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Balthazar Getty: Quality Time with Kids & Cops

4/4/2009 10:48 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Aiming for dad of the year, Balthazar Getty's "repair my family" tour just hit a speed bump -- he got pulled over by cops with his children in the car.

The actor was out with the fam (minus wife Rosetta) in Malibu yesterday when he was stopped for a traffic violation. First Sienna Miller, now this.

Good work pops.


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Is that Robin Williams in a cop outfit? I mean look at that guy----I had no idea open heart surgery had such a short recovery period.

Way to go Mork...glad to see you're out on the road punking people...this will make a great episode.

2036 days ago


WHAT?! NO Sl*tty Sienna Miller in the car with her shirt off, so she can show the children exactly what daddy is getting? Awww. LOL! I'm sorry, but I didn't read any of the remarks Keira made, but if she is defending that mega wh*re , then she obviously hasn't got any scruples. What is it with all these skanks sticking together? Is there some kind of union? Maybe the
Evil ...........Union? LOL! It's sad but his kids will undoubtedly be bribed and emotionally bullied into excepting this worthless sl*t in daddy's life. "What about my happiness?" is the favorite lament from every selfish puke on the planet. Never mind about little things like honor or integrity, I'm mean what's that stuff about? Sienna and Getty are a couple of pukes and I hope the kids at school are telling the kids what their daddy has been up to. Don't protect the kids from this garbage! Let them know that daddy is a selfish puke who broke their mother's heart with a selfish two-bit wh*re!!!! I hope everyone continues to boycott these pukes TV shows and movies and any product they endorse!!!!! Let them know in Hollywood and the entertainment business that we are fed up to our teeth with this crap and we are not going to tolerate it any further! Sure they can do whatever they want AND WE can do whatever WE want with OUR money!!!

2036 days ago


Thin lipped women like Keira always seem to have a nasty attitude.
Guess after a while they come to believe their own press releases.

Sienna otoh is just a silly whore.

2036 days ago


Sienna is a wh**e! And so is Keira! Shame on Getty for being so selfish! I hope someone clues his kids someday soon as to what a selfish loser their father is! He broke their mothers heart by CHEATING ON HER! Sienna is a homewrecker!! I hope he at the very least has enough common sense not to let his little sl*t anywhere near his children! Unless he wants his kids growing up to be a bunch of morally degenerate p*kes just like their father!

2036 days ago


Who needs class when you have money?

2036 days ago


LOL #20! Well said!

2036 days ago


so... who cares? im not getting it. is it really that much of an occasion to get pulled over with kids in the car?

2036 days ago

YA YA    


2036 days ago


I fail to understand why people are so hateful toward Kiera and Sienna. Are you possibly jealous of the fact that they are young, beautiful, talented and wealthy?

Getty is the person you should be going after. He is the one who spoke the mariatal vows, and fathered the children.

One would think him the cad here, not the "other woman." Who knows what he told her about his marriage? Perhaps he told her he was in the process of divorce, or that he and his wife were married "in name only;" or "it's best for the children."

Married men who cheat are a$$holes. Getty = a$$hole. Sienna = probably duped as much as the poor wife.

It's early - get out of the house, away from your computers, and embrace your life and your friends.

2036 days ago


Why oh why do people always justify SM role in this affair with the "not the married one" or "you are just jealous" excuses?

Here's the problem with the not the married one excuse, it is a DOUBLE STANDARD. It implies that women do not have to take responsibility for their actions when they participate in affairs and that women have the right to disrespect the marriages/relationships of other women. Contrary to what these SM defenders believe it was SM responsibility to walk away, say no, tell the married man to go home to his wife, and to not stage any photo-ops with the married man until a divorce was filed/granted. It is useless to complain that SM is victim of double standards, when one is advocating that only the man should take 100% blame for an affair and that SM should get a free pass. Two people were involved, so they are both EQUALLY responsible. Since BG was married, SM only option was to WALK AWAY. It doesn't matter what BG "may have told" SM because married is married and that doesn't change unless a court grants it. Now that she knows that BG has no intentions of filing for a divorce, there is no excuse for her to keep seeing the married man.

The problem with the jealous excuse is that it blame others for SM poor behavior and bad decisions. Not condoning SM antics with a married man has nothing to do with jealousy. Believe it or not many parents actually take the time to teach their sons/daughters respect, self-control, compassion, and responsibility. Why would anyone be jealous of a 27 yo adult woman who is so insecure that she has to compete with a mother and her 4 kids for a man, who at just the age of 27 yo looks worn out, old, and used up; who doesn't even have the decency to admit when she is wrong; who is so jealous of a mother and her 4 kids that she pops up in LA everytime the married man spends time with his family; whose personality is so void of substance that she has to take off her clothes/shell out cash or giftrs/ get the man drunk or hugh inorder to get his attention; and who is so desperate to keep herself relevant that she takes advantage of someone's sickness.

And btw, what about SM hypocrisy? She publicly threatened JL nanny for doing to her what she is now doing to RG. The major difference is that BG has enough sense to lay, shut up, and to not tip off the paps (except when dhe recently dinied out with his wife and playing " good daddy"). how can she whine about there being no sisterhood when she tried to justify her actions by playing the victim, spreading lies about RG, sugarcoating the affair, popping up in LA everytime the married man attempted to reconcile with his wife, tipping off the paps, and not laying low.

What baffles me the most are those posters that claim that they could care less, despite the fact that they are posting/reading on celeb message board just like everyone else. Posting messages telling others how "bad' they are for posting on a message board is questionable. Who does that? People who could care less wouldn't be on this message board in the first place.

2036 days ago


Sienna has been wearing the cross around her neck and Balthazar is out with kids. His wife's best friend Patricia Arquette bailed him out from his career slump by allowing him a spot in Medium, this happened after he was seen dining out with his wife.
Both Sienna's and his career nosedived because of their callous amoral behavior. Sienna was too unto her own happiness and decency never played in her role as an adulteress. Balthazar was "in lust" with this younger woman. But reality is Balthazar cannot afford divorcing his wife (think kids, career inheritance); hence, he towed the line and is behaving in public. Seems too good to be true. Sienna is in LA and she is not wearing the cross during her best supporting award from a no-name ceremony. Is she stalking Balthazar??

2036 days ago


I think it's a good thing that Balty is spending some time with his kids. He obviously cares for them and they for him.

I just regret that those pics of Balty and Mistress Miller having sexual liaisons out-of-doors will be on the net until the end of time. Not to many kids get to see a parent in that way. How do you explain that behavior to a child? Seems he wasn't thinking of his kids at that point in time. Perhaps his kids don't know about it now, but eventually, there will be other kids only to delighted to let them know! That is a shame.

2035 days ago


Every time Getty is either dining with his wife and spending time with his children ( And it is always his two eldest hardly ever the 2 youngest) he is always on the phone, most likely talking with Miller. So lets not be taken in by his father and son time, this is all about damage control. Miller will be somewhere holed up in a hotel or apartment.

2035 days ago
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