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Octomom's Ride Attacked by Anonymous Cowards

4/1/2009 2:40 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

It's okay to not like Octomom -- but this is going too far.

When Nadya Suleman woke up this morning, she noticed someone had smashed in the back window of her OctoWagon in the middle of the night. La Habra police tell us they took a report this morning, but have no suspects.

No word on how Octo plans to pay for the repairs.

UPDATE: Nadya's lawyer tells TMZ the object used to smash the window was a car seat that someone had removed from Octo's front porch and heaved at the car.


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people are taking things to far. why does it matter what she did its not you life its her and she did what she wanted. she cant go back in time and not have her kids. 8 kids is hard enough for her to deal with and now she has to deal with everyone else. like really leave her alone and let her live her life, what do you not have a lifee? so you go and smash her window in the middle of the nightt. GROW UP AND GET OFF HER NUTS !

1999 days ago


""156. ya know, since she has been out of the lime-light, she may very well have done this herself to garner, publicity, sympathy, more money and donations. that house is being watched ALL THE TIME, by neighbours, curiosity seekers, etc. she probably did it herself in the garage and then just parked it in the drive, then made up the story. she is a liar first and foremost, she is a thief and a fraud, so what's to stop her from going to these lengths???

Posted at 5:11PM on Apr 1st 2009 by chrisa""

She did it in the garage? Then explain the glass on the ground outside in the picture Sherlock.

1999 days ago


NO SELF-RESPECTING, LOVING, NURTURING, CARING MOTHER WOULD DO WHAT THIS PARASITE HAS DONE!! Yes, this is America, but unless you live on a cult ranch, an educated, jobless, single person does not have 14 kids for no reason!! Not even the folks already on welfare. At a certain point, reality sets in and it just doesn't happen! This parasite had 14 of them m'f's without so much as a thought for what each child would face in life on a daily basis. All she saw/sees is $$! Yes, I agree it was wrong to bust her window out, but it is more wrong what she has done to these kids, the taxpayers & anyone who comes in contact with her. She's the coward, she's the criminal posing the biggest threat to all of those kids. She's the trash that has trashed a once quiet community filled with hardworking, taxpaying, normal people! What about their lives being trashed? What about their neighborhood being trashed with the media, lookey loo's, Dr. Fake & Gloria Oldred? These kids didn't ask for this nor did the neighbors or the City of LaHabra!! I would be more than happy to donate to any charity that would benefit any child in need, but I have to close my wallet to this CRIMINAL!! Now should CPS/DCFS step in & place these children in loving homes with a chance in life, I would be more than happy to donate! But as long as this parasite is in the picture, forget it, not gonna happen!! Let Iran send a check over to take care of their reject! SHE'S A SCAMMER, A LIAR, A USER & ABUSER, A PSYCHOPATH and the worst kind of trash their is! If she is so concerned with the safety of her children, why isn't the van in the garage? Why is the car seat on the front porch? Why buy a jacuzzi? Why but a 4 bedroom house for 15 people? Why involve the media & strangers into your everyday life? Why have the media inside the nursery let alone the house? All that money & no security? She's living in la-la land & has been from day one, it's just sad that these innocent children continue to suffer & will constantly reminded of the stupidity their mother has & projects to everyone. She asked for this and more, and believe me, it's hardly over. This once beautiful quiet neighborhood now has a Section 8 house, complete with 14 fatherless kids and a crazy mother living in it and bringing the property value down to the Section 8 rate!! These same people who work hard everyday, who take pride in their neighborhood/community, who once lived normal lives are now forced to live with the likes of this lunatic & all her chaos. How is that fair? Not only do they have to tolerate it, but their tax dollars have to support it. As they leave their driveways to go to work every morning, what do you think they are saying or feeling? The same thing most others are GET THE BITCH OUT OF HERE!!!!! Move her Section 8 ass & her 14 kids back to Whittier or the nearest projects!! Send her back to IRAN, where they will support her, sterilize her or stone her. The things that happen of are her own doing, piss-poor planning and selfish greed!!!!!!!

1999 days ago


I bet she did it herself since she hasn't had any new interviews since 3/25....just more publicity!

1999 days ago


I'll tell you how she will pay for repairs: money extorted from American smokers. Because the government doesn't judge OctoMom for her malicious, devious, selfish behavior, but is busting our balls (and back accounts) for smoking, which is perfectly legal.

Tell Barack I want my vote back.

1999 days ago


When are people going to get that she only expected to have two kids not 8. Stop doing things to her, you are also attacking and scaring these little kids. Toilet papering her house, yelling at her from cars, smashing her window, grow up.

1999 days ago


#160 supermangut,

ever think she might have just swept it up and tossed it around herself??
whatever the case, in the garage or out, the leech did it herself in my opinion. she is a proven liar and fraudster, so i wouldn't put it past her.

1999 days ago

not- buyingit    

Reply to the Come on People;

Please stop calling what she did a Mistake!!! Locking your keys in the car is a mistake, Not having 6 kids with gov support and then deciding you need more!!!! That was her well thought out decision not a freeking mistake so please stiop telling the rest of us how to feel and think.

1999 days ago

Zen Grouch    

***That's just WRONG to destroy property.***

She may not be destroying property...

...but she's single handedly destroyed the neighborhood's *property* value.

1999 days ago


Someone going to bust a car window would bring their own tools. For someone to get on the porch, take a baby seat and then decide to break the window? I don't think so. I agree with all posters, he broke the window HERSELF for the publicity and attention. Poor me, me, me, I need more donations!

1999 days ago


I want to know how this woman has a reasonably new vehicle and why I, a working disabled person NOT getting public assistance of any kind, is driving an 11-year old car with 162K miles on it?

Her family stinks, the whole lot of 'em are hiding ill-gotten gains somehow. Tax audit, anyone, for a start at least?

1999 days ago

They were in it for the money    

Aw come on now! She did it, you know she did it because her media attention is going way South now. this will probably support her need for a fence or better a nice tall retaining wall around her chepo pad.
The last 2 babes are home, just on tv yet again.

1999 days ago

They were in it for the money    

Why was a car seat even outside? Her attroney is just using this as another ploy , get a free fence. she's a big time loser

1999 days ago


oh well she needs to have ALL of her kids taken away the woman is f ucking nuts ppl are treating her like a celebrity

1999 days ago


Re posting at 4:29PM on Apr 1st 2009 by realitybaby: "...this woman is the mother of 14 children and must be at full speed all day to take care of them."

Anf what planet did you say you're from?

1999 days ago
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