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O.C. 'Real Housewife'

Gets Real Threats

3/30/2009 4:30 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

0330_vicki_gunvalsoon_ex-1Cops say someone hates one of the "Real Housewives of Orange County" so much, they've actually made threats on her life. 

The Orange County Sheriff's Department is investigating two death threats received by Vicki Gunvalson. We're told sheriffs believe the two threats came from "a fanatical female fan who takes the show way too seriously."

According to Sheriff's spokesman Jim Amormino, Vicki received one of the threats through a phone call -- and the other through an email sent to another cast member from the show, Jeana Keough. The email told Keough not to worry about Gunvalson because she "would take care of Vicki for her."

An investigation is currently underway.


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#10 I also agree!! I won't watch the show anymore either!! They just turned the show into another bunch of bitchy women!

2031 days ago


why is this psycho picking on poor vicki?? someone should take out that "countess luann" from the new york housewives-she is way horrible!!!!! lol :))

2031 days ago

Herpes Ho Hilton    

I can't understand why these types of shows have fans, deranged or otherwise, in the first place. *Reality* program = a bunch of shallow posers, & a viewer base reflecting the dumbing down of America. BTW, how do u hate, or love, someone u don't even know??? ROFL

2031 days ago

lost in lalaland    

Uh, Vicki, go back to school. "I" before "E" EXCEPT after "C". Received is not an exception to that rule.

2031 days ago


i,m surprised she only has 2 threats.after her and bitch tamra tried to get gretchen{friend?} "naked wasted" they are lucky she didn,t die from alcohol poisoning! do that to another women in this day and would vicky/tamra feel if some idiot decided to poison their daughters with tequila shots.........what goes aroundddddddddddddddddd....

2031 days ago

lost in lalaland    

My mistake, meant to call CINDY an idiot, not Vicki. Vicki's just plain wackadoodle.

2031 days ago


This old wrinkled ass hag!!! I can't believe anyone would be interested in what goes on in this shallow bitch's life!! She is boring and lacks any form of character.

2031 days ago


First off, poor Cindy. My first thought was TMZ probably corrected the misspelling from RECIEVED to RECEIVED and now it just looks like Cindy can't spell. She hasn't come back to defend herself.

Anyway, Vicki is an absolute MORON and is hated by most fans of this show. To go as far as making threats is stupid and that person needs help. But, Vicki got a horrible reputation this year as being a totally mean b*tch, and she deserves everything she gets. She's mean, nasty, icky-vicki.

2031 days ago

We love blonde hottie dude!    

#17 & 18 hit the nail on the head. Give me a break with these shows already. enough is enough, I couldn't care less what goes on in her shallow, unsatisfied life. With all the problems going on right now, who really cares what goes in their lives? You think they'd care about you? please. next story. If her husband is smart, he'll fake his own death.

2031 days ago


The most revolting episode was when the daughters dressed in them red dresses doing a commercial for Lous company.
They looked like men with wigs and cow like bodies they all looked hideous except the little one.
I wonder if they ever put that out for the public to see....Yuk

2031 days ago


BTW-It's spelled 'RECEIVED". I after 'E' EXCEPT after 'C'!!!

2031 days ago


Doesn't surprise me since Vicki is one of the biggest beotches I have ever seen.

2031 days ago


Maybe it has to do with the fact that she works for AIG and has been throwing their, I mean our money around on cruises, etc.

2031 days ago


Nothing deserves a death threat, especially not on a reality show, but Vicki is an ass. Maybe she'll be nicer next season, because she really is horrible. Tamara is the one with the manners of a barnyard animal, though. That girl is simply a pig, inside and out.

2031 days ago

Ice Water    

LMAO! It's probably just another DESPERATE attempt to get attention but light of the death threats are you going ot quit the show? Didn't think so. You love the attnetion too much. PIG!

2031 days ago
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