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Creative Drunk

Gets DUI on

Motorized Bar Stool

3/31/2009 11:25 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Warning: It's best to cue the song "Dueling Banjos" before reading the following story:

Some MacGyver-esque drunkard in Ohio is facing DUI charges after crashing a bar stool he was driving -- HE WAS DRIVING!

motorized bar stool
Cops arrived to the scene around 5:41 PM on March 4, arrested the guy, and filed a police report ... here are the highlights ... it's classic.

"Unit #1 was heading west bound on Kelly Lane. Unit #1 attempted to turn around (180 degrees), and back down Kelly east bound. As Unit #1 began its turn, it rolled over and the operator was injured."

"Note: Unit #1 was a home made [sic] motor vehicle, a bar stool attached to a frame with a lawn mower attached."

"At this point I noticed that Mr. Wygle's eye's [SIC] were very blood shot and were glassy in appearance."

"I asked him what happened, Mr. Wygle stated, 'I wrecked my bar stool.'"

"I asked Mr. Wygle how much alcohol he had to drink, he said, 'a lot.'"

"I asked if the bar stool even ran and said, 'yes, it will go around 38 miles per hour.'"

Wygle, who has undoubtedly become a cult hero in frat houses across the country, pleaded not guilty and has requested a jury trial.

No word on how he plans on getting to court.

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When he bought the stool I wonder if he asked to see the stool samples?

1977 days ago


i am embarrassed to admit that i live in the town where this happened. newark is officially a redneck town!

1977 days ago


i live in newark ohio ,and this is really no big deal here norm lol just a small town ,but i gotta say its really funny still lmao,

1977 days ago

Zen Grouch    

When we were kids in Ohio, we built some motorized contraptions, but nothing as beautiful as this moving piece of artwork!

Anyway... try driving something with a center of gravity as high as the one on this *without* flippin' it over!

Even sober that's a tricky job.

1977 days ago


americans are beauties. its no wonder bernie madoff was able to extract so much money from these idiots. the courts and police are to concerned with this

1977 days ago

Vicky Bershok    

LOL looks like it would be fun to ride!

1977 days ago

i'd be proud too    

yea sadly if you ride anything and you have alcohol in ur system u CAN get arrested

learned that one in school lol

but i think hes on to something....a motorized home bar stool, some one give this buck a million dollars!

1977 days ago

Your name:    

This story proves how people in LA/Hollywood live in a bubble. Building motorized bar stools is as old as dirt. Theres plenty of major companies that make them for a living. Theres even sanctioned bodies of bar stool racing.

1977 days ago


You have to ask yourself when it was going to happen

1977 days ago


officially the best thing i've ever seen, he needs a website like stains the dog where he sells them.

1977 days ago


Hmmm looks more comfortable than a Prius! And, there's more room for the kids!!!

1977 days ago


OMFG u rule dude !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i just started building one sweeeeet

1977 days ago


At least if he ran into someone only he would have been killed. Unlike all these hollywood & others who drive 85 mph and get a slap on the wrist.

1977 days ago

Dennis Carpenter    

Did this fellow break any seat belt laws? How about mandatory insurance? Just some ideas they might want to take action against him. lol

1977 days ago


Newark OH drunks rule!!!

1977 days ago
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