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Michael Vick

Turns into

Bob the Builder

4/2/2009 3:41 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Michael VickEveryone is expecting Michael Vick to return to the football field after his incarceration, but he has other plans -- as in floorplans.

Vick's lawyer announced in Bankruptcy court today that the former QB has a construction job lined up after his prison release and Vick will work a regular 40 hour work week. Further details about wages or the duration of his new career were unavailable.

After being the highest paid player in the league, Vick was suspended indefinitely from the NFL after his 2007 indictment. The NFL Commissioner has said he will review Vick's status after he is released.

Who needs football when you can have drywall?

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He may have done his time, but is not over by a LONG shot.This man is mentally deranged! It is a well known fact that humans who mistreat animals in such a way that he did, has issues. He is a prime candidate for serious, long term mental health therapy. And IF he were to get help..he still does not deserve to play pro ball or ever own an animal of any kind again.
Vick Be Sick..and paybacks are a mutha!
Sic 'em boys!

1976 days ago


The public will NEVER forget what he did to those poor, poor animals. They should have killed him.

There are those who believe it's just a matter of time before some football league gives him a contract. I would hope that they know better.

1976 days ago


31. I wish people were as compassionate over Human Beings as they are animals. Yes, Vick made a terrible mistake that He is currently paying for. He's done more time then some murderers/sex offenders have done.
Vick played football in this area and I was priveleged to watch him play. He is talented and deserves a second chance just as any other person.
If you have more of a response for the horrible treatment of animals than you do for how human beings are treated then you need to be in jail or a mental hospital because that's insane...

Posted at 5:11PM on Apr 2nd 2009 by Kristen
He is responsible for the killing of many animals and the maiming and torturing of so many more. The animals can't fight back. On the other hand, most women in abusive relationships have the ability to leave. So you see, it's about choice. They can also file charges in a court that has stiffer laws for people who abuse. Animals don't enjoy that privilege.

I would rather live the rest of my life with a pack of dogs than to be near the likes of Michael Vick.

And no - I seriously doubt he's paid his dues.

1976 days ago

Lippy Loo    

Hey all you Ick supporters, you think because it is animal it is okay to torture and abuse them? Do you have any idea how smart dogs are? Dogs have saved lives and give comfort and love unconditionally.... humans do not!!!

1976 days ago


That SOB should burn in hell for what he did to these poor innocent creatures. An evil person like Vick should be robbed of all rights - he should "enjoy" that special treatment he gave his dogs - I would pay to see that!!!

1976 days ago

Lippy Loo    

People..... I am asking you on behalf of all the homeless, abandoned, and abused dogs, do not give this creep a second chance, he does not deserve it... he knew exactly what he was doing and he enjoyed it.

HE IS ONLY SORRY, BECAUSE HE GOT CAUGHT!!! Otherwise he would still be having illegal dog fights going on at his disgusting house and torturing and killing God's creatures.!


1976 days ago


"I would rather live the rest of my life with a pack of dogs than to be near the likes of Michael Vick. "by WhyDoIReadThisStuff? then please continue to do so, and leave the man alone. Also woman in abusive relationships ,can't always fight back. the comparison to Vick;'s crimes is ridiculous, but typical of you animal rights fanatics.

New Flash Dog Fanatics! Dogs are animals not humans.. It's time to move on!

1976 days ago


Vick is a MONSTER and shouldnt ever be allowed to play again.

1976 days ago


Ths man should be hung and tortued. I pray for nothing good in this lower than dirts life. I hope he looses everything that is immportant to him and I pray PETA get's a hold of him.

1976 days ago


come on man! please dont do vick like this mannnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn! reinstate him back into the NFL! Please comissionerrrrrr!!!!

1976 days ago

Adrian Mark    

6. As long as he stays out of the NFL and dog fighting, I would be happy to leave him alone.

Posted at 3:47PM on Apr 2nd 2009 by Mojo Celtica

Yeah, can agree with this. Vick's crime and conviction both have had some serious impacts on his life. Never know, he might eventually become an architect- creating the floor plans, than rather than following them.

1976 days ago


He should have to work in an animal shelter cleaning up poop and tending to dogs 8 hours a day. Despicable prick.

1976 days ago



1976 days ago


it would be one thing if his crimes were against someone who could speak for themselves, or fight back. HIs crimes were against dogs who wanted just love and attention - he turned them into fighters and treated them horribly. Thank goodness most of them could be saved. I don't think anyone should forget what he did - or forgive. He may have lost his money and NFL career, but I don't think that was enough.

1976 days ago


...............Vick did horrible moral crimes (animals).........Vick did terrible moral crimes ( family, women, children)........Vick did ethical crimes ( NFL, rules, organizations )........Vick did legal crimes ( banks, government, businesses, state and federal ).........Vick did ethical crimes ( society in general )....................Now, that being said, at what point do the Vick supporters begin to understand, realize, and comprehend, the enormity of all that has transpired?............The words legal, moral, ethical, have meaning, as relates to society...............Leave your personal thoughts, ( race, religion, color, societal differences, ) out...............Think what Vick did......How long did he do it?..........Was it a one time mistake?....or a ten year life choice?.......The range of prescribed time, by law, is: suspended sentence up to 5 years for animal cruelty alone.........The legal time as to contracts and businesses and taxes, vary.........Given this information, in your mind, what time punishment would seem correct to you?.................Is it becoming clear, Vick did not receive the time he could have?.............This might explain why 75% of the public, has no empathy for Vick....................Excluding Vick from the NFL is a way of completing the "necessary" punishment, as required by society's feeling of "right", "correctness", "completion",....... salvation for the dogs and society................Please write Roger Goodell........express your thoughts of Vick................

1976 days ago
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