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O.C. 'Real Housewife'

Gets Real Threats

3/30/2009 4:30 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

0330_vicki_gunvalsoon_ex-1Cops say someone hates one of the "Real Housewives of Orange County" so much, they've actually made threats on her life. 

The Orange County Sheriff's Department is investigating two death threats received by Vicki Gunvalson. We're told sheriffs believe the two threats came from "a fanatical female fan who takes the show way too seriously."

According to Sheriff's spokesman Jim Amormino, Vicki received one of the threats through a phone call -- and the other through an email sent to another cast member from the show, Jeana Keough. The email told Keough not to worry about Gunvalson because she "would take care of Vicki for her."

An investigation is currently underway.


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I can even name them for you

1973 days ago


TO THE ME PERSON.........................You better stop obsessing over Vicki. They will be knocking down your trailer soon to get your crazy as$. You are having conversations with your flies? Naming them? ALERT ALERT ALERT ---Here is your Vicki stalker.

1973 days ago


puke~ I agree with you. These women are pathetic. I mean, you are not in your twenties anymore, so act like it. Vicki and Tamara, OMG. Then Tamara's son flirts with these old bags and they are flattered? sickening. I would be embarrassed to be related to them. They are psycho bitches too. If I had friends like that I would move out of the O.C and Cali too.! I watch it now and then just to see how stupid they are going to act this time. Vicki too, is delusional, if she thinks she looks good. NONE of them do! LOL They all have fake boobs too. They were trying to tell the new girl she needed them to be anyone. The new girl was actually thinking about doing it too. How pathetic and sad. What are they going to do when they are 60? Cry all day? Looks are everything to them, and they think they still look good, which is the most entertaining part of the show.

1973 days ago


could use some help here, naming my winged little ones. I've been reaching out, but no one is taking me seriously:(

1971 days ago


REMEMBER THIS SCENE—–>She gets loud and sexual, then winds up flirting heavily with Tamra’s 22-year-old son Ryan. “I’m looking for somebody to clean my palette,” Gretchen says, and Ryan enthusiastically volunteers.

The two get very touchy-feely. It’s a weird scene, especially for a woman who’s engaged to a man with acute leukemia.

“Wait, how old are you?” Gretchen asks Ryan (who recently turned 23) as she’s rubbing his neck.

Tamra is surprised by the whole scene. She discourages her son from getting involved, but it’s too late. “All of a sudden, I turn around, and Ryan and Gretchen were gone!” Tamra says. Apparently, they sneak away to the bathroom. (The news on the street is Ryan cleaned Her Palette)- She sucked him off) OOOOH My LMAO LMAO..She is such a Skank.

1971 days ago


cristy, go to bed and hush.

1971 days ago


Gretchen SleepswithanymanshecomesacRossi --- LMAOOOOOOOOOOOOO. That is Gretchens new AKA. She is such a disgusting SKANK!!!

1971 days ago


I'd rather watch reruns of Little House on The Prarie, Touched By an Angel or anything but this crap. We used to have some decent shows to watch, now its best to leave the tube off.

1971 days ago


GRETCHEN IS GROSS!! The way she partied it up when her "fiance"/ actually more like a client was dying of cancer was gross. If you are going to be a prostitute on television at least have some decency about how you conduct yourself.

Also she needs to have someone fix those horse teeth of hers. Was she crossbred with a buck tooth rabbit
and a horse!

1970 days ago


Cindy, Cindy, Cindy go back to second grade and learn to spell. Dufus.

1967 days ago


DAMN ----that Gretchen is a SKANK......She is 1 ugly horse teeth smelly pole hole Slut butt, Her new SLUT MUTT Slade is a chicken f***er. Also I couldn't even stand talking to Gretchen her breath is some nasty as$ peeeeenis breath.

1964 days ago


I must plead guilty to having watched this show. But may I explain myself first? I was in the hospital. And it made me feel better to see these shows. Because then I realized how much better I had Well if you watch this show. I must say that this women is in fact a horrid creature. She is a bully and a drunk and she is horrible to her husband on the show, and everyone else for that matter. She is the worst. Maybe the death threats will make her move on so that they can put a better person.

1963 days ago

m algore    

look at all the obama voters posting their moronic ramblings - this show is staged to entertain

come on people, haven't you learned anything from your mistake by being taken for a ride from your vote for the fool

now, wake up and get with reality - this show, as the others, is staged for entertainment value.

1962 days ago

laura lock    

Cndy, you are in fact the idiot, not's I before E except after C!

1961 days ago


i always liked her, thought she was a good mom and cute!

1961 days ago
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