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Barney Frank's a Big Boy Now!!!

3/31/2009 2:38 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Happy birthday to 69-year-old Barney Frank. The congressman from Eastern Massachusetts will have a "nice, private dinner" with his boyfriend tonight. As for gifts, the Chairman of the House Committee on Financial Services reminded us of that pesky federal law ...

Barney Frank: Click to watch
We think we like this Barney even more than the dinosaur!


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I can't stand him. He is one of the main players who have caused this economic mess. He has lied to the American people and he needs to be voted OUT of office. I hope the voters of Mass. have enough brains to realize that he is a crook and liar and get rid of him. He is a big fat disgusting liar and he needs to be in jail.

1997 days ago

He's just another Idiot    

The Gay guys I know are very good looking. Barney looks like a PIG and acts retarded. Is he?

1997 days ago

Democrats are evil    

Barney's Frank is the face of the Democratic Party. It is people like him that make democrats proud. Sure feels like being in the swirling bottom of the bowl with these hoods in charge. Hey Barney, The only thing that makes me smile these days is knowing that you'll be taking it in the a** from your homosexual boyfriend. I really think God has given up on us all.

1997 days ago

Bailey Proctor    

I wish I could punch this douchbag in the face. He's a criminal and a total waste of human DNA. Apox on him.

1997 days ago


The TMZ girl on TV was talking about how "cute" and "sweet" Barney Frank is and she just loves him. OMG! This guy should be in jail. I know that the TMZ crew were all Obama fans but that is beside the point. This guy helped cause the financial mess that this country is in. Wake up people!!!

1997 days ago


This man should have been ousted from his postition, he and Chris Dodd, for the debaucle they caused in the housing market. They didn't see Fannie and Freddie coming??????????? They were on the oversite committee for heaven's sake. Maybe they were so surrounded by all the kick-backs, their vision was obscured. And I agree that Barney is a heterophobe.

1997 days ago



1997 days ago


This guy is repulsive on all levels.

1997 days ago

Hon. Barney Frank (D-MA)    

May Barney Frank go to Hell! He's destroying this country!

1997 days ago

Go Sarah!    

So you roast Sarah Palin, and treat this guy with kid gloves??? Do you remember his history with male interns? Do you know his role in the current economic crisis we are in? Do you know he has taken no blame for anything, but is constantly yelling and threatening others? This guy is evil. Shame on you.

1997 days ago


oh harvy, how could you feature this fat slimeball on TMZ. I watch TMZ for fun,R&R, & your great staff, but changed the channel when you featured this despiccable crook. He is truly reprehensiblel. And that little itty bitty piehole! His ”boy friend“ must have an itty-bitty teeny-tiny for it to fit. May Frank go to hell for what he has done to our country.

1997 days ago

John Edwards    

Total Fraud. He should be in prison with the rest of the crooks from Wall Street and Washington!

1997 days ago


Barney Frank is as responsible for our economic meltdown as anyone in this country yet the TMZ idiots give him this valentine of a post. He personally directed bailout money to banks that provided him with campaign contributions. In 2005, he blocked oversight of Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac and idiotically claimed that they were financially sound. He is a horror.

1997 days ago


This guy is a f**kin moron and is a real danger to this country. I don't care he is homsexual, the problem is his beliefs. He should be in prison for breaking the constitution. Talk about Bush, Bush had nothing on the ones in office now. Ranks is responcable for aLL The freddie mac & fannie mae crap thast caused all the economis problems we are facing now. But since he and his mob are in charge no one will investigate him or the others. And God knows the media will never investigate them and do their job. There are no real journalist anymore. Woodward & Bernstein? None of those exist now, they are all Government puppetts now.

1997 days ago


I love Barney Frank.

1997 days ago
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