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Octomom's Ride Attacked by Anonymous Cowards

4/1/2009 2:40 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

It's okay to not like Octomom -- but this is going too far.

When Nadya Suleman woke up this morning, she noticed someone had smashed in the back window of her OctoWagon in the middle of the night. La Habra police tell us they took a report this morning, but have no suspects.

No word on how Octo plans to pay for the repairs.

UPDATE: Nadya's lawyer tells TMZ the object used to smash the window was a car seat that someone had removed from Octo's front porch and heaved at the car.


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That's just LOW and LAME ASS'ED.

It's one thing to dislike Nadya for having all these kids at tax payers expense and cheating the system to get more $$$.

But to vandalize and distroy her property is just PLAIN EVIL. Even she doesn't deserve this.

1996 days ago


I feel bad for the kids and the NEIGHBORS. A car seat on the front porch? I bet her front lawn is already looking crappy. However, hurling anything at her car is just a terrible thing to do. Why would someone risk using something from her front porch when they could use a brick without getting out of their car? There is something fishy about this. Nadya should be ashamed of the circus she has created for her children to live in.

1996 days ago

Ryoichi Morita    

I have no respect for her but that does not mean I condone violence against her. I agree with TMZ. This is an act of cowardice.

1996 days ago


I don't advocate this at all.

But what happened to the friends who were supposed to be providing security? We know she didn't hire a security firm - she spent the money on a jacuzzi instead.

Again, I don't advocate property damage as a means of striking out. Still, I loathe the woman and her warped sense of values [which are non-existent].

1996 days ago


know what...she brought this on herself. i am not saying she deserves it, but she CHOOSE to continually put herself in the spotlight... be careful what you wish for....

1996 days ago

traci wise    

TMZ and other agencies who hound this apparently mentally ill woman are partially responsible for this act. If she isn't left alone, one or more of the kids will be hurt. TMZ should be a responsible agency and stop taking and/or paying for photos of her.

1996 days ago


I'm sorry, but who really cares!! This is not NEWS!!

Five and a half years ago someone smashed out the huge side window in my family's van, and that happened a week after my sister died of cancer. So not only did we have to deal with her death but then vandalism!! Did anyone care that it happened to us? No!! But then again, none of us popped out 8 children at once either!!

Whoever did it should be caught and charged. But it's not news!! Just like her house getting TP'd is not news!! These things happen to people all the time, but all of a sudden it's COWARDLY and HORRENDOUS because it happened to her? Give me a break!!

1996 days ago

Boston Kate    

You, axxholes at TMZ, bear a huge part of the responsiblity for the hatred toward this woman.

1996 days ago

Ms G    

Why doesn't she have camera's and a security system. She's had death threats, she should take this very seriously.
#10 Bob, TMZ has shown her at Target with the kids and at an amusement park. It may have been a show for her reality camera's.

1996 days ago


One wonders who did it. If they know it was the carseat from the fron porch does that mean there are finger prints on it? Are they hers [in order to stir up more news interest [and thereby make her more money]?

See how callous she's made me?????

1996 days ago


buy an american car next time bitch

1996 days ago

fuzzy bear    

All these comments and nobody mentioned how wrong it is to leave car seats on the porch! Keep ALL that stuff inside. VERY Unsanitary - cats spray and urinate on everything. Plus spider bites or ants....EEEWWW!

1996 days ago

Grifters a.k.a Suleman    

Please people, she's an idiot and ABSOLUTELY did this herself....this is what happens when attention dies down for a couple days....shudder to think what it will be after a couple months!

1996 days ago


Re: Matthew Benson

She is not having a hard time at all. I bet those 15 fired workers cannot afford the shopping trips to the clothing and cosmetics stores that she can. They probably also cannot afford to buy a $550K house while unemplyed. Nadya's many poor choices have equalled a better house and car, free medical care and nannies (at the expense of taxpayers and donors) etc...
15 staff members at Kaiser made 1 bad choice and they have lost their livelyhood with no freebies coming their way.

Feel sorry for the neighbors, her children, her mother, anyone that has had the misfortune of trying to help her and giving her the benefit of the doubt. DO NOT FEEL SORRY FOR HER!

1996 days ago



1996 days ago
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