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Octomom's Ride Attacked by Anonymous Cowards

4/1/2009 2:40 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

It's okay to not like Octomom -- but this is going too far.

When Nadya Suleman woke up this morning, she noticed someone had smashed in the back window of her OctoWagon in the middle of the night. La Habra police tell us they took a report this morning, but have no suspects.

No word on how Octo plans to pay for the repairs.

UPDATE: Nadya's lawyer tells TMZ the object used to smash the window was a car seat that someone had removed from Octo's front porch and heaved at the car.


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TMZ is gonna get righteous now. Calling these people cowards,which they are. However after doing all you can to fuel the hatred toward this gal and then acting above it all is cowardly too.

2001 days ago


Re: C'mom People

We all make mistakes and then we take responsibility for those mistakes and pay the consequences!

Nadya has made many many "serious" mistakes but she has not taken responsibility for those mistakes nor has she paid the consequences for any of her mistakes. Quite the opposite, she has expected everyone else to pay for the consequences of her mistakes and further she is profiting from her mistakes without a thought about what is best for her family, only what is best for her immediate wants.

2001 days ago

m dennings    

Blame TMZ and other gossip sites for fueling the fire, putting her and her kids in harms way. TMZ, have you donated any money or supplies to Octomom in payment for exploiting her?

2001 days ago


I'm tired of hearing "What about the kids, what if they were around, etc" Octomom decided to throw herself at the money, she screwed tax payers, and now she AND her kids have to live with the consequences. Look at it as a mother that decides to deal drugs, yeah she's making money, but when her house gets shot up - she had it coming and her kids are in harms way. Only difference in this is the California tax payers are the one's getting their's right now. She'll get caught with her pants down and then they will take the kids, just like the Drug mom getting a visit from the police. It all plays out the same.

2001 days ago


If soooo many people are watching her why didn't anyone see the car seat get stolen from the porch and then thrown at the van, breaking the window!

2001 days ago


Well....I didn't live in California at the time of the Rodney King riots but for some reason he comes to mind today. What the police did to him was inexcusable (IMO) and I'm sure as hell glad he won millions of dollars. I'm not glad he became an alcoholic though, buttttttttt I am happy to say I watched him go through rehab with Dr. Drew's show on VH-1 and of all the people, he impressed me the most and has now opened up his own sober living house (with help refurnishing/modeling his own CA home from Dr. Drew and some contractors). Were the riots justified? All the violence, looting, fires, etc. Well hell, no one in their right mind wants to see any city, state go through anything like that (ever) but when an injustice is done in such a blatant manner and sooooooooooo many people feel that injustice (and remember I'm a white woman talking here) people can make wrong decisions and feel justified in retaliating against "the system" and in this case many more that represent that system -- the business owners, the police force that protect and serve, etc. Many people are mortified and outraged at OCTO-BITCH and her scam, lies and blantant me, me, me attitude. It is not now nor has it ever been about her children.

2001 days ago

The Observer    

You all complaining that she should by American are hilarious: What is the percentage of American parts in an American car? How many American models are actually assembled in America versus how many foreign models are assembled in America? Those days of buying American cars as an act that supports America are loooong gone.

2001 days ago

Obama is Gay    

Everyday occurance here in Chicago. Hit up Aaron Glass 1/2 the price and fast.

2001 days ago


Leave her alone!

Everyone is always so quick to's the American Way.

Maybe if everyone would stop hating her and extend a helping hand, there would be a light at the end of the tunnel for those kids.

2001 days ago


Sad, who ever did this is a jealous mutha f'n bitch!

2001 days ago


Ha ha! TMZ taking the high road. That is too funny. It was probably one of the ex-cons you hire to stake out these flakes that did it. His bipolar disorder kicked in. What happens when next he goes into the house?

2001 days ago


I hate the woman too, but you don't smash personal property because you dislike someone. I'm pissed at the thug that did this because that means MORE of our tax dollars are going to go to her pathetic life.... wasted on the ride instead of the care of the children.

2001 days ago


One word for her -- KARMA

2001 days ago


Re: abcdefg

Most people have extended a helping hand and she bit it off everytime she didn't profit it from it anymore or they wanted transparency for the health, safety and well being of the children.

Regrettably, there is no light at the end of the tunnel for the kids as long and she is in charge.

2001 days ago

remember REALITY    

Come on now, she held each newborn at least five minutes today and maybe thought about hugging her other kids

2001 days ago
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