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Timbaland -- Blackground Blackballed Me

3/25/2009 3:15 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

This is a story about a recording artist who became a big shot record producer ... so big, his own people allegedly wanted to take him down.

Timbaland is going after his record label, Blackground Records, claiming they didn't utter a peep when he first decided to make his move from "performer" to "producer." But then things got ugly...

In his lawsuit, filed today in Federal District court, Timbaland claims he just got too damn successful as a producer -- and the record label couldn't contain its jealously and hostility for him.

Timbaland alleges Blackground went on a McCarthy-esque search-and-destroy campaign, contacting various record labels and giving them a million reasons why they shouldn't hire Timbaland to produce songs.

To add insult to injury, Timbaland claims Blackground also stiffed him out of serious cash. Now, he wants out of the contract and unspecified damages.


No Avatar


Is Patrick Swayze dead yet?

2048 days ago


I'm not familiar with any of his music so I have no opinion. I wonder what Dane Cook is doing right now.

2048 days ago


You've heard his music before, he's produced everybody from Dr Dre Busta Rhymes Mary J. Blige Mariah Carey Justin Timberlake Britney Spears I mean the list goes on and on

2048 days ago


Unless he's produced some Frank Sinatra that I've never heard before, I'm fairly confident in saying that I've never heard any of his music before. Thanks for your two cents though B.

2048 days ago


who cares its been a while since timbaland came out with the way I are he's yesterday's news washed up has been hasn't had a hit song ever since

2048 days ago

Double R    

This is exactly what Bryan means haven't heard from him because he's being met with blocking/attempts at blocking every step of the addition to having his dough-jacked...he's still hot, and you're hating for a reason...perhaps your demo didnt get picked up?!?!?!??

Then write better traxx...h8r

Double R

2048 days ago


Timbaland Schminderland......who cares.

2048 days ago


he's still hot? whatever double r obv hes not if his last hit was 2 year ago and he getting cleaned out by his own label lol hope he looses his house also ends up on the street dude cant even run his own label lol

2047 days ago


I used to like him until he demanded a public apology from Britney. He said she would never have a successful comeback without his and Timberlakes help.

The loser needs to get over himself and let go of Justin's coat tails. He used Timberlake to get where he is at.

2047 days ago

Winsome Davis III    

It's called Karma. Timbaland's a music pirate. Just do a search on Timbaland vs Janne Suni; Timbaland steals Arabic music etc., etc., etc. He's the Bernie Madoff of Music.

2047 days ago


Loveee his new song with T pain and Missy......and to be honest...Justin wouldnt have dat succesful album dat Timbaland didnt put his magic in dat...oh and y did madonna wanted dat Timmy do something 4 her????? star was falling so she needed some hit to keep her on top..

so haters shut the F up....half of u who is saying dat they dont know who is timbaland , i am pretty sure dat u r dancing wit his beats every weekend!

2047 days ago


You people that say "you have never heard Timbaland's music" are either sadly mistaken or you've been living under a rock for the past 11 years. What you should say is that you didn't know that you were listening to his music. He is a "Producer" meaning he makes the music he doesn't sing to it. He has had a few albums of his own but he's on everyone's album now adays.

2047 days ago

northern gypsy getting serious up in here...anytime your talk ing the "L" word (litigation)...
devil is in the details...let's see what the judge say's...good luck !!!

2047 days ago


TO: yes it's me
Timbaland did not ride Justin Timberlake's coat tails. He was already somebody in the black community or (to be politically correct "the urban community). If anything Justin Timberlake owes him props for making him more accepting by black music fans. Timbaland has been in the spotlight and in our ears for about 11 years now. so check your stuff before you start talking about things you don't know anything about

2047 days ago

Bill Cosby    

He uses an ASR-10 for those gritty, fat beats. He's probably the most creative guy in Hip Hop since Rick Rubin.

2047 days ago
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