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Michael Vick

My Doggone Life

3/29/2009 10:17 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

It looks like former Atlanta Falcons QB and current dog-killing inmate Michael Vick is following in O.J. Simpson's footsteps -- he's shopping around a book about his life and crimes.

The proposed memoir of Vick's rise from poverty to stardom would likely be an attempt to show the NFL that he's sorry enough to be let back in the league. You know, sorry about the dogs, dog fighting and dog imprisonment, but also sorry for going to jail for 23 months. Remember, this is the NFL... it's almost impossible to get suspended forever. They still like O.J. and he killed his wife got imprisoned for stealing memorabilia.

The book will likely be a mixture of the "Da Vinci Code" and O.J.'s "If I Did It." Except with more dog torture. And 100% ghostwritten.

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Think about it...
if he were never caught, do you think he'd still be torturing innocent animals and killing them in his own house today? I think most people would agree he would. So is he truly sorry? VERY doubtful! So should he be forgiven and allowed back into the NFL? No.


2036 days ago

George Herbert Walker Chicken    

Half empty stadiums? How bout cancelled sponsorships, riots in the parking lot, front office people being taunted at their homes AIG-style, television boycotts, pressure on Congress, whites and blacks uniting to condemn Goodall and the NFL if they decide to put profits over basic human decency?

Make Vick get in a cage with several abused Dobermanns for a couple hours as a condition of his reinstatement. And put Bush in there as well - as most people know and someone above pointed out, Bush sent 4,000 soldiers to die for a lie. If that's not treason, then nothing is.

2036 days ago


While Vick was certainly wrong for what he did, all of this negative fodder has gotten out of hand. Unfortunately, he grew up in a climate where dog fighting was common and perceived as OK. There are more out there like him, black and white. Mike is a young man who should not have to suffer the rest of his life for this. He is no OJ Simpson and comparing him to OJ is ridiculous. Actually, I'm not quite sure what he did because the people who testified against him were not exactly pillars of society. Plus they had something to gain I.E. lighter sentences and in one case I believe, no sentence. In any case, he has paid his debt to society and should be allowed back into the NFL. He's not a monster. Just misguidied and young and stupid. A lifetime of punishment is not warranted.

2036 days ago


To Love football but not the NFL TOUCHE You said everything I did'nt think of.Paco

2036 days ago


DO NOT BUY HIS BOOK!!!!! Don't give him the opportunity to make any more money! He led a charmed life most of us will never experience and all this book will do is stuff money back in his pockets. There are so many talented athletes out there, I'm sure the NFL can get by without him. Sure he's apologized for his actions, but come on people, he knew what he was doing was wrong! He does not deserve a second chance at fame, he should feel grateful he has his freedom again. He should just go away, no one's interested in his come back. No one will even buy the house he lived in where he tortured and murdered all those poor dogs. GO AWAY MICHAEL VICK, WE'RE NOT INTERESTED.

2036 days ago


I definitely think Vick should be reinstated in the NFL. Under one condition: he is not allowed to wear pads, helmet or cleats and limited amounts of water and nutrition. Oh, and the fans are given cattle prods to coax him down the tunnel onto the field.

2036 days ago


Yikes, Sarabea. Your description of Vick as a poor young misguided guy who just didn't realize what he was doing is insane. You defy description. What about someone who rapes and strangles a 4 year old girl and his defense attorney claims the criminal was abused as a child and didn't realize that raping little babies and murdering them was wrong? The defendant was raised that way - his actions aren't his fault. No way. Please don't say Vick didn't rape and kill a 4 year old and so my analogy is unfounded. Vick made other living beings suffer horribly and he killed them. Or is a life of a dog less than a human? Or is it because he is black that his behaviour is excusable? Or do you have another story to excuse his behaviour? These dogs were sentient beings. Do you think they didn't feel pain and fear? If someone, anyone, can excuse the pain Vick inflicted on "just animals," who is to say that those same people don't view the race or sex of another human as the defining factor that makes that particular living being less? And being less, it would just make sense that it would be okay to mistreat those people or even make them slaves. Do you see how wrong and offensive that is? Some people get upset, and even make fun, about the outcry of those who find hurting living beings unpardonable. I guess it's because we value life in whatever form. Michael Vick is a bad person.

2036 days ago


"Unfortunately, he grew up in a climate where dog fighting was common and perceived as OK."

That's absolutely the worst excuse ever. Haven't you ever heard the saying "If your bestfriend jumped off a cliff, would you do it too?"
That's ridiculous. He has no values or morals. He's insensitive to the lives of INNOCENT animals. I have EVERY right to be insensitive towards him. I have "grown up" around a lot of bad people, but I chose to stay away from things like that. He didn't. You can't blame the people around him. People need to take responsibility for themselves and not shift the blame elsewhere.
Just because you have a bad upbringing or live in a bad neighborhood where killing animals is perceived as FUN and simply okay to do, DOESN'T take away the fact that it was still evil and callous. He deserves lifelong punishment, which is never being a part of the NFL again. He risked his career and reputation and that's his own fault. NO ONE elses.

Try to make sense of the situation. Do you want all of society to be living in a "climate" being taught that this is "OKAY" too? NO! People need to learn and understand there are consequences for their actions.

2036 days ago


Good thing it's 100% ghostwritten.....'cause Michael could'nt write a complete sentence !!
It can be titled ...
"Poverty to Poverty" or "Just Plain Stupid".

2036 days ago


And all of those hollering about some stupid dogs will be the first ones in line buying the book, the new jersey and tickets to see Vick play. These fake outraged hypocrites need to stop tripping and stop pretending like Mike Vick committed the crime of the century while they chew on a burger and drink milk from a steriod induced cow.

2036 days ago


23 months? The SOB should have gotten 23 years! And of course he can get back into the NFL, the Dallas Cowboys are always looking for some poor slob to rehabilitate! If not them then there is always the Oakland Raiders...

2036 days ago


Whateva haters! Vick will still be making his money in the NFL or the UFL, either way, you might as well go holler about some other NON-issue that you will pretend to care about. Look for Vick's jersey to be the number one seller for 2009! Holla!

2036 days ago


Lynne you are an idiot! I as well as many others will not buy anything having to do with MV. He's an ASS and sociopath and will never play in any league in this UNITED STATES! Why don't you go chew on some self help.

2036 days ago

Animal Lover    

He deserves to be in jail longer... I hate those who are ignorant to see what this bastard did to those animals... He deserves to be broke, bankrupt and for his NFL contract, it should be taken away... Bastards like him need to learn their lesson.. Just because they are dogs and not human, does not mean they should not be respected... Someone should do it to him what he to those poor animals... He is not sorry... and he'll never learned his lesson... He is sick in the head... I hope bad things happen to him and carries on through out his life... Also, he should not write a book... That bastard is just finding ways to make money... cause now that he is broke... What idiot would read it???... One more thing "F*ck Michael Vick"....

2036 days ago


you people supporting him make me sick! you probably beat your own kids and animals. the reason you support him is because youre probably some idiot football fan with no life. you don't even think about how this affects our society, allowing our own children to believe that you can pretty much get away with anything without any REAL consequences. as for you lynne, I do eat meat, and there's nothing wrong with that. Farm animals are MUCH different than your own pets. I don't kill or torture the animals that HUMANS domesticated and were meant to be a loyal companion and friend! DUMBASS. and as for the abuse that many farm animals experience, I am completely against that too.

2036 days ago
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