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Pole Dancing with the Stars

3/31/2009 5:00 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF


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she is not butch, she is athletic and there is a HUGE difference...she has a very athletic body...i mean com on she is a gold medal olympic gymnast...i think that qualifies as HAVING TO BE IN that fat comment is can see like the beg outlines of a six pack...she is muscular and in no means fat...thats whats wrong with white women today and why so many are anorexic a bulimic...people like you guys calling a extremely fit in shape young woman fat...and as regards to butch u can tell from her personality she is very feminine and cute and like a lil ball of sunshine. so leave shawn alone...and regarding the picture..if it is as it seems, it is a lil embarassing but not perverted or anything...they are both young...her 17 going on 18 and him 22 that is only 5 yrs at wrong there, as long as he doesnt try to act on that until she is legal! lol

2033 days ago


That is sad that they had to find some like that to "report" if you go to the ABC website you can take a BETTER look for yourselves and see that nothing was wrong. TMZ is just out to ruin the lives of these people who have not done anything wrong. Its really sad...

2033 days ago


You guys have been punked by a prosthetic penis. Unless that is a real erection and I just watched TMZ with my 5 year old son. I don't think you guys are allowed to show errect penis on TV. So it's either fake and you'll be reporting that very soon. Or it's real and we have a class action lawsuit on our hands. I guess we should go after the FCC for allowing this filth to get on the air not once but twice.

Thanks for the free money TMZ.

2033 days ago

FLAVA FLAV!!!!    

bohica, how do your comments not get moderated? Also, your neo-con talking points are six months too late!

2033 days ago


It's highly unlikely he'd be wearing a jock strap. This is partnered dancing we're talking about, not a full contact sport.

However, there's nearly a 100% likelihood that he is wearing a dance belt. Dance belts are made out of a spandex like fabric, and have a very wide waist band, but a thong rear. The front is shaped similar to a pair of women's bikini underwear. However, in contrast to a jock strap, it's worn with the penis pulled up, against the abdomen, rather than hanging down. What is more likely is that given the high activity level of the dance, the dance belt shifted out of position. It doesn't happen often, but I've seen it happen a few times in my career. Given that he was wearing a dance belt, and given the fit of a dance belt, I'm going to say that it's rather unlikely that it was an erection.

2033 days ago


Also, there's the chance that there was no malfunction at all.
But that Ballas is blessed and/or wearing a padded dance belt.

Combine with the fact that the material offers no forgiveness like a pair of traditional ballroom pants would, and you get a little show. Or at least what TMZ wants you to think is a show.

2033 days ago

Zach Swan    

nothinleft: I don't mean this in a disparaging way at all, but obviously you're a chubby chaser. I don't think that makes you a bad person. Fat girls need loving too. Not to say that our delightful little gold-medal winning Topo Gigio is fat -- I prefer the term "plump". I would never call her chunky, because the only time "chunky" is good, is when it's on the side of a soup can.

2033 days ago


that chick sure is meaty

2032 days ago

remember REALITY    

Geesh....HER PECS, His package...gotta love them

2032 days ago


She needs a body guard from being poked at

2032 days ago


So . . . "Johnson & Johnson" - I see a corporate deal in the works.

2032 days ago


should have worn a cup. In his case, a Dixie cup.

2032 days ago

yo yo yo    

Ok, who WOULDN'T get a woodie dancing with Shawn Johnson? I'm I right people?

2032 days ago


He must have an elbow fetish.

2032 days ago


Male dancer should have worn a spandex short that will be tight around his waist instead of loose short. She is still a minor and a good dancer. It was a embarassment moment for him to show his short.

2032 days ago
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