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Lindsay Lohan -- Rough Night

4/5/2009 10:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

One night after reportedly being barred from a party by her own GF Samantha Ronson, Lindsay Lohan returned to the Chateau Marmont last night looking like she's taking it all in stride.


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Stop making excuses for this whore.
If anyone else acted like her you'd be all over their case.

2030 days ago


Will Dinah please stop posting here and stop making excuses for her vegetable of a loser daughter.
Stupid American trash mother of the year.

2030 days ago


Methinks all her money went, umh, up in smoke ?

2030 days ago


Lindsey is a spoiled BRAT!! Good for Sam locking her out, good she is putting out the garbage. She can do so much better.

2030 days ago

Old School    

Too bad that lindsay doesn't have anyone to care for her, her mother only wanted to ride on her stardom and did not really care it seems to raise a daughter.

2030 days ago

Knock It Off    

Lindsay and Sam need to video one of their drawn out nuclear fights and sell it to the public. Those two would make a lot of money off of that event. Call it Nuclear Cat Fight

2030 days ago


you know thats what i dont get. why would anyone date a girl who looks like a guy? does that mean she still likes guys but cant find anyone who looks like sam? you know what i mean?

2030 days ago


The thing is, Lindsay has this obsession with being Marilyn Monroe, as do many young Hollywood starlets. Monroe is the ultimate tragic figure: glamourous, sexy, and troubled. But the reality is, there was nothing glamourous about the way Monroe lived her life. She came from a sexually abused background, surrounded herself with leaches who fed off her fame and used her, and was falling apart at the seams in a very public way at the end of her life.

And her death is perhaps one of the most pathetically sad in Hollywood history. The only thing is, Lindsay Lohan is NOT Marilyn Monroe.

If she burns out now she will be remembered only as a Hollywood trainwreck. She will not be idolized and adored like Monroe, and she will not be respected and revered like Heath Ledger. She has neither the professional respect, nor popularity of those two. She'll burn out, and will be barely a footnote in the history of Hollywood. That's hardly glamourous.

2030 days ago


To #61 Sarah, the thing is, it is a choice to drink and do drugs. i understand there are addicitive personalities out there but it is no excuse for the choices you make with you life that destroy yourself and everyone around you. I know I have been there. Plenty of abused folks out there and we only had Marilyn Monroe's word for that. She had countless people trying to help her but she continued on until it was too late. Heath Ledger threw it all away for drugs too. I do feel sorry for anyone who makes that choice but as someone who has and finally smartened up before I killed someone else much less myself, I cannot say that Monroe or Ledger are revered or respected. Neither is anyone famous who chose self destruction...they are someone to be pitied if anything. By the way Gomer, thanks!! If I can recover anyone can! My only regrets are the years i wasted. I hope Ms. Lohan finally figures it out that being a celebrity does not make you better than anyone else or gives you the right to act the fool. It is nothing but a career and sadl most do not see being an actor, singer or dancer as it is...a career, a job and nothing else. Sadly Ms. Lohan was thrown into the life as a child...not her choice but her mother's. Like pretty well every kid who has ever become famous. It is also sad that so many people wish her dead...uncalled for. But the best thing she can do for herself is leave it all, so called friends and find herself before she joins the rest of the infamous who died for a bottle or some drugs.

2030 days ago

Hugh Jass    

I think this lipstick lezzie is just licked after her fight with Sam.
Sam changed the locks on her door.

2030 days ago



2030 days ago


#39, 39, 39 - WHAT????

2030 days ago


i blame her and her mother for this. her mother is useless. how old is linday? she looks over 30 yrs old and when was the last time she took a shower. she needs to change her lifestyle, change her hairstyle maybe shorter hair i dont like to see redhair anymore it looks DIRTY ewwwwwwwww and smelly

2030 days ago

Illinois person    

She's one miserable slob. She is one of Hollywood's biggest misfits. Hollywood has turned their back on her, so have men and now women. What's left, animals? Serves her right for always running towards the cameras saying "look at me, look at me I'm LiLo the Hiho! Go get a 2 for deal rehab deal with Redmond O'Neal! Looser!!!!!!!!!!!!

2030 days ago


This "woman" (and I use the term loosely, just like her) will never get her act together until she gets out of this "Denial mode" she perpetually lives in. How can you tell if an addict is lying - by his/her lips moving. Lindsay - wake the f*** up.... or YOU WILL BE A F***UP!!!!! I don't like calling any one a "lost cause" - but this person, who ironically has had EVERY DAMN OPPORTUNITY IN LIFE handed to her on a silver platter - continues to engage in spoiled, self-absorbed and aberrant behavior. And that's not enough - she then LIES ABOUT IT!!!! Excuse me, Lindsey - stop insulting our intelligence!!!
I couldn't care less if she continues to circle the drain - but I have a REAL PROBLEM worrying about who she may end up taking down with her.

2030 days ago
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