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David Blaine -- Trick With Dolla Make You Holla!

4/2/2009 12:11 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

With all those lame ass stunts he's been doing lately, you might forget David Blaine can actually do magic. Consider this a reminder.

David Blaine: Click to watch
We've watched it in slow-mo and still can't figure it out.


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He used to look hotter but he has put on too much weigh, too beefy especially in his face. He used to be as hot as Wentworth Miller (Prison Break). But he's still a damn talented illusionist.

1968 days ago


He used to look hotter but he has put on too much weight, too beefy
especially in his face. He used to be as hot as Wentworth Miller
(Prison Break). But he's still a damn talented illusionist. David, shed the pounds!

1968 days ago


Did you notice his fingers during & after the trick? He is pinching something... When he moves back away from the camera, you can see his fingers still pinched and then he puts his hand inside his pocket! But how and what he used is the question????????????????????

1968 days ago


One he doesnt stuff a dollar bill in his mouth,
two the f is not a stamp or a sticker, the guy keeps the bill and the f is permanantly out of place.
three the guy actually sees him moving the f across the bill
four the guy in back is not trying to block the view

1968 days ago


31 and 35 had the best explanations

help me figure out how he did it

yeah you cant figure it out in the vid because the swap already happened before the footage starts playing. the new bill is already face down so the viewers cant see the it with the misplaced "F" seal.
not only is the seal already on the other side, there is a temporary "F" seal stamped in the correct place. notice how when he turns the bill over to show the mark and audience, he has it folded in half with the other half facing him so we can't see the seal that is already there. turns it over to show the back, then over again to show only half of the front. he licks his fingers and the moisture helps rub off the temporary "F" seal and make it disappear. then he moves his thumb back and pretends to drag it to the new position.

1968 days ago


I did notice you never see the whole bill face up, only the half the guy is holding onto. The other half is off camera the entire time.

1968 days ago

honest t    

Basic slight of hand. He is good and I think his stunts have been impressive. The last one had some technical problems but it should not take away from his accomplishment. That was the easy part for him but it was a dud and all the media talked about was the dissapointing ending.
He has excellent mind control and I like his style.
He makes Chris Angel look like a vegas hack.

1968 days ago


If that's a trick bill couldn't you get in trouble for counterfeiting having or making one of those? I mean, it looks pretty close to a real dollar.

1968 days ago


I was at a party a couple months back and a friends fiance asked for a dollar bill and he did this trick. I still have the dollar and I cannot understand how he did it. David Blaine is truely amazing.

1967 days ago

Blaine and A-Roid doing yoga?

1967 days ago


How come I can't play any of these videos on the TMZ website? I have Windows Vista, and both Firefox and Internet Explorer can't play the videos. Everytime I click on the "PLAY" icon, I get a "Your search returned 0 results" message. How are you guys watching the videos? Thanks.

1967 days ago


Is the serial number the same? I still think it's fake. . .

1966 days ago


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1891 days ago


Damn tmz ripping on David Blaine's stunts...what the hell. It's a stunt to test himself and his mind, wouldn't you agree? Let's see you guys do any of those "lame" stunts.

1418 days ago
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