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Brutal Mugshot in ShamWow Case

3/30/2009 4:02 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

This is what ShamWow can do for you -- allegedly. Take a look at Vince Shlomi's handiwork. The hooker pictured below -- Sasha Harris -- allegedly bit his tongue during a "business" meeting, so he punched her in return.

Both Harris and Shlomi were arrested, but prosecutors dropped the case.
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Here is the rule.
NEVER hit a Lady!
If it's not behaving like a lady and it's self defense...go for it.

2032 days ago



2032 days ago


It is her fault, she bit his tounge and wouldn't let go. What would you do Loser Smashly??? Just sit there like a pansy, I am sure you are??? MORON!!!!!!

2032 days ago


I am totally against violence in general - and particularly violence against women. NO ONE deserves that kind of beating!!!!

However........ I do believe "you teach people how to treat you". What do you expect in this kind of occupation? Perhaps the lady should consider a career change..........

2032 days ago

Herpes Ho Hilton    

I'd never condone one partner in a relationship bullying-abusing the other; but that ain't what this was. Mr Salami had every right to defend himself, just as anyone does. Of course, he shouldn't have been in that situation to begin with. Like someone said, coulda gone to the bar & picked up a chick; even with drinks, wouldn't have cost anywhere near a grand, Lololol.

Hard to feel sorry for either one of 'em though, both have off da charts sleaze factors.. Scary part is the ShamWow ad ran for a long time; which means enough people were responding by purchasing from this huckster. Yikes

2032 days ago



2032 days ago

We love blonde hottie dude!    

I always knew there was something creepy about that wonky eyed dude. I hate his commericals and that billy mays guy, too. why the yelling in all his commercials?? It won't sell your garbage any better it just makes us turn the channel. Hooker or not, I think he went a little too far even though she bit his tongue. Of course he pays for sex, who the hell in their right mind would willingly lay down with him anyway?? would he come out naked with the sham wow draped over his willie and do the hat trick? ewww, vom. I feel bad for this chick. how financially strapped do you have to be to be willing to screw the shamwow guy...sad.

2032 days ago


This is what a woman who has been beaten with a man's fist looks like...not the pics you put out on Rihanna. Yet they dropped the charges on this man. Hmmm racial?

2032 days ago


Bitch shoudhave given it up for free to be h da shaw wow dude. I need to ask if the sham wow soaked up blood well for next time... peace out.. free o.j.

2032 days ago

We love blonde hottie dude!    

AND he paid how much for this little tryst? One thousand dollars?? is that right?? Shamwow must be really lucrative....

2032 days ago


How far do you have to stick your tongue down someone's throat in order for them to latch on to the point of you not being able to pull away?

Hey Gloria Aldred, there's a lady of the evening in Miami that's going to be looking for a lawyer soon.

2032 days ago


is he a friend of Chris Brown?

2032 days ago

Zach Swan    

Come on, PLEASE. She may have bit the guy's tongue, but there's no way that you punch a person in the face while your tongue clamped between her teeth. That's a certain way to lose a tongue. If she did that to me (which she wouldn't because I would not stick my tongue in the mouth of a filthy hooker like her) I'd choke her first until she let go of my tongue. Only then would I smoke her right in the grill.

2032 days ago

Zach Swan    

Bob Barnett # 23 -- that's the funniest comment I've read in weeks!

2032 days ago

Obama is Gay    

good thing it wasnt his penis

2032 days ago
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