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Michelle Obama -- Fashion Diva or Disaster?

4/4/2009 1:29 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Sweatergate 2009! Michelle Obama wore a sweater when she met with Queen Elizabeth II this week, and her wardrobe choice has kicked up major drama in the fashion world.


The First Lady often wears affordable American brand clothes to events, and apparently Oscar de la Renta isn't happy about it. He told Women's Wear Daily, "You don't...go to Buckingham Palace in a sweater."

But in this economy, if the First Lady wears clothes most Americans can afford -- isn't that a good thing?


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WTH? No one understand what the hell GZ is attempting to saying. Obviously, you have some type of impairment.

2026 days ago


MO's fashion sense is, more often than not, a trainwreck. Her inspiration seems to be somewhere between a jitney bus in the Philippines and a circus clown. Did you see that huge bow on her blouse she wore in Prague? There must have been two yards of fabric in that bow tie. Garish doesn't look good on anyone over 14, and while we are at it, neither do ballerina skirts with netting underneath and little tight shorty sweaters. Her outfits usually make her physical attributes that are great disappear, and the physical attributes that aren't so great stand out like a neon sign. There are many good American designers who could dress her in clothing appropriate to a First Lady but also with some edge. Michael Kors immediately comes to mind. When she wears classic lines without assessories that cheapen the look, she is powerfully stunning. But I do hope she gets beyond dressing like an 18-year-old bank teller and starts dressing more like a 40-something First Lady.

2026 days ago



I am with you on that one. Anyone can reasonally conclude which culture is making the negative comments. Obviously you stepped on big foot bunions.

2026 days ago


Slow night.. Nicole is making comments between tricks. Get off the pole (no pun intended), and get a job with benefits. Sigh.........and old dog like you probably see tricks as benefits.

2026 days ago


MO is MUCH TOO FAT to be a "style icon" because high fashion doesn't come in size 16! Look at the picture of her getting off the plane in that too-tight pink dress--what's up with that GUT? She looks about 6 month pregnant and those breeder hips, saddlebag thighs and gigantic booty are not what I'd call "style icon" unless she's shilling for Jenny Craig or Weight Watchers and this is her "Before" picture. She needs to drop about 50-60 pounds from her 200 pound plus frame before she's even close to ready for high fashion.

2026 days ago


it doesn't matter WHAT Michelle had on or does wear, she will NOT please anyone. You Go Michelle.

2026 days ago

He's just another Idiot    

I am so sick of the Obamas and I voted for them. Big mistake. Obama struts around like a Dictator. He can't give a speech without his speech writer and teleprompter. He doesn't have a clue how to be President. Michelle will never have the class and grace of Laura Bush. I think her clothes are awful for the First Lady. Even old pant suit Hilary looks better than M.O. Over 60 million people did NOT vote for Obama (wish I hadn't) and I hope we are not doomed. I don't trust Obama or his advisors. America is in worst shape than we were before the election. Wonder if the Media will ever figure out what Phoneys the Obamas are ??

2026 days ago


You're not suppose to wear black when you meet the queen, or any member of the royal family. Black is reserved for funerals.

2026 days ago


The Queen is just a person! Yes, to be respected, BUT I think Michelle Obama looked more than fine. Why is there so much fuss over what people wear or do or say in front of the queen!?!? Get over it English people!

2026 days ago

He's just another Idiot    

My Horse is better looking than Michelle. What's wrong with her bottom teeth? They make her bottom lip stick out. Unless you are blind, this is not an attractive couple. He is the biggest Egotist in the world . They both are really conceited people.

2026 days ago


I think that she looks great. and very fit. The Obamas look fantastic compaired to the Brits who look very small and sickly standing beside them.

2026 days ago

He's just another Idiot    

You would think in a Country of 300 million people we would have had a better choice of President than an old man and a guy whose experience was handing out food stamps. We goofed! We should have voted for the old man. Obama took 500 people with him on his European tour. Think what that costs us taxpayers. He is spending our money like no other President ever! Hope we all survive. We don't have to worry about foreign enemies - we have one right here at home.

2026 days ago


lordy. the woman has the body of a linebacker; put her back in the cottonfields.

2026 days ago


Mrs Obama does not have social skills. When asked if she takes tea she replied, "I will" in a condescending tone.
She probably did not mean that tone, she was just uncomfortable.
Overall, they are a sad couple: out of their league, living in a noncritical world, believing they are cutting edge.
Sad, just sad.

2026 days ago

He's just another Idiot    

Every time I turn on TV there is Obama preening before the camera. What a Narcessist . He acts like he is a King or Dictator rather than a President. Both Obamas may have Ivy League educations (due to Affirmative Action) but that doesn't give them Dignity and Class. Funny how white people are mostly on his staff. His white campaign manager (who really won the election) has an office just steps away from Obama. I heard that he has hired mostly black women to work in the White House and Capitol, though. Instead of flying around the Country making speeches his speech writer writes, he should stay in Washington and keep his mouth shut. When he opens his mouth dictating what people and companies should do, it's like we are losing our freedom. He is a Socialist. When we learned about his old Minister and his hatefulness, we should have NEVER elected Obama. We want Less Government, NOT More Government, Mister Obama.

2026 days ago
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