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Michael Vick

Turns into

Bob the Builder

4/2/2009 3:41 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Michael VickEveryone is expecting Michael Vick to return to the football field after his incarceration, but he has other plans -- as in floorplans.

Vick's lawyer announced in Bankruptcy court today that the former QB has a construction job lined up after his prison release and Vick will work a regular 40 hour work week. Further details about wages or the duration of his new career were unavailable.

After being the highest paid player in the league, Vick was suspended indefinitely from the NFL after his 2007 indictment. The NFL Commissioner has said he will review Vick's status after he is released.

Who needs football when you can have drywall?

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"chakarakka--You post on every article on this site...GET A LIFE THEN GET A JOB. I also notice that you are always razzing someone's comments too. LOSER. "

lol... every article huh... actually only 3. and its the first time i've ever posted to this site. i don't need a job when i have a career running my own company. and just to be clear i only commented on 2 other peoples comments of the 3 comments i made. check your facts 'guy'

2007 days ago

Tired of Idiots    

It is just weird to me that people have this reaction to Michael Vick over some dogs when there are sports figures, entertainers and politicians who EASILY get away with brutalizing women. Warped value system in the US.

2007 days ago


So he served time big deal he's no victim. What he did was torture and there is no place in any profession dor someone like him. As far as I'm concerned and anyone else with half a brain he didn't magically come out of prison an ethical / compassionate person. This Ass*ole just won't do it again for fear of getting caught. You don't have to be a dog lover to get he's just simply a bad person. For Pete's sake he electrocuted & Force bred dogs!!! He's someone you'll see in hell for sure!

2007 days ago


Question to If I May....

I completely agree with you, but you mentioned families & Limbs lost for diamonds? I'm confused????

2007 days ago


To all you ignoramuses spewing nonsense about people being angry over this situation being just about dogs & people being more important than dogs blah blah blah. People are no better than animals think about it who committed this horrible crime? A PERSON. Who is capable of rape, molestation, violence, etc.... people. For being such supreme beings some of us sure are capable of some F***ed up things. As far as I'm concerned Anyone who can do anything to an innocent creature whether it be a child ,animal or anyone incapable of defending themselves should be put away forever. A NORMAL HUMAN BEING DOES NOT HAVE IT IN THEM TO DO WHAT VICK DID!!! . Point is be a humane person. This apply to everything. People cause their own demise.

2007 days ago



2007 days ago


The only way he will come close to righting the wrong he did is to volunteer for several hours a day in a humane society for about 10 years - under supervision of course. He just spent time in prison, he hasn't redeemed himself!

2007 days ago


What is wrong with you people who think "oh he paid hia dues, and what he did wasn't so bad" blah blah blah. I can only hope in your next lives you come back as one of those poor dogs, and suffer what they did. Personally, I don't think there's anything bad enough they can do to him, and I think all he got was a slap on the wrist. Burn in hell, Micheal Vick, Lady Karma's waiting for you, and she is PI**ED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

2007 days ago

Trey's pop    

This pricx needs to take his carpentry skills to some third world hell-hole like Darfur for a year or two building shelters and schools so maybe he could appreciate the riches that were thrown at him but even after that he would still be a souless bastard !

2007 days ago

joey - I love TMZ 'til ya piss me off!!!    

Is it just me or does this picture resemble Chris Rock?

2007 days ago


No way does this sikko deserve back in the NFL and I will fight it all the way. You do not change after truly torturing man's best friend. He then hung, electorcuted, and drowned the poor dogs for the sheer dislike of their perfornance - NO WAY VICK

2007 days ago


Mike Vick DESERVES and WILL GET a 2nd chance! Good luck to him! He is a good player and will be a welcomed addition to just about any team.

2007 days ago


Lynette, Lynette, Lynette, no VICK does not deserve the NFL and millions. He tortured and diabolically planned and executed helpless dogs by electrocution, hanging and drowning. Even his peers were said to have been stunned at the pleasure he derived from this torture. He is a deranged man and the only thing he is sorry about is getting caught. He can work in construction and make a nice living, but he does not need to be on our TV’s showing the nation it is alright to torture animals blab la bla LYNETTE!

2007 days ago

Roni in Downey    

Hopefully, he will nail himself in the head with a nail gun and be reunited with the dogs he tortured in the afterlife. I have no doubt they are waiting there to "greet" him. If he ever plays professional football again it will be a travesty.

2007 days ago


Sandy, Sandy, Sandy.... we shall see! LOL No one knows what the future holds.

Good luck # 7 ... there are millions who want to see you back in the NFL!

2007 days ago
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