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Michael Vick

My Doggone Life

3/29/2009 10:17 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

It looks like former Atlanta Falcons QB and current dog-killing inmate Michael Vick is following in O.J. Simpson's footsteps -- he's shopping around a book about his life and crimes.

The proposed memoir of Vick's rise from poverty to stardom would likely be an attempt to show the NFL that he's sorry enough to be let back in the league. You know, sorry about the dogs, dog fighting and dog imprisonment, but also sorry for going to jail for 23 months. Remember, this is the NFL... it's almost impossible to get suspended forever. They still like O.J. and he killed his wife got imprisoned for stealing memorabilia.

The book will likely be a mixture of the "Da Vinci Code" and O.J.'s "If I Did It." Except with more dog torture. And 100% ghostwritten.

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Mikey is a real dirtbag,I wonder if he is sorry,really sorry or sorry he got CAUGHT!!!!! Even better, lets put mikey in the ring with a very mad, hurt dog and see how well he holds up. I really hate people like that , he is an animal abuser and a sorry excuse for a human being. He is also the worse kinda role model. I agree with a lot of whats been posted, especially #15.Keep michael vickbut out of football!

1995 days ago

Southern Girl    

TMZ: Your writer didnt list his name, any particular reason? I submitted my comments and so far I am still waiting for my email confirmation so that my comments can be posted, or are my comments hitting too close to home?

Southern Girl

1983 days ago


call it " Vick-dumb"

2037 days ago

Linda Mott    

A lot of his fans are dog lovers. This was WAY over the line. Don't bite the hand that feeds you.

2037 days ago

George Herbert Walker Chicken    

Don't let him back until he agrees to donate at least half his check to the spca!!!!!

2037 days ago

George Herbert Walker Chicken    

We'll see if he's serious or not about the apology, but woe to the misguided NFL franchise who signs him if he isn't.

Have you ever seen a half-empty NFL stadium on game day?

2037 days ago


Go away Michael Vick.....dog killer. I hope you never play football again.

2037 days ago

Just my opinion    

Love you Michael.........................good luck!

2037 days ago


He should have to do community service 7 days a weekd for the rest of his life at an animal shelter. Why not? Clean those cages, dump that poop, bathe those animals, feed those animals.. oh, and the at the end of the day? Put him in his cage... with some pit bulls....

2037 days ago


What a dirtbag! Abuses animals, has rapes stands for them, HE HIMSELF hung & electrocuted dogs..the NFL is crazy if they let him back in & I seriously question the mind set of any fans he may have. There are plenty more talented atheletes out there to have to settle for Vick. His house can't even be sold. Just because he can play sports doesn't mean he is God or should be excused for the crimes he committed. Besides the fact he is a sick f%^& he took advantage of sponsors, his team mates, the league and fans. YUCK

2036 days ago


Linking Michael Vick to OJ is totally Inappropriate and borderline racist. Michael Vick at least admitted to his shortfalls and took his punishment. OJ has yet to display any sorrow.

2036 days ago


Let's make no mistake about who makes the laws and runs this country. White people. They own the businesses, schools, banks, oil wells and gas stations, including this economy that sucks. They are in total control of every race, not just in this country, but the world. It never ceases to amaze me that 100 million white men from the United States control 6 billion people. And they do it because they own the Nuclear bombs and have proven, by way of Japan, that they aren't afraid to use them. So when they tell us that a man can beat a woman to within one inch of her life and only get probation, but that they will ruin someone's entire life for a dog fight, well, we all (as other races) should stand up and listen.

2036 days ago


this idiot deserves all the negative things that come his way. I used to work at an animal shelter, and I can honestly say it is people like this 'vickhead' that make pitbullls unadoptable. Whether it's people fearing the name bc of fighting, or the dogs actually being frightened of EVERYTHING because they've been subjected to it, and i won't even get into the casualties. Honestly, I've lost sleep over what some people do to these animals. This turd doesnt deserve ANYTHING. It takes a real tough guy to pick on defenseless animals. also, i'm sure all of you can agree, if you had his kind of money, wouldn't you find something BETTER and more PRODUCTIVE to do with your time?

2036 days ago


I hope He will be a future QB on my team

2036 days ago


#11 justsaying.....while I agree with your analogy about dogs vs people, your anger seems to be directed at white people, cause they outnumber minorities, therefore, more powerful. If you gave that some more thought, you might realize that the reason whites have more power, is because minorities can't stay out of jail long enough to be productive.

just saying

2036 days ago
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