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TMZ's Incredible Ink CONTEST!!!

3/26/2009 2:45 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

From tramp stamps to tribal bands -- TMZ wants to see your best tattoos! E-mail in your best ink for a chance at the $250 prize. Just remember to keep it clean!


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I do laser tattoo removal out of my house and I'm telling you. DONT DO IT. The majority regret it. It hurts 20 times worse to have it removed than it did to have it put on.

2035 days ago


Oh I should add I do laser tattoo removal for people who can't normally afford to have it removed. It's VERY expensive and VERY time consuming ordeal.

2035 days ago


See some of the worst mistakes in tatoo history

2035 days ago


I submitted my pics.

2035 days ago


Does this dumb cooze really have hardcore tattoed on the inside of her mouth? WTF?

2035 days ago

hot snot    

Only people who DON'T put some thought and time into their tattoos regret it. I never acted rashly, walked in off the street picked a "flash piece" and got it done. I submitted my pic too!

2035 days ago


I personally will NOT submit my Tat pics. Mine were selected & personally drawn just for me by my artist. I do not want my tat on 5000 other people out there. I will keep them to myself as thats exactly whats going to happen if you share your one of a kind tat here. Its a great idea but I love my personalized tats that mean something to me & are unique, not found on every tat shops wall. Good luck to those of you who submitted.

2035 days ago


I guess it's cool to see, but honestly I've seen this HUGE explosion of tattoos and tattooed people and for me, at least it's gotten rather rote and wearisome. I think people focus FAR too much on trendy fashions, weird hair and or facial hair, funny hats, piercings and the like, when TRUE radicalism and individuality is an INTERNAL thing. I can't even TELL you how many tiresome, boring, ho-hum people Ive met or endured who do anything and everything to appear to be cool and or different OR to draw attention to themselves when much of the time they're really not that special or extraordinary. at all! I prefer substance (and traits like humility, compassion, integrity, loyalty, faithfulness decency s and honesty) over colorful appearance ANY day. Raucous annoying types often obfuscate their lack of admirable qualities with an excess of attention drawing mechanisms or distractions, and so more often than not I view tattoos as a warnigng signal that maybe something is lacking in a person

2035 days ago


OMG, $250 bucks. WOW that's a ton of money...

2035 days ago


The body art images I have submitted have a copyright. I did that so no one sees the image and walks into a shop with a print out and says " I want this tattoo". I think tattoo removal is for people who have the "tramp stamp" and regrettable body art. Also the use of the word "TATS" is slang. Yeah, if you got them in prison or on spring break you might want to get them removed. But for people who draw their own ART and realize its never coming off tattoo removal is never an option. Its like having a Monet or a Rembrandt on your body. For the rest of your life. Not a lot of people can hang with that. You should be licensed to get a tattoo, so we all know your not riding the wave of trends and trying to be something you are not.

2035 days ago


can someone tell me how to submit my tatoo. I never did this before and would like to try. If anyone can tell me how I would appreciate it. I tried and it didn't work. PLEASE HELP

2035 days ago



2033 days ago

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