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Piven Plays the Obama Card

3/25/2009 6:34 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

No one believed him before, so now Jeremy Piven is dragging Barack Obama into his war over the "mercury poisoning" excuse he used to get out of a Broadway play a few months ago.

With today's announcement that there will be an arbitration hearing over the matter in June, Piven's peeps just released a statement saying:

"Mr. Piven is looking forward to testifying in Arbitration along with his doctors so that the truth comes out about the very serious health risks caused by Mercury exposure, which the Obama administration has recently described as the world's gravest chemical problem."

Well, if Obama thinks it's a problem -- people have no choice but to believe him now, right?


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Ha ha ha... that Piven guy is one helluva arrogant douchebag. I wish obscurity upon him...

2044 days ago


Poor, poor Mr. Piven! Here's a thought...if he's so "poisoned" with Mercury, then it's probably best that he just retire all together, I mean really...if he's too sick to act in a play then he must be too sick to act anywhere right?

Probably just too big a risk for any production to undertake anyway...Now that would be JUSTICE!

2044 days ago


President Obama would get a good laugh over some of these silly posts. The most brilliant man in politics today being criticized by people who cannot form a proper sentence.


2044 days ago


If brilliant means you started out your college career at a trashy junior college in CA and transferred into Harvard thanks to affirmative action, never had a real job other than community "organizing" with thugs and criminals and can't handle answering a single question without reading your prepared answer off a teleprompter then yeah, he's REALLY brilliant.

2044 days ago


Obama is probably used to his name in everything by now. Since he came along - he either gets used, blamed or praised. But Lord knows - everything in this country is either pre-Obama or post-Obama - just like 9/ll.

2044 days ago


35. I hope someone poisons OBAMA and then will our COUNTRY be better off than trying to SPEND all the money and change us to become more like China and the other loser counties. It is time to change or IMPEACE the want to be. Oh for you others he is half white and not really the first black man to be the PRES full black and I hope he is the last one. Damn you dumb people.

Posted at 8:17AM on Mar 26th 2009 by hell with them all


1) WOW!!! Your grammar is HORIFFIC!!! Are you REALLY American?? LOL That was even worse than ebonics! You should be ashamed of yourself! Haha You know, it's sad because I know first graders in those "loser countries like China" that can put together a better paragraph IN ENGLISH. You're PATHETIC and un-American!!!

2) Instead of waiting for someone to poison him why not take the easier route and just KILL YOURSELF!!

2044 days ago


Note to RETHUGLICANS!! Keep bashing community organizers because what you fail to realize is that community organizing is a NON-PARTISAN act. When you insult "the little guys" you insult ALL PARTIES. IDIOTS!! If you're so against people asking for government assistance why do you turn around and put down people who work independently? (..Talk about being inclusive!!) PALIN/BAUGH "12!! LMAO

2044 days ago



2044 days ago



1)The racist Jim Crow laws of our ancestors classifies him as BLACK. I could care less what race he is (unlike some). I was just making a point. LOL Ok, and Wow! This is the first time i've seen a racist like yourself type such a thing. Im baffled!! I mean, do you REALLY claim him? LOL Don't be silly!! He's black, you're just in denial!! He's white too but he's still classified as BLACK!! If he was just an average guy walking down the street he'd be considered BLACK!!

2) I am still confused about your affirmative action statement! Ok, so think about this... Asians are "supposedly" smarter than whites so ummm..Shouldn't white kids be grateful to Asian-American kids who got rejected from Harvard? You know, like how "blacks" should supposedly be grateful because they aren't as smart as whites?? Think about it!! Some Asian American families have been here since the 1800s!!! LOL Will you SHUT UP NOW???!!!

2044 days ago


****.Some Asian-American families have been here longer than some White-American families is what I meant.

2044 days ago



You said, "Some are, but he wasn't, obviously, which is why he had to tranfer in. And by the way, he's not black Einstein, he came out of a white vagina."

So, what race is he? How did he use affirmative action? :) (rhetorical question) Have a good evening!

2044 days ago


BAWHAHAHHAHA!!! Wow Lord Have, started on the bottle a little early today, ehh? Why not right? It's not like you work or do anything productive in soceity. Did any of that nonsense you posted even make sense to you? HAHAHAHA!! Ahh, in typical black racist fashion, like Al Sharpton and Jessie Jackson, accusing everyone else of being the racist while hiding behind your fake love towards "the Lord." You people have no shame, do you?

1. ROTFLMFAO!!!!!! You realized you contradicted your own dumbass here, right? You blame Jim Crow laws for deciding his race, claim you don't care what his race is and then BAM!!! You say he's black, LOL!!! I think his white mother, his white grandparents that RAISED him and his very NON-BLACK home state of Hawaii have everything to do with who he is. Not his typical black diddy that was a noshow throughtout his childhood, just as most blacks don't have dads. Why do you people start having babies at 12 years old anyway? Do you people have any morals at all?

2. LOL!!! The alcohol must have really kicked in at this point!! I don't even know how to respond to this gibberish. I think it's hard to say that any race is smarter than whites since it was brilliant white men that made this country, the greatest country in the world!! I hardly doubt fake "i'm proud of my black hertiage" frauds like yourself would really trade living here for Africa, where you're stuck hunting for your breakfast, lunch and dinner with bamboo sticks while wearing loinclothes every day LOL!!! So funny!!!

2044 days ago


So it seems most people think those suffering from mercury poisoning should suck it up and quit whining. I'd eat much more fish if it weren't for this serious environmental problem.

2044 days ago


He's in good company he is just a sfull of it as Obama.

2043 days ago


Obama will not save us from mercury poisoning. Has he ordered the recall of all the mercury filled, energy-saving light bulbs ?? Every time we break one , enough mercury is released to warrant an evacuation of the premises. And by all means, don't step on a piece of the broken glass- your foot will rot away. To reply to Ben- I think of Obama like I do the devil. I believe they both exist, but I don't believe IN them...

871 days ago
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