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Michelle Obama -- Fashion Diva or Disaster?

4/4/2009 1:29 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Sweatergate 2009! Michelle Obama wore a sweater when she met with Queen Elizabeth II this week, and her wardrobe choice has kicked up major drama in the fashion world.


The First Lady often wears affordable American brand clothes to events, and apparently Oscar de la Renta isn't happy about it. He told Women's Wear Daily, "You don't...go to Buckingham Palace in a sweater."

But in this economy, if the First Lady wears clothes most Americans can afford -- isn't that a good thing?


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SSSSSSSSSShe is backkkkkkkk ------- Retard Keisha

1991 days ago


Thansk for the update on the Republicians class act - the Palins.

1991 days ago


I think the US is desperate for a second JFK. This guy and his wife are not the Kennedy's. Who does Michelle think she is putting her arm around the Queen?

1991 days ago


The little pink dress does look casual. And, black and white attire looks more formal than a pink cotton dress.

1991 days ago


And, the Kennedy's administration was during the 60s. This is the 21st century, a new era. Obviously, you are one of many who is at an impasse.

1991 days ago

Pres and Michelle Rock!    

It's amazing the number of racists that are online today. What was classy about Laura Bush, who almost always looked dazed and confused? She was not capable of carrying herself on the world stage in the way in which Mrs. Obama has, and with such grace, sophistication and class. She looks beautiful! It's obvious that the majority of the haters on this site are uneducated, ignorant and jealous that we finally have a beautiful, intelligent and Ivy League educated First Lady who can carry her own; probably the most educated First Lady that this country has ever had. The real "trash" is the "trash" that made the comment about Mrs. Obama being "trashy". It takes class to know class and I am truly proud of our President and First Lady and from the sound of many of these comments, instead of working on World Peace as President and Mrs. Obama are doing in Europe, they need to desperately work on it here in America because there are some sad and pitiful people right here in this country.

1991 days ago


With OBAMA for President, the US (like country) seems more arrogant!This lack of taste for the closes shows no respect for one allied ruller!Probably, that's why their husband went to Europe, dictate new rules, and almost got kicked out the reunion... The Americans have made a very bad choice...

1991 days ago


407. She looks like she belongs on a bottle of pancake syrup - You have posted that already. What you only have one thought a day.

1991 days ago


For those who are so stuck on impressing the queen and have stated MO is no Diana. Let's not forget this is the same queen who dissed her grandchildren's mother after her death. Many were waiting on the queen to make an appearance but only did so after much public criticism. The queen "royalty" and "class" was much displayed Diana's death.

1991 days ago

Sue Wong    

Michelle looks classy. One can tell the Queen likes her. Those with idiotic comments only reinforce the stereotype of the stupid, backward, racist and ugly American. At least she's not grossly overweight like most of you who haven't been to a plastic surgeon. Typical stupid Americans. blah blah blah......................................................................................................

1991 days ago


Most Americans can't afford a $295.00 sweater and the $150.00 skirt. That casual and totally inapproriate outfit that Michelle wore is not within the grasp of the average American woman. I earn slightly over a 100K a year and I think twice before I spend that much money on clothes. There are far more important things to do with money like pay the mortgage, the car insurance, other insurance, save, and invest. And of course give generously to charity and my church. It's time the press owes up to the fact that the Obama's are elitist who have lived a lifestyle far beyond the American peoples grasp. J. Crew is not where the normal American shops..try Walmart or when there is a really good sale Macy's or Nordstroms or Dillards.

As to her fashion sense...she needs a stylist...someone who can help her dress her body properly.

1991 days ago


385- Well. Your deductive capabilities are truly astounding. Typical.

1991 days ago


Sounds like someone who is arrogant enough to believe his/her opinion is the standard for everyone. Obviously, this person has not notice there are many for and against MO attire. She probably does have a fashion stylist, one that you don't approve of but many others do. Get over it. She, like you and others, have there own style.

1991 days ago


Do you have any idea how cold that palace is? I'd be wearing a coat OVER a sweater!

1991 days ago


375. The president and First Lady are Black, white people please get over it you have almost four years to deal with it.

Posted at 3:05PM on Apr 5th 2009 by inmybag

Another idiot trying to inject race into opinions on MO's choice of clothes. Yes, you are an idiot if you can't contribute something relevant to the conversation besides this. IF you had proof that it was "white people" who were negative and only because they are white, that would be one thing. But you have no way of that, so you are an idiot trying to start a race thing. You need to get over it!!!!!!!!!!! Either way I feel sorry for your pathetic self whatever your race for your comments. You are to be pitied for your ignorance.

1991 days ago
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