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TV Choreographer Accused of Multiple Rapes

4/5/2009 1:15 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Alex Da SilvaAlex Da Silva, one of the choreographers from "So You Think You Can Dance," was arrested on Saturday for alleged sexual assaults on four of his dancing students.

Police say Da Silva lured the victims to his homes in North Hollywood and Van Nuys, CA from May 2003 to March 2009.

The LAPD believes there may be more victims.

Da Silva's bail has been set at $3.8 million.


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just an opinion    

Guys like him (if he really did it) are out there doing their thing because we don't take action. It is hard and unless YOU are in the situation you can't understand how long it will take you to come forward.
I don't believe that anyone will want to go through such an emotional distress process for not reason.
If you are a victim, I assure you that by doing that... you will get some of your freedom and power back.
Don't let criminals to walk around your friends or family. Protect them!!!

The sad part is that with this incident. The crime scene and Salsa will be associated.
And as there's a lot of nasty perverts in the scene. There's also a lot, a lot a lot of well respected, awesome, great, amazing dancers and people that are in the scene for their passion of the music
Also, if you don't want "nasty dancers" do put their hands on you (because it happens) then be firm and respect yourself.
Good luck Alex!

1990 days ago


i'm a friend of a victim. i know a lot of you are sticking up for him, but think about it. what if it was your mother or your sister or your girlfriend or your cousin he did this to? this is all self inflicted. i belive my friend and i believe he did it AND i believe he has done this to many women. i heard there are half a dozen more stepping forward. if you are a woman who has not been raped before, you have not idea how it feels to be scared to come forward. now that someone else has, all the victims can now stand together against this guy. go to jail, do not pass go, do not collect $200.

1988 days ago


Sorry I'm not an english first language speaker. Sorry if I'm not used to american way of life.
I'm european and thought of america as the example in democracy and respect.
What I find here is a lot of misunderstanding and confusing lifes, hell!
Is flirt the same as rape? Do all woman really victimise or may some of them really be rappers, in the sense that they 'do' a man and latter try to take economic advantage of? Is dance a rape or it's a legal pratic? Among so perturbing behaviours in sex matters, is salsa dance an art, or it's going t be forbidden? Is a citizen condemned even before being accused?
ALEX DA SILVA is an artist and a success man. He is, also, a sensual salsa dance master. Off course lots of men are jealous about his success and regret each time they lose a woman because she turns her back to them while running after Alex begging for his attention!
Off course there is a police investigation and why don´t you trust your justice?
Stop trying to kill a professional because he's more successfull than you. Just look around and see how many «massive seduction weapon» girls try to make some amount with celebrities...
Do you think you aren't sexy?

1983 days ago


Alex is a good salsa teacher so that proves he didn't do it.

1982 days ago


I've taken lessons from Alex and I went to his house so that proves that he is innocent.

1982 days ago


My daughter was his dance partner so that proves he is innocent.

1982 days ago


Alex is a nice guy and bought me drinks so that proves he is innocent.

1982 days ago


ohhelz this is a year old post that is water under the scrotun now

1504 days ago


L agree w/marcay--y never ever got out of line on-me and some of the routines were slit spliters too/three nude~hose one Rotten fish net w/pasties. several Spandex stressed to shadows and he ever once moved a pinky. [in fact I ? Gay boi]in our biz it iz the best of the best and we all kno/lov/honour them bois to death. kinky and silly but Dance is in their genes.BI myself have no plbm w/other genders. but rape may be you c hanged your mind when you seen the other line comming in as you went out too

1504 days ago


The police will have a hard time with this case. They advertised that if any body knew anything or was victim "call this number." I do not know how fair is that for Alex. Alex probably slept with more than 2,000 women in his life. There has to be some women who were angry at him for being played (Alex Da Silva is a player). Any one can come forward and say "He raped me." But that does not make this true. The DA declined to file charges the first time. Do they have new evidence? I do not think he a rapist, simply because he does not need to be. I remember when I saw Alex at JC Fandango 7 years ago, and I saw how women coveted him badly. Bottom line, he does not need to rape any one to have sex. He can get it easily . Why would he rape?

1361 days ago
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