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Octomom's Ride Attacked by Anonymous Cowards

4/1/2009 2:40 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

It's okay to not like Octomom -- but this is going too far.

When Nadya Suleman woke up this morning, she noticed someone had smashed in the back window of her OctoWagon in the middle of the night. La Habra police tell us they took a report this morning, but have no suspects.

No word on how Octo plans to pay for the repairs.

UPDATE: Nadya's lawyer tells TMZ the object used to smash the window was a car seat that someone had removed from Octo's front porch and heaved at the car.


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get a grip!

she brought all this on herself by being the media whore that she is. tmz had no hand in it, nor any other news outlet. she has only herself to blame. her behaviour is outrageous, selfish and greedy. it was her plan outright to scam the system and she made no bones about it, even admitting at one point, had these couple "opportunities" not come her way, she would have supported them through public assistance. so she had plans all along to continue to rip hard working people off and take away resources that could be better spent on those that really need it.

she is even quoted recently as saying, she plans to apply for wic assistance since she can't get food stamps anymore. this she claims is because she can't afford all that formula! meanwhile she is seen on camera, eating out at restaurants, shopping for high end clothing for herself and drinking expensive coffees.

so take your head out of your ass you moron and see the light!

she most likely did this or had one of her "friends" do this, as the media spotlight had begun to fade. she needed to get back into public view in order to garner more donations and publicity.

honestly, i don't understand people like yourself, how could you be so unbelievably stupid and naive? i really despise stupid people, and lately it is apparent from some of the replies here supporting this leech/parasite, that the numbers of stupid people are on the rise.

you and all your stupid bleeding hearts buddies, should be ashamed of yourself for being so dimwitted! i mean really, aren't you the least bit embarrassed by your own ignorance???

2024 days ago


just to clarify for all the stupid people out there, this is what is meant by the term and it fits all you witless nadya supporters very well.

a: slow of mind : obtuse b: given to unintelligent decisions or acts : acting in an unintelligent or careless manner c: lacking intelligence or reason

- marked by or resulting from unreasoned thinking or acting : senseless

a: lacking interest or point b: vexatious , exasperating
— stu·pid·ly adverb
— stu·pid·ness noun
synonyms stupid , dull , dense , crass , dumb mean lacking in power to absorb ideas or impressions. stupid implies a slow-witted or dazed state of mind.
dull suggests a slow or sluggish mind.
dense implies a thickheaded imperviousness to ideas

2024 days ago


chrisa #554 Boy do I know what you mean about that comment. I couldnt imagine me having sex not alone having 14 kids with the pain I endure. Here I am just 48 and I cant even get around like my 91 yr old granny. I will think twice now about the pain patch and stick with the pain killers, but the doctors now have me on 10 mg norco and the amount is never enough to last me yet they dont want to give more than 120 a month. My pain is so great I have to take 3 at a time instead when they prescribe only 1 at a time every 6 hours. Who are they kidding! Ive been on the same thing for over a yr now. So I agree with you on Octofraud's so called back injury. I havent heard a thing about surgery or pain management only that she ran out and got IVF. Whats up with that? By the way I did wonder why when I took my Hydrocodones what the big deal was on the street. I never got "high" LOL so I just couldnt understand why they are sold on the streets. LMAO!

2024 days ago


I bet if Octofraud reads closely in the paperwork on the house she may find it was sold "as is" due to the fact it was a very fast sell. LMFAO now Octofraud finally got scammed herself! hahahahaha DEAL WITH IT BIOTCH OCTOFRAUD!

2024 days ago


chrisa I posted all the info #547 I think that was the number. I fired off letters and emails yesterday. High five to Jane for going a step further! :) Way to go girl!

2024 days ago


tami # 564,

yeah i dunno what it it about the drugs either. they must take an awful lot or crush them up and snort them to get high....really stupid!

with all the leftovers i have of previous meds and patches, i could make a small fortune i think if i sold them LOL!
the doctor also told me that even when you have used up the patch, there is still a significant amount of drug still there. junkies will go through your garbage etc. if they know you are taking these things, just to get the leftovers for a fix.

addiction is a tragic thing, but when speaking with my doc, it is a situation that even i can't avoid. because i have been on them for so long, should the day come when i am pain free (i can dream can't i?) i will have to withdraw slowly. my body is physically dependent on them now. it is a risk you take using opiate therapy for pain. however, i am not psychologically addicted as well, i do not get high, so i don't need them to escape reality. something that octo-leech has been doing for far to long, though her break from reality is caused by the fact that she is just plain nuts!

