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Arnold to California:

Aloha, Suckers!

3/31/2009 10:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

While many Californians are still waiting for their state income tax refunds, Governator Arnold Schwarzenegger took his hard earned cash and ... vacationed in Hawaii on Monday.


But fear not residents, he'll be back.


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first biatches!

1928 days ago

blah blah blah    

What is the lump on his forehead??? It is just up by his hair line .....that does not look good !!!!!

1928 days ago


The people of California are dumb as a box of rocks....electing this bozo, octomom, paying the illegals to stay....just drop off into the ocean already.

1928 days ago

Wanda W.    

Sorry to all those Californians......................... that he will be back ! Never cared for the man,his politics,or his connection to another dysfunctional family,the Kennedys. The only saving grace is that not being born in this country Arnold can NEVER be president................................. THANK YOU FOUNDING FORE FATHERS!!!!!!!!!!

1928 days ago

Wanda W.    

And during WWI his father was a known Nazi, little known fact people!! The apple does not fall far from the tree!!

1928 days ago


This guy has his OWN money to go on vacation that he can do whatever he wants with. He wasn't one of the stupid people that went and bought a million houses or went on vacations that he couldn't even afford;therefore, he can afford this vacation he's getting. Not his fault that the economy is in the state that it's in and there's only so much he can do to help to fix it. It's also the people of America that needs to make some changes in their lives so we don't end up any deeper in this state again as we TRY to get out of this mess. What do you expect him to do? Give you the money from his pockets in the form of your tax refunds? Sorry, but the money he's using, HE EARNED.
Maybe you should have saved up some of YOUR money and you wouldn't be such complainers. Next time, be smart and put some away for a rainy day. Sure you won't be as rich as he is but at least you'll have SOMETHING while you're waiting for your refund.
Stop being such whiny babies and go focus on something worthwhile, like how you're going to help America get out of this mess, instead of trying to break this man down who's been TRYING to get you out of this mess you put yourself in.

1928 days ago

heather h.    

Is that a booger or a hair hanging down out of his left nostril?

1928 days ago


HawaiianMidget dot com, knowing of Arnold's perpencity to "walk the dinosaur" ISSUED this statement, "All LITTLE PEOPLE beware-------when approaching Arnold for an autograph, allow 2 minutes of stationary time before coming within a 3 foot radius."

1928 days ago


ewe! he looks like that terminator creature! I totally agree with #3! California drop off and disappear into the ocean.

1928 days ago


The picture on the right looks like something from 'Planet of the Apes.'
"I'm just sayin"

1928 days ago

Pimp juice    

Well it's not like he's been on vacation more days than he's worked while being in office. It's not like he's throwing parties at the Governor's Mansion 4 days out of the week. It's not like he's going on late night comedy shows, 60 minutes and ESPN to fill out basketball brackets. Now who does that sound like? Yet TMZ doesn't touch those facts with a 10 foot pole. Imagine that!

1928 days ago


Hawaii keep Arnold... California does not need a tax raising douche bag!

1928 days ago


Not that I agree with everything the mad does do know that he DOES NOT take a salary from the state of CA to be Governor, right?

"Schwarzenegger does not accept his governor's salary of $175,000 per year, and instead donates it to charities." Nelson, Soraya (2006-04-15). "News: Schwarzenegger releases tax returns". Retrieved on 2008-04-18.

1928 days ago

:what ev errrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr    

. The people of California are dumb as a box of rocks....electing this bozo, octomom, paying the illegals to stay....just drop off into the ocean already.

Posted at 9:59AM on Mar 31st 2009 by Right

Couldn't agree more.

By the way, someone posted that it was a good thing Arnold can't run for President. PAH LEEEEEZZZZ, With the Obamanation in office and signing every socialist related crap coming down the pike, he will get that changed too I'm sure.

FYI: I've trained my dog to attack when I say the word "PELOSI" and to lift his leg and piss when I say "Obama".

1928 days ago


Hey at least he's in California the majority of the time.

He's either in Europe, on vacation, in New York appearing on talk shows, at basketball games. He's almost NEVER at the whitehouse. He arrived at the white house the day before yesterday, fired the GM CEO yesterday, watched the DOW plummet, then flew off to Great Britian today.

Not that I'm complaining, the DOW does better when he's not at work... and I need to see my investments recover.

1928 days ago
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