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Farrah Fawcett's Son Arrested on Jail Grounds

4/5/2009 1:42 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Farrah Fawcetts sonWhile Farrah Fawcett is reportedly fighting for her life -- her 24-year-old son is now fighting two brand new drug charges.

Redmond O'Neal was arrested around 9:30 this morning in Castaic, California -- and here's the rub, he was on jail grounds at the time of his arrest.

According to cops, Redmond had just dropped off two friends at a detention center to visit a jailed buddy, when an officer stopped his car to perform a routine security check in the jail parking lot.

Authorities say when the cop came over to the car, Redmond informed the officer that he was in possession of narcotics.

Redmond was immediately searched and then arrested for possession of a controlled substance and bringing narcotics into a secured jail facility. We're told one of the substances was heroin.

Redmond is still behind bars -- his bail has been set at $25k.


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Hey #13 - toofastforyou, you are very strange. I've seen your name on TMZ boards before and you really should GET A LIFE!

1973 days ago

Sharon Mc    

This is obviously a family in deep trouble. And it isn't new trouble. It has gone on for a very long time. The truly sad part is that he may not have a chance to say goodbye to his mother.

1973 days ago


What an Ass.........his poor mother is on her deathbed and he is out with his friends "using" AGAIN!!
Why is he not by her side.........praying for her life, and asking for foregiveness for being such a terrible son!!
Pull your head out of your ASS!

1973 days ago


The whole family is Nuts, They all do drugs including Farrah, until she got sick. How do you think all of Ryans kids got enough money for supplies???? Both Redmond and Ryan were recently arrested for having drugs. No pity for these losers. If you remember Tatum lost her kids because of drugs. You would think Farrah would have been smarter with her own son

1973 days ago

Lippy Loo    

The poor thing, no wonder he does drugs.... look at him. His parents are famous and good looking, and all he got was a long face and a firecrotch.

1973 days ago


let him sit his ass in jail. his mother is dying and he is out with other losers getting high. some love of parents he feels. worthless bastard. let him sit in jail if he didnt care to be with his mother on her death bed let him sit there till after the funeral. but he will sure be ok when it comes time to try to get her estate.

1973 days ago


This kid sure got the worst of both parents--he looks like ill-bred trailer trash and behaves like it too. A couple of years in prison might be just the thing to straighten him out--it did the trick for Robert Downey Jr! It's a shame about Farrah being so ill--she's always been so beautiful and to die painfully is not a fate anyone deserves.

1973 days ago


On one of the cable shows today it was mentioned both Ryan and Redmond were booked into jail... What a sad thing to happen while Farrah is on her death bed, but is anyone really surprised? Redmond is clearly an addict, and seemingly has a death wish...He has been in rehab numerous times, but it hasn't helped him... There's a lot of blame going on here, but I hope we don't lose focus of Farrah, and her struggle with cancer..She wasn't the best actress, but she had a charismatic personality that endeared her to so many...My thoughts and prayers are with her...and Redmond... He is suffering too, in ways none of us understand...

1973 days ago


# 4---- you are a real sick a$$. God Bless his mother and watch over her. I hope she has no knowledge of this shi$$y behavior by her spoiled and immature son!!

1973 days ago


This boy obviously has a major problem... Pray for him and his mom.....

1973 days ago


This kid is a sad excuse of a human being. Unfortunately, his mother will die alone and he will have to live with that regret for the rest of his life and since he is already a weak soul it's safe to say he will spriral deeper into drugs and end up overdosing. A tragic story on every front. Simply heartbreaking!

1973 days ago


It is so sad that Ryan has corrupted all his kids with drugs. Can anyone feel for the son, when his dad does drugs with him? It is the dad's fault and now the son probably doesn't have a prayer of a chance. Too bad that this son was Farrah's only child, maybe she pampered him too much as he was the only one. I feel sorry for the whole family, they are so dysfunctional.

1973 days ago


It is amazing to me how people always want to make a saint out of a dying person. While I sympathize with Farrah's plight, and do not believe she deserves to suffer, lest we forget that she is this monster's mother and as such, bears some responsibility for how he was raised..
Besides, I don't think she was so squeaky clean when it came to drug use......Didn't anyone see her infamous incoherent David Letterman appearance??

Just sayin!!!

1973 days ago


So sad. He looks like an old man.

1973 days ago


This kid isn't any worse than any other drug addict. Robert Downey Jr. was a bigger addict than him. People didn't give up on Robert, hopefully they won't give up on this young man either. Doesn't matter that he's not 'famous' or talented like Downey is, he deserves to be helped. You don't control the drug, the drug controls YOU. It's kind of easy for someone NOT addicted to say just stop taking drugs.

1973 days ago
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