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Pole Dancing with the Stars

3/31/2009 5:00 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF


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It's a dancer's belt you retards. Looks ridiculous but totally harmless.

2030 days ago


could he just need a little adjusting?

2030 days ago


This picture pretty much sums up my life from about age 14 to 21. I'm not sure how old this kid is but if he's half as bonerific as I was back in the day than this is pretty much par for the course.

2030 days ago


To #31 - Yes you have so much to be proud of, considering it was 8 years of Bush and republicans that caused the mess we're in. Good going!

2030 days ago

Tyra Banks    

ah!!! that is funny. poor guy.

2030 days ago

hot snot    

I hate when people type first! But Kelli, your calling them out is a bit harsh. Considering when you first started posting here you did it ALL THE DAMN TIME. Shut your holier than thou pie hole skank!

2030 days ago

da bears    

A "dancers belt"??? Is that what dancers refer to thier schlong as??????

2030 days ago

Obama is Gay    

# 12 come on. tell me you wouldn’t get a woody dancing with that chick (if not your probably gay and love barney frank). What bohica is pointing out is Obama is going to f@cK us all up the as# then send us up the river.

2030 days ago

hot snot    

awe, i feel sorry for her. she has been dealing with so much and now this. i don't know if he really has a boner or like others said it's something else...but sheesh. She has been relentlessly teased for so many reasons. She is kind of a little snot though, my co-workers kids went to school with her and she is severly stuck up. Sure she has a ton to be proud of, but she is your typical "im better and more popular than you" kind of girl

2030 days ago


Leave it to the GOP pundits, to not be able to read what is in the title bar of their browser. I guess that is evidence that evolution never really occurred then, creationism must be real! In case you haven't noticed...This is a celebrity gossip site. Not to be taken seriously. Mindless banter.

Go talk your smack on Huffington post, go ahead, I dare you. That is, when you are all done smelling your own farts, would not want to disturb your very important "work". I'm sure your rhetoric will go over real well there, LOL.

Oh yeah....definitely pitching a tent there, no doubt about it, LOL.

2030 days ago

really now    

# 29 comment lost in lalaland ........... Your post was awesome ! I agree !

2030 days ago


one thing to say: OMG THAT'S DIGUSTING. BUT SHE DOES GET PAID ALOT FOR DOING THIS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

2030 days ago


Come on you perves...he was wearing a jockstrap!

2030 days ago


He doesn't have a boner--look how tight & short his shorts are! It's the underwear he has on so his junior doesn't fall out from the short shorts! Gosh, you people are pathetic!

2030 days ago

lost in lalaland    

#33: It's great that you're so proud of your bush.

2030 days ago
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