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Michael Moore -- Wont Sic O Just Yet

3/31/2009 9:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

It's the burning question in DC -- will Michael Moore give Barack Obama the same treatment he gave Dubya ... or will M.M. go easy on the guy he already credits for creating "a better world" ... ten weeks into the new term?

Michael Moore: Click to watch


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This guy should be worried less about gun control and more about lard control. Kind of like that episode of South Park where they make fun of Rob Reiner.

1996 days ago

She is hot    

I seriously hope that you were kidding!! By the way, so you know 40, 000,000 people do NOT pay taxes!! 40% of the country do not pay taxes including a few of Obama's Cabinet Members and Geithner who now is head over the IRS!!! What a joke! If Geithner was a part of Bush's Cabinet Im sure Moore would have a movie out about that by now!! I by far am not rich but work my ass off and guess what I will get my taxes raised. How else is Obama going to pay for the BIGGEST CREATION OF DEBT!! More debt than all the presidents before him accrued put together!!! Maybe Moore can pay for some of this debt with a movie about Obama!

1996 days ago

Big Dee    

Is there an apostrophe shortage, TMZ? The word in the headline is Won't. Otherwise, it is just nonsense, like most of your stories.

1996 days ago


Michael is a blessing to this earth. You ignorant people have no idea what type of life Michael actually leads. I live in the same town as he does. He drives a friggin mini van idiots! He is not a flashy person. The way he acts which is more important than talk is in a way that doesn't represent any rich individual that i've ever seen. He gives back to his community all the time. He simply is willing to take a stand without waiting for everyone last person to side with him. We all need to listen to what he's actually saying because he's been on point with about everything way before others came out. Get over his friggin size you idiots he's a human being just like you. I don't give a crap how fat any of you are!

1996 days ago


Randy that is just your invisible friend. We all know the real MM is a fatass, hypocritical, lib with an agenda that reaks of lies and slander.

1996 days ago


Michael Moore is little more than a partisan political blowhard. If it was en vogue to be Republican in Hollywood he would be after Obama in a nanosecond. Moore only cares about where the next paycheck is coming from and has no real ideals. His heart attack cannot come soon enough. Hopefully after Obama socializes medicine.

1996 days ago

She is hot    


Great one Ken!!

Let me explain it to Randy. Randy, Ken's joke means that after Obama socializes medicine, your beloved Moore would probably die before he got seen by a doctor or was deemed to expensive to save and then die!! HAHAHA, either way the human race would be blessed by Moore's demise!!

1996 days ago


Gosh, can he just have a heart attack and die already?! I loathe this liar!

1996 days ago

Just Me    

Thank you number 13 I have been thinking the same thing about Bidens ADULT daughter. If it were the Bush twins it would be breaking news and giving President Bush a hard time about what kind of a parents was he?

Michael Moore is a fat horses ass and I mean no offense to horses all over.

1996 days ago


He's a phony...of course, he won't attach Obama.

1996 days ago

who has the facts? ME    

If Republicans care so much about life, then why are they all wishing a heart attack on Michael Moore? Oh, that's right, they are all hypocrites!!
You can all take your "Christian values" and stick em where the sun don't shine. Thanks for reinforcing the left beliefs that the only lives the right cares about are the ones that agree with them. Phony, phony, phonies!!

1996 days ago

She is hot    

You are right! I do not give a dam about Moore's life period! He is a waste of space and has done nothing good for America period! At least I am not being a hypocrit like liberals who all preach tolerance and freedom of speech accept for anybody that goes against Obama or the left. You are just the typical liberal. If I say something against Obama you would probably just call me a racist. By the way, how is all that change Obama preached working for you? You have any change left in your "pocket"rocke?

1996 days ago

who has the facts? ME    

"a fat, uneducated, talentless hack..."
Sounds more like Rush Limbaugh. Michael Moore has an Academy Award and has been married to the same woman (only one marriage) for 19 years.
I don't think the same could be said for Rush, divorced 3 times and drug addicted.
Who's the better man??

1996 days ago


He should give him a hard time over the hassles Obama is giving the auto industry.

1996 days ago

who has the facts? ME    

Funny you should ask. I got my check yesterday and noticed an extra $80 (I am salaried).
Thanks Barack, you ARE the man!!

1996 days ago
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