how bad of musicians KISS really is. The original N-Sync. And just because you have made money does not validate this crap, Beyonce makes money and she is a complete karaoke joke.

583 days ago

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