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David Blaine -- Trick With Dolla Make You Holla!

4/2/2009 12:11 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

With all those lame ass stunts he's been doing lately, you might forget David Blaine can actually do magic. Consider this a reminder.

David Blaine: Click to watch
We've watched it in slow-mo and still can't figure it out.


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OBAMA for Presidant!    

He is an alien!

1993 days ago


Pretty dang awesome

1993 days ago

Hey Hey    

He can get it. Hi Christina Monique Jackson!

1993 days ago


the only "lame ass" is TMZ's labeling of David Blaine. The young man is very talented without a doubt.

1993 days ago


I watched it twice and really don't get it. What exactly did he do?

1993 days ago


TMZ cameraman needs to learn how to ZOOM IN, please.

1993 days ago


Here goes a suggestion to TMZ that I've been thinking for a long time. I know it's your job, I get that, but since you guys make fun of every little thing a celebrity does (I'm not talking about Blaine here.. I'm just using this news to post), why don't you make a story of how would the perfect celebrity be? The one that you would not make fun whatsoever. What would it take for a really famous celebrity not be on TMZ? It's a challenge for you guys. Make it a 1 to 10 characteristcs of this inexisting person...

1993 days ago


The living in a glass box and hanging upside down stuff he does is dumb but he is awesome when it comes to actual magic tricks. I wish he'd do another of those tv specials.

1993 days ago


OK...I watched again and I think what he supposedly did was have the guy sign the bill and "remove" the capital letter "F" from the guys signature and "move" it to the other side of the bill, right?

My guess as to how he did it was to slide a piece of film onto the bill and then take that particular part, slide it off and then place it onto the other side of the bill. You have to remember, too, that Baine uses a lot of accomplices in his tricks, so the guy may very well be a plant.

1993 days ago


He swapped out the dollar about 5 seconds into the trick. It goes into his left hand. At the same moment he swapped in his own dollar, which he then uses for the rest of the trick.

1993 days ago


He is not as good as the public thinks.

1993 days ago


What did he do? Someone please tell me.

1993 days ago

Ryoichi Morita    

I've always been impressed with his magic trick.

1993 days ago


He swapped the dollar out BEFORE the guy signed it. It went into his left hand and up his sleeve. While he performed that maneuver he had dollar bill of his own palmed in the same hand. That's the one he used for the rest of the trick. He then made it appear as though he was moving the Treasury stamp from one side of the bill to the other, but in reality the special dollar bill he used ALWAYS had the stamp where it ended up, and he used sleight of hand to make it seem as if he was moving it.

1993 days ago


People, he moved the "F" on the dollare bill. You can it clearly in the above still picture. I know there is no such thing as magic, but I can't figure this one out. When you realize how simply this tricks are done, I don't know how so many people fall for it. So dumb!

1993 days ago
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