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What Joan Allen SAW

3/27/2009 4:01 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Here's 52-year-old "Bourne Ultimatum" star Joan Allen in NYC on Tuesday (left) -- and the doll in the "Saw" films (right).

Joan Allen
One of them has an unhinged jaw.

We're just sayin'.


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2037 days ago


Not nice TMZ! She is a wonderful actress and human being completely inappropriate. Shanna Sands worthy for ridicule? Yes! Joan Allen? No!

2037 days ago

dont know    

This is so weird..Joan Allen went to Northern Illinois University (didn't graduate, but we "gave" her an honorary Bachelors degree) and that crazy guy that shot people here at Northern Illinois University on Feb. 14th had just gotten a HUGE tattoo of SAW on his arm. Just think it's all very odd...

2037 days ago


She is naturally pretty, but her doctor doesn't know how to do Botox or filler(?). Don't blame people for their bad plastic surgery. It's the doctor's fault. Doctors need to stop being such money-grubbers. Don't do something on someone if you're not good at it. Don't do something on someone if you're off your game that day.

2036 days ago


Making fun of someone because they are natural looking, beautiful and not 20 is just pure sickness. Seems in America, it's getting out of control - in order to be a woman of any substance you must be 20 and have major tit action and a porno star. If not - then you are ugly and old. TMZ this really is low. I never thought this before of TMZ - figured that if you are a celebrity, then you know what you are getting into. But this? Someone at TMZ must be 52 and butt ugly and very green with jealousy or someone hit on this actress and she turned him down. Or more likely, this writer is simply a now normal American male who thinks anyone old enough to vote is just old and not worthy of living anymore and should be ridiculed. This is just shameless TMZ. Go after people who deserve it and look ridiculous - not a classy actress.

2036 days ago

Lippy Loo    

It is an excellent comparison, it is SOOOO obvious she has had way TOOO much filler put in the face. However, I give her credit, she has not gotten Octolips!

2036 days ago

SoCal Razzles    

LAME...she looks better than 85% of current Hollywood inhabitants. Give me a break.

2036 days ago


She's every bit as gorgeous as Meghan Fox. Why don't you ever pick on that overrated byyatch? I hope I look as good as Joan when I'm 52. You bunch of ageists.

2036 days ago

You gotta be kidding me...    

Here's a picture of the 3rd grade educated gayyyboy & beeeach writers of TMZ, trying to make up stories instead of doing their jobs & finding something interesting to write about. And, here's a picture of a gayyyy orgy in progress, with farm animals.

One has freaks of nature .

I'm just sayin'...

2036 days ago


dude i know her! she was born and grew up here, in my hometown. back off tmz.

2036 days ago

drew valentine    

omg they look alike maybe a new movie?

2036 days ago


She's beautiful, and looks great for her age. There is really no humor in this, since she doesn't even resemble the doll from Saw. Must have been a slow day at TMZ.

2036 days ago


I saw her last summer out in Montauk-she was very kind-actually was on line in front of me and helped me locate my daughter in a drugstore-didnt recognize her at first-no makeup-hair in ponytail-looked incredible.Kudos to these stars that are not "Hollywood".

2035 days ago
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