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Mr. Mariah Flashes Dumb Tat, Even Dumber Shorts

3/30/2009 3:00 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Nick Cannon thanked Mariah Carey for taking him to Barbados for her 40th birthday this weekend, by showing off his ridiculous ink and wearing an even more absurd pair of wide leg denim shorts/bathing suit thing.

Nothing says gangsta like a "Mariah" tat and women's culottes!


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U r all insane haters!!
Everytime there is a story about someone rich and reasonably happy you start tearing them down.

2031 days ago


It just tells you the MATURITY of Mr.Canon....why she married him I just don't know .....maybe she needs a Court Jester...What a waste of a pretty diva, on a q-tip...

2031 days ago

VIP D    

its MARIAH CAREY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i still cant believe he pulled that off!!! seriously. good for him. she is an icon. she is my generation madonna! but instead she can actually sing! her voice is off the charts.

2031 days ago


You dove short wearing crackas. Those are not jeans they are shorts. Get of Nick's nuts. The tat is old and we have all sen worse. Gat Dayum!

2031 days ago


Mimi should stick to acting (Glitter) cause her singing sux.....and BTW ,...nice tattoo ...REEAAALLLL for the pants.....too easy to comment on add your own joke here.....Nicks Pants_____________because_______________and he is________________

2031 days ago

nelly forbush    

Wow I can't get over the size of her! She looks like a football player. She's what you call a big boned girl with a lot of meat (fat) covering those big bones. I'm dumbstruck on how fat she is!! Enough with the Twinkies and Susy-Qs Mariah. Now put down the Little Debbie's and lose some weight! Pronto!

2031 days ago


Every day she looks more and more like the cowardly lion from The Wizard of Oz

2031 days ago

nelly forbush    

This isn't about hate as some people say, this is about her being so overweight, so fat, so grotesquely obese that she's in real danger of her having a heart attack. This is about caring and concern about someone letting themselves get to a point where they're as big as a bus. Its also about concern for other people on the beach. With her frolicking around in the water there is a real danger of her causing a tidal wave and washing maybe hundreds of innocent people, maybe children, away. Will someone please think about the children! This isn't funny anymore. Her massive weight issue can affect us all. What if I'm walking down the street minding my own business and she thinks I'm a hot dog and she tries to take a bite out of my head?

2031 days ago

Larry Hagman    

She looks great, curvy- not fat.But why do these people bother going to the beach with friggin' earrings and extensions which keep them outta the water

2031 days ago


She's not overweight. She just has massive implants. She looks as if she is ready to topple over.

2031 days ago


Repeat after me. "He Gets To Sleep With Mariah Carey" You don't, you haven't, he has. Dumb shorts. I'll give you that.

2031 days ago


If she was my sugar momma, I'd put ink wherever she wanted it.


2031 days ago

Ms. X    

#104 Jose: You're gay! Of course you would think of a weiner getting bit. Of course you would think a sexy woman with curves that make her look like a woman, is fat. Gay! Gay! Gay! Not that there's anything wrong with that.
For the record, Mimi looks hot! Nick is just in the picture.

2031 days ago

frogs and gravel    

They sleep in separate beds. One bed for Mariah and her implants. The other bed
for Nick and his denim shorts/bathing suit thing.

2031 days ago

FoXy RoXy    

Nick has had that tattoo since they got married. Mariah has his name tattooed on her, although it is TINY. You gotta love a girl who writes her name on her valuables like that! By the way, they both look great...minus the INK.

2031 days ago
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