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Jenny McCarthy Goes Down with Jim Carrey

4/4/2009 12:19 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

No one ever accused Jenny McCarthy of being smooth, but damn can she make an exit!

Jim Carrey: Click to watch!
Jim Carrey called it when Jenny fell leaving Katsuya in Hollywood last night, saying: "This is gonna be everywhere tomorrow."

You're welcome, Jim.


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"I respect her (and Him) for what she has done for autism awareness. "

She hasn't done anything all that benefical about it, actually. In fact, she's promoted several sterotypes, most notably the vaccine myth, that can actually hamper any awareness. I don't think that she means to do any harm (and I'm sure she thinks she's right), but she obviously hasn't done her research,

1997 days ago


Ha ha ha. But they're a fun couple anyway, so that makes them more adorable. Jim, you're really classy guy for helping out your girl and not laughing and running away like a wimp.

1997 days ago


Goldigger Jenny played Jim just right and now she's a millionaire many times over.

1997 days ago


Happens to everyone now and then. Love Jenny McCarthy.

1997 days ago


Saw this pair on Larry King.
oh man, Jim must be desperate! That overbleached ratted up hair! That heavy clown-like make-up! ICK!

Jim could have done better but now is financially so into Jenny he probably would be embarrassed to admit it. It won't easy unloading Jenny. Dumb Jim, when will you learn you can't buy love? Idiot. She's took you big time.

1997 days ago


He looked really concerned & like he reaLLY CARES FOR jENNY

1997 days ago


If Jim and Jenny broke up tomorrow by Monday her cause would be the last thing on his mind.
And Jenny wouldn't care because she conned him out of millions.

1997 days ago


i think jim carey is gay and this relationship will end like the others. he has so many issues because he doesn't want to be gay.

1997 days ago

Kooky Fan    

Must be kinda hard to walk in all the strobe light.

1997 days ago


14. She makes me sick..If she wants to be a mom she needs to cover up her chest etc...Act like a real Mom, respectable, MORAL, marry jim c..They make me sick

Posted at 2:37PM on Apr 4th 2009 by Andrea
Wow,how judgmental you are! Just because Jenny is first a woman and then a mother,she can't wear a top showing a glimpse of cleavage? I'm a mother,and just because you may not have breasts,doesn't mean the rest of us mothers dont. I love my boobs too! As I often tell my daughter,I'm ME first,then your mother.Jenny is Jenny first and foremost.Dont like it,lump it! Seems like she and Jim are very caring and loving parents.It's NONE of your business if she chooses to marry Jim or not-that's between those two alone. If they make you so sick,dont read about them,and certainly keep your opinions to yourself.I'm going out on a limb here and betting you are so moral. Most 'moral' people I know are HYPOCRITES.Oh perfecct one! Worry about your own soul and leave the judgemnt to GOD!

1997 days ago

Gospel Elvis    

Well said Cathy. I agree 100% with you dear. God Bless you and your family.

1996 days ago


#7 - you are so funny! I hate van de kamps. Cute kid - but give her another commercial!!!! No more Van de Kamps please!

1996 days ago


Blobbity blobbity blah
Let's give our culture HUZZAH!
Emptiness nothing and this
From Carey to Leno to KISS
From homies who just love to diss
For our whole gosh darn stupid culture

1996 days ago

MJ RIP    

Jenny Mc Carthy has a body count. Why do we hold these know nothings up to any sort of admiration?

she makes me sick.

1995 days ago

sloppy seconds    

I love them as a couple. They are great together

1995 days ago
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