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McCain's "Liberal" Daughter -- Pulled to the Right

3/30/2009 10:13 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

John McCain's "socially liberal" daughter Meghan rocked one single suspicious ponytail to the Viper Room in Hollywood this weekend -- a tail that happened to be styled to one particular side of her head ...

Meghan McCain: Click to watch
Subliminal cryptic message ... or simple bad fashion choice? The fate of the world depends on your decision.


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2035 days ago

Carrys F.    

Are tmz writers on crack? What the hell does this story mean. If you wear a pony you are a republican? I thought it just meant bad taste. Let us in on the secret tmz. I have NOOOOOOO idea what the hell you're talking about.

2035 days ago


Huh? I don't get it. Is this like the old school "guy with an earing in his right ear is gay" thing? Lame.

2035 days ago


I thought it was pretty damn funny myself....TMZ always good for a laugh.....

2035 days ago


I find it funny that TMZ thinks they need to distinguish that McCain's daughter is liberal, as though McCain himself is a Conservative or something. If McCain had a single Conservative bone in his body he would have won the election by a landslide; and the teleprompter-reading douchebag in office now wouldn't be sitting there playing King destroying the country with each passing minute.

2035 days ago


TMZ goes republican. Levinson is dating Ann Coulter and he is mad at hell if anyone says something against his gal. Levinson before dating Coulter dated a skelton with a wig. So what TMZ is telling its readers if you don't agree with what we say we will make up stories and make fun of you. Levinson comment on this was give me a minute before I kneel down and pray to hitler.

2035 days ago


TMZ staffers have serious issues....I think they are all 17 year old juvenile delinquents. Or...they are watching too many MAD TV re-runs.
What does wearing your hair on one side of your head mean anything?? It ususally goes by how your hair falls naturally with your part. Idiots!! I don't think anyone would confuse the way I "lean" when I wear a braid on that side of my head, particularly when my hunk of a husband is by my side.

2035 days ago

go figure    

TMZ going Republican? Give me a break.
Hey, Hitler was a good public speaker, too (and he didn't even need a teleprompter)
Wake up America and TMZ fans, Obama is not a Democrat, he's a Socialist.

2035 days ago


I'd hit that!

2035 days ago

who has the facts? ME    

I am a Democrat and I actually like Meghan McCain. Too bad all of the bitchy, masculine, right whores(Ingraham, Coulter) will eat her alive. She is the most sensible Republican I have heard in a long time. The View should can Elisabeth and hire Meghan!!

2035 days ago


This is what I'm suppose to be worried about? Her pontail, really?

I'm more worried about her party winning an election in four years. I suspect this McCain may become a Liberal yet. Why not? The water is nice and warm over here. We let you be who really are, for example, if you are gay, we don't care. We won't force to to pretend to be someone you are not. This way you won't look like a giant hypocrite like sooooooo many other Republicans.

2035 days ago

stars are stoopid    

she was at perez's party.. and you were on the street filming it

2035 days ago


Well, valley girl goes to the Viper we know why she is saying the things she does about conservatives. She wants to be popular with the Hollywood Idiots. She is such a dunce that she doesn't know she is a "useful idiot" to them. I am so sorry I wasted a vote on her dad because there was no other choice. I had already read alot about Obama's views and knew he was a Socialist or Marxist. Turns out he did not prove me wrong. If Meghan thinks she is going to be BIG in the Republican party and change it...she is a bigger dope than I thought!! Listen to her speak.....sadly she is nothing but a fool. Like....REALLY a dumb@#$@@#@,

2035 days ago


I see Kiki is on board.....I can see why you like Meghan....LOL. Both of you have the same IQ. You can have her Kiki, I don't think she will be missed. You could even wear matching ponytails to the Viper Room..make sure yours is way on the Left........

2035 days ago


Posted at 11:58AM on Mar 30th 2009 by flyby

Let me get this straight, You are complaining about her being a "Hollywood" star. But you are on a "Hollywood" gossip blog. One that stands for "Thirty Mile Zone" from Hollywood. STFU you dumb ignorant bible clinging gun f*cking redneck b^^ch

2035 days ago
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