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"America's Got Talent" Loser Escapes Stick-Up

4/2/2009 2:45 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

America's Got Talent An "America's Got Talent" contestant chose flight over fight -- narrowly escaping a pack of masked men with guns drawn early Tuesday morning.

According to the Cincinnati PD, Robert Hatcher -- who made it to the final eight on season two of "Talent" -- was leaving Sonny's All Blues Lounge with 4 friends at around 2:30 AM when 3 shady figures popped out of car and tried to rob them.

Sources say Robert and one of his friends were able to escape on foot while another friend fled the scene in a car... but the two friends who were left behind were subsequently forced to the ground and robbed blind.

We're told the three robbers took off with the loot in a red Neon -- but were caught less than thirty minutes later after multiple witnesses gave the CPD a description of the getaway vehicle.

Hatcher eventually stopped running long enough to help his buddies file a police report.


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What made them think he had anything worth taking?!?!

2038 days ago


Having lived in Cincinnati for several years I can say I have no sympathy for this man. Avondale has some of the worst crime rates in the country. You'd have to be a true fool to go there.

2038 days ago


I remember him. Beautiful voice, really dignified.

2038 days ago

Television Spy    

What idiots, why would you robt the guy and take his car - you're going to get caught. If you're going to rob someone don't take their car, it'll be harder to find you. And I don't know why I'm giving these idiots advice.

2038 days ago


Hey girly! Have you ever thought maybe he is lives in the hood? Maybe is family lives there or he still does.. Nobody should have to go through that no matter where they are.. Thats like saying if a kid gets killed in the ghetto they deserved it because they live in the ghetto..

2038 days ago


So TMZ is saying he should have played the hero, like THEY would have done, I supopose? Yea, Riiight.

2038 days ago


I'm sure all the tough guys at TMZ would have fought them off eh? You insinuate this guy is a chicken and has no loyalty to his friends. You guys really are pathetic. Every one of you F*ck sticks would have crapped your pants if you were in the same situation. I've been reading TMZ for about a year and a half now and you guys never cease to amaze me on how vicious and petty you can be. Did every one of you get stuffed in a locker when you were in high school or what?

2038 days ago



2038 days ago


The last line of this story is one of the funniest things i have ever read.

2038 days ago


Gotta agree with Whamo and few others. Are you saying he should have tried to fight and get him and his friends killed? Maybe he ran off and called for help, they were caught pretty quick. You guys are just cruel, why don't you guys and gals at TMZ just try for one day to say a few nice things?

2038 days ago


TMZ is just ignorant for the last comment, the news already reported that he was being chased by the man with the gun--- so should he have stayed their and got shot

2038 days ago

the one whos knows the TRUTH!!!!!!!!!    

First of all TMZ was NOT and I REPEAT NOT there to say what Happen!!! If so your Story WOULD totally different I use to think TMZ told the truth but I see that they are like every other media trying to see whoo can sell the best story well guess what YOU LOOSE!!!!!!!! When a person is COVER in the Blood of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ ( Like all parties were) God had there back period and as far as running away when there are GUNS held on you, you do what you must do like they all did! I will be waiting to see just what TMZ does when the truth comes out because as they say, word of mouth is the BEST way to advertise and trust that Tmz will get that they are not always about the truth!!! Lastly for Mr. Hatcher Keep doing what God has blessed you to do and Sing son sing there are so many people out to knock you down and talk about but Look how they talked about Jesus!

2037 days ago

cool chic    

He looks like Wayne Brady

2037 days ago

Granny Pearl    

LEAVE MY GRANDBABY ALONE! Y'all got your nerve talking about him like that! He is talented, smart, handsome and now ya'll know he's a fast runner. I'm glad he ran, who in they right mind want to end on on the show, The First 48? Praise God he and his friends are ok!

2037 days ago


Personally having gone through a similar situation...I should've ran but thought I was invincible and got not only shame on you TMZ shame on GIRLY AND THE REST OF THOSE WHO claim to fame is to rob,cheat and or steal and let's not forget those with HOMICIDAL TENDENCIES!!!!!! Its truly a blessing to have Robert as my best friend and to be alive at that...... why is it that nobody can seem to come together in times like these and offer support love and laughter had the outcome been any different..TMZ would've been given Robert props and other sh8......I'm just saying I know y'all need ratings and sometimes I do like the sh8 y'all talk but......
Sidebar....back to the one who said I don't feel sorry for him....DID WE ASK YOU TOO!!!! Its a matter of human nature and coming together being able to relate God forbids something like this happens in your family and koko4sho says I DON'T FEEL SORRY FOR THEM........ LOVE AND LET BE

2037 days ago
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