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Lindsay Lohan -- Rough Night

4/5/2009 10:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

One night after reportedly being barred from a party by her own GF Samantha Ronson, Lindsay Lohan returned to the Chateau Marmont last night looking like she's taking it all in stride.


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Ryoichi Morita    

Doesn't she have anything better to do than partying? Her life is just wasting away.

2005 days ago

Karen Ann    

You DON'T know! She might of gotten news that someone close to her was killed!

2005 days ago


Lindsay Lohan is just a skanky ho bag.

Nice fire crotch.

2005 days ago


To #14 caren, I don't think it is so much a matter of people being mean to Ms. Lohan. Sadly we are now seeing another former child star, pushed by a parent into a ruthless business where drugs and alcohol are prevelant. She has had a good career although I am not a fan of her movies etc. Since becoming legally an adult she has thrown cution to the fates and the control of seriously troubled adults. Is it any wonder she is not troubled? The sad thing is she just doesn't realize that she cannot have a serious career while being a serious addict. No she has not hurt anyone yet but herself...but tell me, what will you say when she finally does hurt or kill someone because of her lifestyle? And caren if she continues on like this she will either cause the death of someone else or herself...simple and true. When you play in the fast lane like she is eventually someone will pay the price...that is the cruel truth. Unfortunately like Ms. Plato, Ms. Lohan has had no one who truly cares about her take her in hand and help her. I sure don't wish anything bad on would be a crying shame to see her lose everything, including her life. But that is where she is headed and if she would stop and really take a hard look at herself and all the pictures of her messed up she might have some hope. But it would also mean turning her back on all friends, relationships etc. But that is a small price to pay if you want to save yourself and the lives of others. I know...I have been there. Proud to say comletely sober and drug free for over 25 years now. And those I was with all those years ago I do not miss. What I do miss is all the years I wasted drinking and doing drugs......a huge waste but I thank God every day I never hurt anyone by my own selfish stupidity. Caren, I think this is what people are trying to get across. Ms. Lohan is seriously hurting more than herself.

2005 days ago


Dana Plato all over again

2005 days ago


Where is her mother, where is her father? Where is her sponsor? Gosh, how many chances do you need before you hit rock bottom for the 4th , 5th, time?

Advice? MOVE out of California, detox quietly... and get a real job, where you have to be accountable from 8 to 5. Drinking/drugging is a choice... you have an opportunity to turn this around... Get a dog, get two dogs, love something and learn something!

2005 days ago


She always looks like she had so much fun...

2005 days ago

nelly forbush    

She's done, finished, kaput, through! No comeback, no second chance. This is Hollywood, you get one shot if you're the one in a million who's lucky enough. You blow it and most producers, directors and movies studios don't want anything to do with you. There's too many other talented people out there waiting in the wings for you to screw up. Lindsay along with that trash pile she calls a mother burned all their bridges a long time ago. Remember when that one Hollywood big shot publicly chastised Lindsay? What does Dina do? She fires off a statement claiming her poor baby is being picked on. Big Mistake. That should of been a wake up call, instead her mother just further enabled her bad behavior and pissed off a future employer at the same time. Real smart. Like I said. Stick a fork in her, she's done!

2005 days ago


#6 John - You're dead on! I agree 100%
#19 Rosie - You too are correct. Congrats for 25 years of clean living!

Reading about LL makes me happy with the choices I made when my daughter, now 20, was 5 and she was offered multiple modeling contracts and I turned them down to give her a normal life. Now she's a drug free, well-grounded adult.

Lindsay - ditch everyone around you, including your family. Get clean & get intensive therapy. Stop spending money on clothes and crap, and dedicate time to getting to truly know yourself and grow up. You're throwing your talent away. Come hide in Johnson County KS, a wonderful place with a lot to do and no paparazzi

2005 days ago


i honestly feel sorry for her. she will become another statistic of alcohol/drug related deaths in hollywood.
she needs help desperately, but unless she herself realizes this, it won't be long til we read about her death.

2005 days ago


No pity. 'nuff said!

2005 days ago

The Dude    

Run Lilo, run to the british and the waiting arms of Lily Allen! Let the british have you for a couple years. that will be fine with us!

2005 days ago


better yet, I hope she dies if she stays the course she's on. Worthless, talentless, skanky-ass, cracked-out anorexic firecrotch ho

2005 days ago


It is too bad nobody cares about this girl. She just might be dead soon. SAD!

2005 days ago


"What we have here is a failure to communicate."

2005 days ago
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