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Natalie Maines, Sans Mane

3/27/2009 2:09 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Dixie Chick Natalie Maines in Venice, CA yesterday ... with a super cut.


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frogs and gravel    

So sorry Natalie Maines, but Lindsay Lohan already has a "soul mate". Maybe
Britney S. or Amy Winehouse is in the market.

2038 days ago


Was it 60 minutes where Maines bawled like a little girl? That was a classic. Wish I had taped it.

2038 days ago

#9 is an idiot    

For the love of god would you dumbasses stop trying to say that the only reason Obama is being criticized is becuase your a blind white racist republican? How bout because the money I worked hard to earn is going to idiots who don't deserve it?

P.S. Try telling the 96 percentile of blacks who voted for obama blindly to stop using race to make decisions before you try to pull that card you idiot.

2038 days ago


WOW can someone say "boys don"t cry"

2038 days ago


She looks like the nasty UnAmerican she is!!!!!!! I am so happy that all the radio stations in Texas have not played the Nasty Chicks since she opened that BIG MOUTH OF Hers & Yes I threw all my CD's away. Love U troops Kick some Butt!!!!!!!!!!

2038 days ago

#9 is an idiot    

P.S. Cristina...good to know you measure happiness by the amount of money one's a wonder your such a bitter idiot.

2038 days ago

fans of President Obama    

THe photo on the left looks like Tom Cruise. The photo on the left looks like a lesbian with long hair.

2038 days ago


i effing hate her! her and her band can go gargle w/broken glass for all i care. i'll NEVER forget how she went to ENGLAND and on a LONDON stage, shouted out how she hated our President on the eve of us going to war. What she said was a slap in the face to Americans! and before anyone gets irate w/what i wrote, please understand that i'm a veteran and fully support your right to state whatever your beliefs are. i have been willing to lay my life down for that very right. HOWEVER, this stupid beeyotch didn't have the balls to state it, she had to go to England where anti-American sentiment was running very high at the time. flipping whore, hope she disappears soon...FOREVER!

2038 days ago

Ooooo Noooo!    

After WWII the French shaved the heads of French women who collaborated with the Germans . . . this is a good start for her. Traitor.

2038 days ago


Bet in less than 2 yrs Maines will be on People Magazine accompanied by the following headline: Former Lead Singer of Dixie Chicks Files for Bankruptcy.

2038 days ago


Hey, she looks cute. Very layback. I really like it. She has the face and personality to wear this hair cut/

2038 days ago


I don't think all women are bi or lez, but I would be willing to bet that most are "curious". I consider myself straight... I'm happily married and have kids.... but if I had a few drinks, and the moment was right, and the girl was hot, I might just do some girl on girl stuff. Hubby would be thrilled! It's not gross to enjoy sex and be creative. It just makes your sex life hotter.

2038 days ago


Hahahaha, she looks like a hobbit, well, actually a troll. This bitch's career has gone bye-bye ever since she showed the world she's an anti-American Socialist leftist. Now she's as irrelevant as ever. How you like that karma, biooooootch!?!?!?!

2038 days ago


Whoever keeps trying to portray them as "family" people now (as if their departure from music was planned) seems to have forgotten all 3 of these sluts dumped their first husbands for others. Maines dufus husband Adrian Pasdar or whatever his name is, is the King of Lifetime movies...yay!

People are free to speak their minds in America, but those that do so very publicly against a president, like this brain surgeon Natalie, are telling the world it's OK to hate us and disrespect us.

At one time, long ago, she was cute. Now she is fat and mouthy and even though her 2 band mates supported her publicly, I have a feeling there is a lot of resentment between them. After all, the Dixie Chicks were the other twos band and Natalie alone destroyed it.

2038 days ago


all you haters.....

forgive and move on..... show mercy.... receive mercy......

unforgiveness is like drinking poison and waiting for the other person to die........ all this bitter talk speaks way more of you than of her........

she's not as recognizable with this haircut and considering these comments....... i would do the same....

2038 days ago
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