2024 days ago


LOL chrisa yeah Octofraud (which is my name for her now) is addicted to being pregnate and having kids she cant afford. She gets her high on scamming good hearted people and taking the system/taxpayers for a ride.

2024 days ago

Gram 23    

I hope they will put cameras all around the home and more security. There are too many haters and they would do anything . She needs to provide 24/7 protection to her family and herself. This shows that .

2024 days ago

Gram 23    

I totally agree with this statement tmz should be charged with causeing this to happen along with other media programs who are creating the mob mentallity another bad one is HLM who are makeing her out to be such a bad person.TMZ you have harrassed and accosted and stalked this woman and should be charged with creating this MOB MENTALLITY

2024 days ago


ah gram 23,
another of the "stupids" surfacing to defend this abusive and neglectful mother. why do i get the feeling that those defending her are also scamming the system in some way and lack any kind of common sense or basic intelligence?

you are an idiot to think that anyone else is to blame, but this parasite. she called the media to tell them of her first two babies arriving and then acts all dopey like she had no clue. she smashes the window on her own vehicle in order to bring media attention to her again. how do you think the media found out about the window???

you and the rest of the evolutionary rejects ought to go live on an island somewhere and eventually breed yourselves into extinction.

you are pathetic.

2024 days ago

They were in it for the money    

Hold the Phone!
TMZ is not harassing her. she signed a contract with Radar, so anything is now fair game, She decided to be a self made celebrity when she dreamed up this multipule birth with her Doctor. She is the one who had media out here 2 hours before she got hom e with the 1st 2, she made the craziest 911 call a person could ever make, in front of her other kids, Always trying for the camera, too bad she crashed and burned.

2024 days ago


first off people that are bashing her for going shopping, while i agree Bebe and MAC cosmetics is very extreme, doesn't every parent take some time to themselves, this is reason enough to take her kids away and supposedly give them to a family that will give them a normal people wanting this done are ass's must be the most perfect parents...i think not...

2020 days ago


It’s no secret that Nadya Suleman, better known as Octomom, loves all the media attention — but Pop Tarts has learned exclusively that one company is officially done with giving the controversial single mom of fourteen even a mention. Parcbench, a pop culture and lifestyle media company that covers lifestyle and politics decided on Thursday to ban all mention of the Octuplet mother on their site.

"We think the Octomom and her story are an example of exactly what's wrong in our society today. So we've decided to ban any mention of the Octomom or Nadya Suleman," The President of Parcbench Media Kellen Giuda told Tarts.

The online media company, which covers mainstream pop culture, lifestyle and politics in the United States, hopes other outlets will emulate and focus on stories that advocate what America is really about.

"We don't think her story should getting so much media attention, the media should not reward her for her bad decisions and lack of personal responsibility," added Brett Joshpe, one of the founders of Parcbench and co-author of "Why You're Wrong About the Right: Behind the Myths: The Surprising Truth About Conservatives". "We think the media should spend it's time focusing on pop-culture that really reflects mainstream America and we want to tell those stories and influence others in the media to follow suit."

2008 days ago

Daddy wants some of the pie too.    

When her van was vandalized last time didn't "they" use one of her car seats then too? Now the same thing happened again? I'd just drive by and toss a brick or rock thru the window. Seems like someone would grab the carseat on the way out the front door then do the damage not walk up to the door from the street to get it then back down to the street to break the window when you could just grab something on the street to break it with. Isn't consistent with the MO of a vandal, especially since its now been done twice. I smell a fish here.

2008 days ago


I wish I would have known WAY BACK WHEN-40 years ago-that if I have a bunch of kids I could get me a NEW HOME-CAR-LIP PLUMPS-WHATEVER......I would have been THE BIGGEST WELFARE SUCK OFF IN THE WORLD.....

Instead....I chose to have 1 child-work for 30 years-raise my child alone-be self sufficient and self reliant....


2003 days ago
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