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Aaron Rodgers -- NFL on Fox

4/5/2009 1:40 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Green Bay Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers chatted up a blonde lady friend at Body English in Las Vegas last night.

Aaron Rodgers
QBs in the west coast offense are known for targeting the tight ends.

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Larry, no Im not, just having some fun while watching the Shell Open here. Not lonely, no contempt, just pointing out that most women will fiznuck any guy who has a touch of fame or money. And, I just have to, have to be a smart ass when someone tries to point out a spelling error, as if that negates a solid four year education. And, that they are somehow smarter than me becuz they found a pointless spelling error I made while typing and watching tv. Dorks.

1996 days ago


aaron rodgers is a STUD. hahaha

1996 days ago


The need for people like CHRIS, whom have to brag about superficial things. Such as his salary, or how many chicks he banged. To a bunch of strangers online.. Stems from insecurity in himself.. I for one don't believe him.. He is probably a pimply teenager, with no experience with women.. I wants to live some fantasy online.. It's ok to dream Chris.. But try to make it more realistic. And don't try to impress strangers.. What really do you get out of it?

1996 days ago


whats up with the hooker u that hard up.

1996 days ago


#41, I don't get anything out of it. If you read my original post it was about how women will fiznuck anybody with even the slightest hint of fame or money. I got lucky and won some money and I live in a fairly big city, and went from being just a dude with a little more money than average, to all of a sudden, gettin a lot more attention from hoochies in bars, etc. Just becuz people knew I had won it...ie, a tiny bit of notoriety. So, yeah I took advantage and bedded a bunch of them. And, fyi, I don't think when I say I make 90k, that's not really that significant. Not braggin about it.
So for you morons. My point is...won some money, people found out, girls suddenly liked me a lot more. My responses with a lil tude in them were becuz some jerk off pointed out a little spelling error and another tried to diss me saying I blew all the money away, which wasn't a lot to begin with.

1996 days ago


I heard he was gay too.

1996 days ago

Frank Rizzo    

Rodgers is certainly not gay.
I've seen him chase and get some hotties, but believe it or not: He's a proud Christian. Yes, Believe it or not, there are some of us who still believe in God and actually try to live our lives as we believe God intends. Banging every chick possible is not that way. Being gay, that's certainly not the way.
Kurt Warner, Reggie White, Masters Champion Zach Johnson, Orlando Magic Superman Dwight Howard, Barry Sanders was called gay by many because he was trying to stay celebate until marriage.......some of us still are proud to follow the path Jesus set for us.

The atheist nation, the atheist USA media doesn't deter us.

1996 days ago


This is so disappointing, come on Aaron you could do better than that, here we go another Michael Phelps ending.

1996 days ago


#34 (GB is in the Midwest)- Dude, you're retarded! Where did we say or imply that Green Bay is on the west coast!!?? Learn how to read!

How many times do you want to make a fool out of yourself on one TMZ post? I figured once was enough. Come back when you learn some common sense. This site is too advanced for idiots like yourself.

1996 days ago

the end of the day    

OK, thanks alot for all the put downs...I am a hostess for BODY ENGLISH and when I was speaking to this guy, he was nothing but a gentleman and polite. My attire is that of an "Event Hostess" and is a uniform not a mini. It is actually a pleated pair of SHORTS, most girls know them or it as a skort. I am a hard-working college student and working my way though school the honest way. A picture may say a 1,000 words, but so do actions and this picture is totally APPROPRIATE. Good day..and good life to you all.

1996 days ago

who dat    

Kareena Dansk, if that is you in the picture, you don't need to defend your actions. Alot of the people who visit this site are unhappy with their lives. So they come on here to entertain themselves by posting nasty things.

1996 days ago


A few posters said they heard Aaron was gay. Funny because I heard frequent poster CHRIS was gay. While he's watching the Shell Houston Open and replying to every message about him and his poor spelling he still manages to spell 'because' incorrectly. Tsk, tsk. As for Aaron Rodgers, don't lean too hard into that throwing shoulder, fella.

1996 days ago


This is too funny.

Poor Chris just gives his two cents & some " typical" azzhead needs to rip on him. WTF? LOL WTF IS THE POINT TO THAT?

I'm thinking maybe this azzhead is kinda jealous?

And poor TMZ staff has to defend themselves.. not ONCE but TWICE to this idiot who has NO comprehension skills what SO frikken ever lol

OK, and the main topic here.. Aaron.. I mean have you seen this guy up close? He looks like a 40 yr old wife beatin, drunk. Seriously. Looks rough as all hell. Does not shock me he'd be talking to some flat assed, deformed looking hooker like female at all. Sweetheart, really you look very not normal lol Working your way through college... lmao LOVE, love, love that one! It never gets old, then again these hookers won't allow it to ever get old, they're constantly screaming it.

Anyways, Aaron is the absolute worst QB ever! Biggest mistake GB ever made..............................I CAN SAY THIS I LIVE HERE!
So piss off to the ones who wanna argue it. Look at the record and his stats.... then come b!tch to me about it.

1996 days ago


Man, she's got long socks!

1996 days ago


Ooops, here we go again - a blonde, must be a skank!

1995 days ago
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