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Mrs. Kobe -- Lawyers Cleaning Up Dog Poop Mess

3/30/2009 10:10 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Kobe's wife Vanessa Bryant doesn't give a crap about the maid accusing her of dog poop style abuse -- she claims her lawyers are on that case like flies on ... well, you know.

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Excuse me #33, but I would not act like that to somebody in a million years just because I was rich. Kobe screwed up.

1976 days ago


No. 39 you're an idiot. What does being Black have to do with anything? Vanessa isn't Black...right but she sure is from the hood. Barrio to be exact. Color has nothing to do with being ignorant. She treats people like crap and there's no excuse for that. You think she'd have a little sympathy considering her own damn mother can barely speak English and was a factory worker for years. Can you say NEW MONEY? Could care less what color Kobe married. Bottom line is this girl needs to work on some good manners.

1974 days ago

so what    

What the Hell is #15 talking about? She is not black and would spit in your face if you called her that!!! Just cause some chick gets a little black in her every once in a while does not make her black (AND I WISH ALL WHITE GIRLS WOULD UNDERSTAND THAT)!!! Just like all races you have some that are losers and there's not a damn thing you can do to save them. I don't like Kobe but he's not a rapist he screwed some chick who felt bad later and cried rape. Don't quote me but during the trial didn't they find more than 1 dude's sperm in her panties? On the other had M. Vick kills some dogs and he's in jail not a rapist as some of you are calling him.

Most black people feel OJ is guilty or at least planned the hit and watched while it happened, that's sick. This is what happens when your family pimps you. Nicole Brown Simpson was pimped by her family for money her blood is on their hands too, they knew she was getting her ass beat and they kept sending her back.

I hate when the race card is pulled too but when I see OJ convicted over BS because they didn't get him the 1st time and can't be tried twice for the same crime , I see why black people pull the race card. Everybody knows OJ is in prison for murder not trying to steal back property that was stole from him. Anybody who believes that needs to be in a mental intuition.

This nation is still ran by white folks regardless of who the hell the president is and lets face if...white folks can be evil when it comes to other races. OJ should have left white folks alone and kept his nose clean but just like a "Uncle Tom" he couldn't do it, white folk have been hunting his ass for a long time and they finally got him locked up and cage down. See black people couldn't save him, some people are just dumb its in

Mrs.Kobe's is being pimped and a willing party just like Nicole but hopefully she'll make it out alive. So just like your race couldn't save your dumb ass "#15 ENOUGH". Don't expect all other races to save ignorant asses with in their race like yourself. STFU!!!

Good Grief!!!

1961 days ago
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