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"Wiseguy" Sues Guy Over Lost Fortune

3/31/2009 2:18 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Ken WahlKen Wahl, the dude who starred in "Wiseguy," claims he's destitute and blames it on a conspiracy between his former business manager and Wahl's ex-wife.

Wahl's lawsuit, filed yesterday in L.A. County Superior Court, claims he hired Henry Levine back in the day to take care of his finances. Wahl says Levine had the dreaded power of attorney. The actor explains how his career was red hot from 1983 to 1991.

But things changed radically in '91. Wahl divorced his wife, Corinne Alphen and gave her "ALL of the community property assets." Dumb move. The assets included a Malibu mansion and an estate in Boston, worth "many millions of dollars."

The suit claims during Wahl's marriage Levine entered into a "secret business manager relationship" with Corinne. He says after they got divorced, Corinne squandered Wahl's money "on plastic surgeries, facials, and massages" from the sale of the Malibu property -- Wahl says the proceeds were supposed to be held for their son.

More bad luck...Wahl got in a bad accident, broke his neck and was permanently disabled. Wahl says the business manager screwed him over, making him believe several million bucks were put aside to support him -- in fact, he says, his ex-wife got that loot too, thanks to Henry.

Wahl says he now doesn't have a pot to pee in and owes $250,000 in back taxes.

Wahl is suing Levine and the Screen Actors Guild. SAG is named as a defendant because he has a beef over errors in his pension contribution.

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Rob - thanks for saying what I was thinking re: Jen. Heartless to say the least.

Jen did you cry when Heath Ledger died? Did you shed a little tear when Anna Nicole passed and you saw pics of her baby who will never have her mama? How about the countless others who haven't been able to overcome addiction? It's their fault too, right? Wahl has overcome what many haven't been able to AND he's doing something far more honorable with his life than posting sh*t on TMZ.

How about YOU eductate yourself before you sign things like ignorant messages. Karma is indeed a bitch.

1977 days ago



1977 days ago

Jenna T.    

I can't believe how mean people can be! This guy could have had ANYBODY he wanted back then---any manager, any wife, anyone at all! He was a gorgeous and talented guy--with the world at his fingertips------Why would he CHOOSE to pick people who would screw him over? He trusted these people with his money and his life---It does seem like there should be laws to protect people---or at least they should be able to have legal re-course if they need it---which is what this lawsuit seems to be---

it's a wonder he didn't kill himself---if I lost that kind of money, that would certainly cross my mind---
he seems to be a kind and private guy---why don't you just leave him alone!

and as far as why he is suing now, rather than back then, who KNOWS! we don't know his business---but maybe he has a good reason! good grief!


1977 days ago

Caron Moore    

Ken Wahl is GORGEOUS!! I am sure there were many women that flocked to him. Hollywood is a strange town and it draws strange women to it...a lot of golddiggers/prostitutes also. Poor Ken met one huh? To bad for Ken. He is an excellent actor!!! I hope he wins this lawsuit and of course the woman who he married at one time is probably not living a very happy life. When you screw around with people it comes back to haunt haunts you in the mind and makes you really really unhappy. I am sure she is sitting around having lunch with all her other plastic surgeon friends talking about the good ole days...with their noses way to thin. Just thought I would throw in some comedy. I hear he is into animal rescue and for that he is the sexiest man alive...even if he didn't like animals he would still be the sexiest man alive. Hey Ken keep up the good work and please please please make another movie!!!!!!!!!!!!! I LOVE YOU!!!!!

1977 days ago


what Beverly Hills Times mag....where?

1977 days ago


I was a big fan of Wise Guys. I heard all the "rumors" regarding Ken's problems. I think its notable that all the actors who do drugs because they are "stressed" or want "entertainment" the one's that get a bad wrap are the ones that are on painkillers for REAL pain. Shame on anyone lumping an addiction to any drugs or alcohol with someone who does it for entertainment purposes and someone who might have been addicted to it through no real fault of their own. I have also heard that he is putting his best foot forward being a REAL MAN and really trying to help people now... despite his own physical and financial situation.

Let's hear it for the REAL MEN! My prayers are with you KEN

1977 days ago


People who throw stones..... probably live in glass houses. There is a reason we have the ability to sue.... to get to people who have wronged us or others.... and to stop it. If Mr. Wahl has the IRS after him.. perhaps its just now that he is finding out just how much damage the ex and wife did. I actually hope that if it is found true that the lawyer and the ex did the things they did... that the IRS finds the REAL reciprient of the money.... Could it be that she is JEN? a little nervous are you hun?

I like the earlier comment.. "payback is a bitch" If this is how he can get back at the two that did him wrong (oh... and Sag ... always wondered about what their cut was in everything.... maybe now we'll know)

1977 days ago


I just read all 24 pages of KEN WAHL vs. HENRY LEVINE, SCREEN ACTORS GUILD and DOES 1 through 20

Go Ken!!!!!

1977 days ago

Amy Nelson    

Ahh, thank you nice people. I wonder why people think they can site rumors as fact, and
then pass judgement on those who you slander. Pretty low, picking on a guy who has
a broken neck for taking pain killers. And the reason why the manager taking the money
is a cliche, it because it happens all the f-ing time. Why is he waiting until now to set the record
straight? Maybe he's not litigious, and it's taken him this long to be pushed to defend himself.
Good for him, too, because despite financial woes, he's still the generous man he always was,
standing up for veterans and animals. Ken Wahl is amazing, and so is his wife, and she doesn't
share him, not that it's anyone's business. Why don't you wish him well, now there's and idea.

1977 days ago

Gia Jenson    

Hey could "Jen" be CAROLE DAVIS ???

1977 days ago


Go Ken! I loved him in Wiseguy. He was a great actor. I know he had some problems, but he managed to clean himself up. He and his wife Shane Barbi as well as his sister-in-law do a lot of wonderful work with saving animals. They are my type of people! I hope he wins his case and gets the money back or something back for all his grief. Does anyone know if he has children with Shane?

1977 days ago


Looks like the 51 year old wanna be actress is back on here blogging. When this wanna be actress isn't posing her 51 year old nude wrinkly botoxed filled body in her bathtub playing with her dog, she's out shopping with her husband's money and trying to convince her fur wearing best friend to visit her 40 year old son who is in prison for attempted murder.

1977 days ago

Jenna T.    

I am just amazed at the level of meanness! People--Get A Life---!
you don't know what you might do if you broke YOUR neck---my husband was a tough guy too---but when he was hurt, he had to rely on painkillers---and chronic pain is a horrible thing to live with!

I agree with Jenna---who know why he is doing it now---but it's a personal decision--- and no one's business but his--

the guy is doing some good things with his life---we should recognize and respect that---

1977 days ago


What a dumbass..........

1977 days ago


Ken Wahl is a compassionate, sweet, and kind guy who seeks God. There is no way that these opinions have any truth to them. He is supporting Willie's Kids which is an initiative to bring humane education into school curriculum. My heart goes out to him and his family during this crappy time. I know through personal family experience what managers and gold-digger wives can do to a career, life, and family. I certainly believe that he had nothing to do with anything dishonest and he is in control of his actions. Him and his family are in my prayers.

1977 days ago
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