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Michelle Obama -- Fashion Diva or Disaster?

4/4/2009 1:29 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Sweatergate 2009! Michelle Obama wore a sweater when she met with Queen Elizabeth II this week, and her wardrobe choice has kicked up major drama in the fashion world.


The First Lady often wears affordable American brand clothes to events, and apparently Oscar de la Renta isn't happy about it. He told Women's Wear Daily, "You don't...go to Buckingham Palace in a sweater."

But in this economy, if the First Lady wears clothes most Americans can afford -- isn't that a good thing?


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This is to #4
I'm not sure you would even recognise class. It's bad enough when people say the word 'anyway' and drawl it out but to actually type it with an 's' is extremely sad and tells alot about you.
Michelle looked fine. Both she and Barack are intelligent. That's what the world needs now. We've already had stupid for far too long.
What would you have given the Queen in this recession?

1998 days ago


Obama drives in the biggest limo (for a US Pres.)...

flies in the largest helicopter (for a US Pres.)...

and his wife wears a nannies outfit.

His wife also...

shouldn't have touched Queenie.

Not done.

1998 days ago


The only thing I see wrong with her is that she should've given a genuine smile instead of that pursed closed lipped smile. She's got excitement written all over her.

1998 days ago


She is pretty, but what is up with that eyebrow?? Botox? It freaks me out.

1998 days ago


anyone who says she's pretty is just wrong!

1998 days ago


Oscar De La Renta just pissed caused no one is buying his clothes -
I think she looks great!!! - And showing people they don't have to
spend they whole paycheck (if they have one) on clothes!!
YOU GO GIRL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
By the way I didn't vote for them - But now I think he is doing
a great job with what he has to work with!!!!!!!!
Grown up people - it's not all about "YOU" anymore - It needs to be
about "US"!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

1998 days ago


She's absolutely beautiful! She reminds me of my mom. i don't have a dad , but if I did I'd want him to be like president obama.

well, as long as he LEGALIZES!!!!!!!!!

floon the party god is in me.

uh...not sexually.

1998 days ago


The Queen of England owns the USA.

1998 days ago


Mrs. President should wear clothes that the "average american" can afford, and with the US economy in the crapper, forget all the designer togs and be american, WEAR AMERICAN

1998 days ago


OH SHUT UP!!! they are people like you and I. I think she is beautiful. If it were some of you people you'd look even more ridiculous. They are not trying to be movie stars. Some of you people need a life and a personality.

1998 days ago


One poster wrote, "You don't wear sweater to meet the queen." Who the hell is the queen? No disrespect intended. Obviously, someone has brought into the notion that the queen is deity perhaps. She is no more important that the Obamas are. Furthermore, I doubt if the poster have even met Queen Latifyah and knows little about fashion protocol.

1998 days ago


that is a great moment. All you rednecks dissing them need to look for work. I heard the GM plant closed.

1998 days ago

Allred Tree    

Well I guess she still thinks America is a "mean country" and the bossy witch told Obama to say all the disparaging words about the USA that he did! How dare these ingrates destroy our country and endanger us with their words and criminal associates.

1998 days ago


Her choice of wardrobe was very appropriate given the economic mess we're in. Sorry, Oscar de la Poopypants, but right now this country doesn't want to see another public figure wasting money on couture.

1998 days ago

Sue Wong    

She looks beautiful, the type of gal you'd take home to mama . She's very down to earth. All the over priced clothing that designers want her to parade in are overrated. Only about 5% of the population can afford them anyway. Get back to basics I say. That's why the world economy's in such poor shape.They all look good.

1998 days ago
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