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McCain's "Liberal" Daughter -- Pulled to the Right

3/30/2009 10:13 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

John McCain's "socially liberal" daughter Meghan rocked one single suspicious ponytail to the Viper Room in Hollywood this weekend -- a tail that happened to be styled to one particular side of her head ...

Meghan McCain: Click to watch
Subliminal cryptic message ... or simple bad fashion choice? The fate of the world depends on your decision.


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Posted at 2:06PM on Mar 30th 2009 by flyby

Talking points. What talking points. You where the first. "Socialist." Explain that. Oh and trust me, I'm white and I use the word redneck all the time to describe the Republicans. Reemeber, Levi describes himself as a redneck. Jeff Foxworthy's claim to fame is by doing comic skits about Rednecks. Here is one for you, "You might be a Redneck if you haven't heard a white person around you use it." Hahaha...

2036 days ago


After reading the comments by Uptown, kiki and arcman..........I rest my case. Not a brain cell among them. Uptown, re-read your comments....I couldn't understand a bit of it. I know you think it makes sense,,,but NOT !!! Peace out..... Demorats. Oh, and Kiki ..I have not changed my that blows your big moment.

2036 days ago


The person that shot the video of Ashley Biden snorting cocaine is shopping the video................they were asking 400,000 and the New York Post passed on it. They have been offered 250,000 and I am sure they are trying to get the highest bid!

2036 days ago

Bash a Pap    

I don't want to silence you at all flyby... the more you open your mouth, the more you prove MY point... keep it up...

2036 days ago


Posted at 2:28PM on Mar 30th 2009 by Dallas

Another lying Republican. I do this I do that. Yeah Right. But you have time in your busy day to debate on a "trashy site" with others. You don't own anything but your lying mouth. Clients? Haha. I wonder what they would think about you if they know you where a, "Blogger on TMZ."
And I'm amazed at how you can see the future. Wow. Amazing. You need to go into business by predicting the future. But please tell me something, What happened the last 8 years? Did you predict that all of the mess under Bush would happen?
And as far as the race issue goes, fyi, Obama is white as well. Here is a little info on the past election, Obama gained more votes and a higher percentage from more white Americans than any other Caucasian Democratic Nominee. More votes from wealthy Americans than John McCain ($200,000 plus bracket- 52% to 46%). His education far out seeded his competition. He raised more money than your "business" well ever handle. I know it's hard for people like you in small town America to image people with an education actually analyzing things and using their brain to make decision compared to listening ignorant "talking points" from a radio show (fyi Rush).
I would to ask you. How does it feel to know that, OBAMA is the man and proven to be BETTER THAT YOU. You WELL never or COULD ever walk in this guys shoes. Go ahead and say.. President BARACK HUSSEIN OBAMA... I love to see you guys cringe at that.

2036 days ago

Jacinda Maxfield    

get with it TMZ.
rockin' the side pony & even bun's on the side (haha) are "in".
totally acceptable hairstyles.
simply not a conspiracy.

2036 days ago


Posted at 2:42PM on Mar 30th 2009 by Dallas

I guess it's on the same tape with Michelle Obama using the word "whitey." Ooo.. What ever happened to that tape being released. CONSPIRACY.

2036 days ago

Pimp juice    

Liberals are f'n hilarious!! Especially the blacks one who couldn't even tell you what number President Obama is. The best "reporting" I heard during the election was on the Howard Stern show. He sent one of his sidekicks to Harlem to ask blacks on the street questions about the election. He applied McCain's stances adn beliefs to Obama, and every single braindead person he encountered all agreed with Obama, which was really McCain. They were only voting for him because he's black. Talk about ignorant racists.

2035 days ago

who has the facts? ME    

Dallas - I dare you to tells us all of the details about your "so called" company. Name, address, e-mail... I bet most of your clients don't know what a bullying racist you are or they wouldn't do business with you.

2035 days ago


I wish she will go away. Tired hearing about her.

2035 days ago


WTF does this MEAN?

2035 days ago

Bethany Sweet    

I like Meagan McCain. She's smart and linguistic. She's an interesting read and I like her opinion pieces on Daily Beast.

2035 days ago


Hello, arcman, Kiki, flyby, Uptown, Vick, Dallas. I have thoroughly enjoyed your lively back and forth comments about Meghan McCain, Democrats and Republicans. I AGREE with each of you, and I DISAGREE with each of you. Your comments are well taken and appreciated, at least, by me. Where else in the entire world can anyone have such a lively discussion without fear of landing in hot water ? Nowhere ! That is what makes us such a great country with millions wanting to join us. Wish I could have heard you in person, you were wonderful!

2034 days ago


To KIKI, #47, You're welcome!!!

2033 days ago


She totally looks like Heidi Montag in that photo.

2032 days ago
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