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Britney Goes Down ... Under

4/6/2009 8:31 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Britney SpearsBritney Spears' conservatorship hearings are usually tedious arguments about money -- but today's hearing could mean Britney Spears is taking her tour Down Under. G'day, y'all!

Lawyers today raised the idea of expanding Brit's tour to include dates in Australia and parts of Europe. Currently Britney's tour dates are in the U.S. and Canada, with a few dates in London in June.

Nothing was decided upon today. They are due back in court April 14.


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1992 days ago

He's just another Idiot    

It's wonderful that Britney is getting her life and career back together. Too bad she still has to support that ugly, money mooching, slimeball K-Fed. Also, hope the crazy guys who were feeding her drugs are gone. Whatever happened to those lowlifes ? Did she get her stuff back that they stole?

1992 days ago


WOW..........Who gives a flip?

1992 days ago



1992 days ago

Bride of Chucky    

@ #15

Apparently you care, since you took the time comment on it.

1992 days ago

hollywood resident    

stay strong britney,keep going push it make that come back f------show them!

1992 days ago

frogs and gravel    

From what little I (Really) know of Britney's life, it seems like a version of the Twilight Zone. It seems like everybody
most people could turn to for help is either using her for her money or telling her what she can and can't do
. Most of her family is on her payroll. Anything she tells someone seems to get leaked to the press. The PAPS follow her
around 24/7. The contents of her cell phone calls find their way into the media.

Her lawyers seem to find new and inventive ways to bill her for services ( I am sure someone is keeping track of her lawyer's expenses and will tell me each and every hour is justified. Maybe they are justified but she seems to spend a great deal of money on lawyers).
I could be wrong as I have been wrong before such as when I missed one question on my SAT.

1992 days ago


Umm, with the economy in the tank and war going on, does anybody really care what Britney is doing now? As for me, NOT. Britney as well as Paris, etc. are insignificant and annoying in real life.

1992 days ago


With the economy in the tank and war going on, does anybody really care what Britney is doing now? As for me, I don't give a rat's ass. Britney as well as Paris, etc. are insignificant and annoying in these times of real challenge.

1992 days ago


I swear I saw this sex tape on Ankhsingles of her having sex at the beach with kevin, cause the girl looks just like her.
Well I hope not because she has enough drama already right now.

1992 days ago


Scary that family can have someone found crazy enough to not be able to do one single thing without consent from others but IS sane enought to tour and make millions, she's not allowed to actually handle or touch any of the money SHE is making but who cares right.. she looks so 'good' these days. I'd love to see some posters reactions if Dad moved in .. said you had to dump your friends, can't use your cell phone.. you are sick... you need guidence, now get your ass to work and then give me your check. This situation is so bogus. She's an adult she is ALLOWED mess up her own life, she is allowed to be crazy so long as she isn't breaking laws. This is about money not about her getting her life back, how is it 'her' life is she isn't allowed to make any of her own decisions, isn't allowed do all the things normal adults are allowed to do. Why do people assume she is happier being pimped out by her father for money? .. just like she was as a child.

1992 days ago

Party 'till you die!    

Well,, I guess losing about $40-60 MILLION DOLLARS in a short span doesn't relate whatsoever to having a c-ship? And now she will just be lead around on a self protective leash from venue to venue on the Ah Dun Lawwws A Heapin' O' Caaash Tour until she gets it back. Even then, someone will still have to watch over her!

1992 days ago

frogs and gravel    

This is what Brit's manager would say if Britney broke her ankle and was coming down with pneumonia.before a show.

"We will tightly wrap your ankle and put a brace on it. Also: We'll have one of your docs give you
some cough syrup with codeine in it for that cough."

"After all Britney, darling, the show must go on and you wouldn't want to disappoint your fans now
would you?"

1991 days ago


I hope they let her do a world tour and she is wildly successful, sells out every show and they finally release her and her money from the conservatorship so that she can live her life the way she wants to! Then she will prove that she hasn't learned ANYTHING from all of this, will go back to being bat s#i+ crazy, and these gossip sites will be amusing again! Lindsey's self-destruction is BORING compared to Britney back in the day!

1991 days ago


Guess all the attorneys, her lazy ex husband, fat slob, and the Judge needs more money. Britney is the work slave for these hanger ons who are using her for her money. It is sick that the Judge don't see this scene about all the attorneys.

1991 days ago
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