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Michael Vick

Turns into

Bob the Builder

4/2/2009 3:41 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Michael VickEveryone is expecting Michael Vick to return to the football field after his incarceration, but he has other plans -- as in floorplans.

Vick's lawyer announced in Bankruptcy court today that the former QB has a construction job lined up after his prison release and Vick will work a regular 40 hour work week. Further details about wages or the duration of his new career were unavailable.

After being the highest paid player in the league, Vick was suspended indefinitely from the NFL after his 2007 indictment. The NFL Commissioner has said he will review Vick's status after he is released.

Who needs football when you can have drywall?

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No Avatar

dont know    

chakarakka--You post on every article on this site...GET A LIFE THEN GET A JOB. I also notice that you are always razzing someone's comments too. LOSER.

2028 days ago


He'll be the most hated outcast once he hits the public streets, Life will never be right for this guy again!
I take pleasure in that. Somehow the feeling of having people around you screaming "DOG KILLER" or whatever, while he's out with his wife and kids will totally drive him to the brink! GOOD! F HIM HAHAHA

2028 days ago


I hope Vick is never allowed to play football again and lives the cushy livestyle again!
What he did to those poor dogs beyone was evil, disgusting and heartbreaking.
And I hope his conscience (if he even has one) bothers him for the rest of his sick and pathetic life.

2028 days ago


thats great for VICK ! He shouldn't be allowed back into football !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! VIK + FOOTBALL = NO

2028 days ago

French Open Fan    

He just wants to claim to be christian by becoming a carpenter. He gets no sympathy from me. He should be cleaning out cages at the Humane Society for another decade.

2028 days ago


Dear ketielynn: You said, "Come on, it is not like football is the "role model" sport." but I beg to disagree. Vick was my 12-year old nephew's football hero. He loved the guy, wanted to be just like him, emulated him. Perhaps Vick didn't sign up for that but it comes with the territory. Kids love football. They look up to these guys, in addition to their fathers, to get an idea of what it is to be a man.

2028 days ago

WHO DAT!!!    

I pray for the worse the universe has to fall on this piece of trash. Going to jail is not what will break conVICK. It will the fall from grace of being a football super star; untouchable, to being a nobody has-been. When the fame & glory is gone and he's just a regular person- that's his true punishment. Prison might be for months, but loosing fame and fortune lasts a lifetime. Gutter trash.

2028 days ago


I don't think he's telling the truth, but he's got the idea that you have to work for a living correct.

2028 days ago


I wish people were as compassionate over Human Beings as they are animals. Yes, Vick made a terrible mistake that He is currently paying for. He's done more time then some murderers/sex offenders have done.
Vick played football in this area and I was priveleged to watch him play. He is talented and deserves a second chance just as any other person.
If you have more of a response for the horrible treatment of animals than you do for how human beings are treated then you need to be in jail or a mental hospital because that's insane...

2028 days ago


Don't compare this freak to Bob the Builder

2028 days ago


Do I feel sorry for him, NO! Do I hope he can got on with his life, YES, as long as it does not include the NFL. Do I think he did his time, YES, but not nearly enough. Does he deserve sympathy, NO, because he did not show sympathy to one of God's creations. If I were his mother, the first time I found out he was doing something this disgusting, I'd made him sorry to be disrespectful to any living thing. I did not like him before he was caught in this and I still do not like him. He wasn't that great of a QB and I hope to never see his sorry as* on a football field agian.

2028 days ago


It's no wonder so many people fail to be "rehabilitated" in this crappy country and resort back to crime. Forgiveness is a myth with the cold hearted people in this country. The man made a monumental inhuman mistake, but you have people out here screaming for his blood. I wonder how many of these "animal lovers" are vegans? Just because meat is a legitimate source of nourishment doesn't excuse recreational hunting just to hang antlers on a wall or get an animals pelt. Most of the people screaming for this man to die have no hesitation to eat beef that was mistreated and slaughtered, chicken, or pork; wear leather and fur garments; or fancy perfumes that are the products of abusive animal treatment and testing. As much as I hate their extreme tactics from time to time, at least PETA members talk the talk and walk the walk. Everyone else is just as guilty as Vick and needs to either shut the hell up with that hypocrisy or start supporting HUMANE treatment of animals in EVERY aspect. Turning a blind eye to the skinning of live animals just so you can have a nice fur coat or new Jordan sneakers makes you no better than Vick in my book. Bashing him just makes you feel better about your own support of animal torture/abuse. The only difference between you and Vick is you get to play the ignorance card. I love dogs and what he did is inexcusable, but a lot of hypocrites out there are bashing him not so much for the dogs but darker hidden agendas. I'll bet none of you have a problem watching a bullfight when you tour Mexico either. Ole! And don't even get me started on the tens of thousands of people who lost families, limbs, and lives just so you could wear a little sparkly diamond on your finger.

And for all the people talking about karma, look at how karma is hitting this country HARD. Sky high unemployment, people losing homes, losing retirement funds, our economic system collapsed, and America becoming a second-rate country. Maybe Vick isn't the one who has to worry about karma as much as you. At least he knows he'll have a bed and food tonight...

2028 days ago


Vick, just a street thug, no funds except what he got with his football contract. He is being treated like a rich boy, when he really doens't have anything, if it was not for money from a football team that he really never played for. Why is he being allowed to keep 2 homes? No average person would be allowed that. This guy had ZERO before he signed a great contract, then he didn't have the brains to act like a professional football players, but rather just another street thug. I don't understand the Justice he is getting. I feel so sorry for this poor boy, yes he should be poor, but doing construction will built his body back up and then just maybe.

2028 days ago

Kooky Fan    

I hope he learned his lesson and wish him luck in the future.

2028 days ago


For some reason these people feel entitled. Just yesterday, I think it was Stillworth, was arrest for DUI with death. Then you always have OJ, Mike Tyson, and the list goes on and on. Some serve time and some luck out. There are plenty of young players in the ranks that may deserve a chance at an NFL career, but I don't believe that Vick should be rewarded. Most of the ex-cons don't get their jobs back, or should I say they are lucky to get any job. He, in his world, acts like he did nothing wrong. I understand that these types of people feel a dog is an asset and not a companion. They are the reason that Pits have such a bad reputation. I was always told "there are bad owners not bad dogs". We have always had dobs, sheperds, and mastiffs and have never had a mean one in the bunch. I have one question...What does a dog really have to do to deserve to be murdered in such a fashion, Mr. Vick?

2028 days ago
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