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Timbaland -- Blackground Blackballed Me

3/25/2009 3:15 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

This is a story about a recording artist who became a big shot record producer ... so big, his own people allegedly wanted to take him down.

Timbaland is going after his record label, Blackground Records, claiming they didn't utter a peep when he first decided to make his move from "performer" to "producer." But then things got ugly...

In his lawsuit, filed today in Federal District court, Timbaland claims he just got too damn successful as a producer -- and the record label couldn't contain its jealously and hostility for him.

Timbaland alleges Blackground went on a McCarthy-esque search-and-destroy campaign, contacting various record labels and giving them a million reasons why they shouldn't hire Timbaland to produce songs.

To add insult to injury, Timbaland claims Blackground also stiffed him out of serious cash. Now, he wants out of the contract and unspecified damages.


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Ike and Tina - Reunited and it feels so good!!!    

This is news to me. I could have sworn Timbaland was always a producer who dabbled in performing. I also thought his success as a producer continues to grow so how exactly did Blackground damage him? Anyway, who cares?

2040 days ago


He has let success go to his head.

in one year he will be the new Scott Scortch and broke.

2040 days ago


~ Thank you Wiz for breakin' it down to these peeps and lettin' know!!!! ~

It is just so incredibly sad, such ignorance and how quickly it spreads. Peeps get on this blog and read that...and just buy right into it without even a 2nd thought. Does anybody up in here remember Aaliyah?! Check out who produced her albums, co-wrote her songs...check out the old school videos of hers one bein' "Hot Like Fire"...Timbaland is posted in the 64 Imp with Missy. Missy Elliot? How about bustin' out some of her albums and checkin' out who produced and co-wrote her s**t?!? Don't you get it?!? He's one of the great ones that's been around forever, and just 'cause he hasn't had a hit single/album in awhile doesn't mean s**t!! Dr Dre?!?!! One of the great ones!! Timbaland is out there helpin' other peeps dreams come true. If you really think about it, Justin Timberlake only works with the very best, from the moment he put out his solo album...Pharrell? You think he would jeopordize that by workin' with some "no name"?! Cry Me a River was on JT's first album...that's Timbaland and you see what a huge success that was. JT's latest album was untouchable with Timbaland's help, influence. Top of the line peeps are all that can afford him and with good reason. What's even more that Blackground is owned by Aaliyah's family. Timbaland was there with her as her career began to take off...helped create the legacy she left behind. And it's truly unfortunate that the money and greed has gotten in the way of that relationship. So to all you haters take the free advice Wiz offered up right now and do your research before blogging such ignorance. It's not appreciated on any level!!

~ RIP Aaliyah Dana Haughton (Jan, 16 1979 - Aug 25, 2001)

2039 days ago


Well said "straight trippin" i couldn't have said it better myself...just to add something for the people who say they never heard him, just b/c you don't hear his voice on the track doesn't mean he's not on it. People now and days don't pay attention to the producers anyway, its like impossible to Not hear something of Timbarland's, they need to look back at their music.

2039 days ago

Dr. DMgemini63    


2039 days ago

LaighingMy AzzOff@Timbaland    

Timbaland needs to sit his ass down and be grateful for the success and money he has now. Damages?? about biting the hand that feeds you..Blackground AND Aaliyah took a HUGE chance going with him and Missy, BOTH UNKNOWNS at the time. Without Blackground, and more specifically, Aaliyah, he would probably not have the career he has today. And he has the NERVE TO SUE THEM?? Babygirl is rolling over in her grave right now how dare he!! And as far as his production skills go, after Aaliyah, he pretty much tanked to me. He left what made him different behind and went on to produce total monotonous, mainstream crap. And here's a song for him, from her to him through my opinion, lol..her 2001 song "U Got Nerve".."Who do you think you are, now?? I can't believe, you got the nerve boy!!" LMAO and SMH @ Timbaland..Idiot.

2038 days ago


To:LaighingMy AzzOff@Timbaland

Yeah! That's it really got the inside scoop on that one. Yeah cause she wasn't involved in any kind of a controversy at all with R. Kelly prior to Timbaland and Missy comin' into her life, the same R. Kelly her family had her working with. And that's why Timbaland and Missy can be found on more than just one album, right? 'Cause of all the wrong doing...that makes absolutely perfect sense! NOT!!! So what are you exactly?! Some Loser Scott Storch fan? The same Scott Storch that got his own dedicated "F U" song from Miss Christina Aguilara on the "Back to the Basics" album? How embarrasing to walk around and be "that guy" with so many singles he did with so many different artists...and he can't even afford a bed to sleep in or the clothes on his back now? ! Talked all that Mad Ish about Timbaland...but who's having to file for "bankruptcy...chapter 13" or havin' all the "can't afford it but makes me look good s**t" repossessed?! Not Timbaland. Aside from all that, being that Timbaland is apart of Blackground, it would behoove them to keep him happy considering he's making them money as all that "lack of talent" s**t talkin'...take it somewhere else! Timbaland went through a grievance period after Aaliyah's passing just like any one else would that lost a dear friend would go through and then came back with avengence. Dr. Dre did it after losing his brother...and even now after losing his son, his new album is expected to drop in 2010. Timbaland's album is dedicated to Baby Girl as it states on the inside of the cover, Blackground benefitted from that album just as much as Timbaland let's not get it twisted. This issue has everything to do with money and greed...and nothing more. For Aaliyah to be turnin' over in her grave it would be at the fact that both parties have allowed the business to come between them in such a disgraceful manner after all of what each have done for one another over the years...

~ RIP Aaliyah Dana Haughton (Jan 16, 1979 to Aug 25, 2001) ~

2038 days ago

TOO Real    

for those of you who say you haven't heard anything by Timbaland, you gotta be kidding me. The man's beats are everywhere. He's a musical genius. He's done work on Keri Hilson's new album and Ginuwine's new one. To say he is washed up and that he needs to be happy he has what he has is just ridiculous. He is far from washed up. I guarantee you half of the songs that you are in the club dancing to he has produced. For those of you sayin that Aaliyah's family has something to do with this you are sadly mistaken. Her family no longer owns Blackground. The label is own but Universal Records now. So this has nothing to do with her family and him. If the label is doing him how he says they are they are gonna have to pay up. Messing up a career that he worked hard to get.

2038 days ago

Darrin Phillips    

Blackground Records had small indie artist Danian's Gonna Rock Your Body clip banned from You Tube for Copyright infringement when they had absolutley no basis or grounds for doing so, shame on Blackground Records if Background Records thinks they have any case of Copyright infringement on any song show it to us!!!!
This song was written & produced by upcoming indie producer Darrin Phillips of Flow City Records Canada in 2008 and Blackground records has no proof of any copyright infringement.
Are they threatened by a little indie label and artist? maybe because Timbaland left them they're scared of lacking sales.

I encourage Blackground records to contact me if they truly feel they have any kind of claim!

D.Phillips - Flow City Records

2021 days ago
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