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Shawn Johnson Under Tight Surveillance

3/26/2009 8:35 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

UPDATE: Law enforcement sources tell TMZ the LAPD will present the case against Robert O'Ryan to the L.A. County D.A., probably sometime this morning. It's likely that stalking and other charges will be filed -- that would almost certainly up O'Ryan's bail....presumably enough to keep him behind bars in the short term.

Shawn Johnson
is playing some serious defense in the wake of an obsessed and armed fan's arrest outside "Dancing With the Stars."

TMZ has learned the 17-year-old has a new personal bodyguard, who's already been spotted shadowing her around town. Sources tell us Shawn's protector is an off-duty police officer.

Robert O'Ryan was arrested after trying to get into Monday night's taping of the show. Police say they found a loaded handgun and a loaded shotgun in his car. O'Ryan remains in custody, held on $35,000 bail.

We're told Shawn, her "Dancing" partner Mark Ballas, and the rest of the cast were informed about O'Ryan after Monday's show.


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Michael Madsen    

OH KEN... you vacuous pseudo-intellectuals make me want to slap syrup on my meatloaf.
With your vast knowledge of the TMZ demographic... I have only to ask you this...

which one are you?
Lemme guess... you're a fat, sweaty loser trolling the message board on your net zero dial-up from your trailor looking for an intellant debate to disrupt because you are threatened by IQ's over 10.

Well, take your shaved-head-'cause-your-partially-bald down to the crick, have another beer and pee into the wind.
The uneducated are truly boring...

2037 days ago

Michael Madsen    

Take care, Nexjn...
I enjoyed your vitriol.
Happy TRails.

2037 days ago

i'm over it.    

Leave Shawn alone. She's on the show because the producers ASKED her to, not because she can't bear not to be in the spotlight. She's a 17 year old girl, and no matter what she shouldn't have to deal with having a man who is almost 40 years old stalking her and threatening her safety. I don't think you guys realize how bad this could have been. She could have gotten kidnapped or even killed, and you're sitting here called her a "has been"? Leave the poor girl alone.

2037 days ago

Michael Phelps    

It's really such a romantic story. I know how the guy feels. I feel the same way about Dakota Fanning.

2037 days ago


It figures. An article about an Olympic class gymnast being stalked and some rightwing nuts bring Obama into it. Grow up losers.

2037 days ago


Whats wrong with all of you?!!? I look up to her as a role model shes a sweet innocent girl who doesnt deserve to be talked about like this she didnt do anything. That stalker freak did! And yeah she was a olympian and yeah she didnt win all around but she didnt go on the show to forget that they invited her to be on the show!! So why dont you all get over yourself you people seem more like the ones that want the attention.No one deserves to be put in fear like that espeacilly as innocent and young as shawn!

2037 days ago

Dazed but not amused    

What is the matter with you idiots? She is a talented young woman who is making the most of the opportunities presenting themselves to her. Like we wouldn't go for the bucks? I can see not being a fan, but the venom you are spraying on her is unbelievable. For once, the young girls have someone to look up to who isn't a druggie, drunk driver, or skank. Leave her the hell alone. She is a scared 17 year old girl from Iowa who never knew the kind of people there would be in SoCal. Shawn's parents: open your eyes and take her back to Iowa and maybe she can be normal again. There are no signs of intelligent life out here!!

2036 days ago


she is a liberal.

where does it say that she's a liberal?

2033 days ago
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