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Chris Brown Pleads Not Guilty

4/6/2009 7:34 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Chris Brown has just pled not guilty to two felonies -- assault and making criminal threats.

Chris Brown: Click to watch
With ex girlfriend Rihanna nowhere in sight, Brown showed up at L.A. County criminal courthouse to face the music for allegedly beating the crap out of her back in February.

Sources inside the courtroom say Chris' mom spent the entire preliminary hearing either in tears or praying for her 19-year-old son. We're told a handful of Chris' friends and four bodyguards were also there to show support.

Brown is due back in court on April 29.


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I said it    


2023 days ago


Try slapping Bubba.... below the belly button!

2023 days ago


I don't think the jet skiing, free as a jaybird, gets it. Did he go to the Ike Turner School of Beaters?

2023 days ago


that right to defend you WAKE UP!!!.................EXCUSE ME.................. A right to defend yourself, does not mean beating a person to a pulp, especially a woman. You shove, he had the strength to hold her back, not hit with fists over and over. YOU WAKE UP AND GET A CLUE, YOU CAN ONLY GO SO FAR BEFORE A FELONY!

Posted at 8:36PM on Apr 6th 2009 by nicole

2023 days ago


Hope Rihanna never goes back. His career is over and he will take the twenty mile zone to poverty.

2023 days ago


#4 You are a jackass, but I think you might know that already. I have never seen such celebrity whores. You would even support a woman beater. No sense of decency at all.

2023 days ago


I use to be a fan of both now just to Rihanna. Chris is a criminal and he's a liar! He needs to suffer behind bars and get his ass beat by those men! Maybe he'll learn how to keep his hands to himself. TMZ I can't wait til you get that prison mugshot:)

2023 days ago


I might have a ounce of respect for Chris Brown if he would have "man up'ed" and plead guilty on all counts. Instead he took the coward route and I have even less respect for him. As for Riahanna, by doing NOTHING you show all young women out there that it is acceptable for a man to beat a women. I DO NOT feel sorry for either of these two, the only people I feel sorry for are the young people out there that have any respect for either of them.

2023 days ago


Whatever, we all know its one rule for the Rich and another for everyone else. If this was your average every day guy he would already be in jail, but instead these actors and singers and what not get to break the law and get away with a slap on the wrist.

Christ brown beat up a woman, plain and simple. Frankly I don't care what other facts there are, he beat the crap out of a woman and for that he should go to jail. Instead he will get some stupid fine, and go to some fancy church to find god blah blah blah.

2023 days ago

brown hater    

this ugly pig should go to jail. of cousre money talks. so does booze rhianna and you are going to get beat again. i hope to God you have mace and some other form or protection in your purse. Do you think you'll survive the next time? You are a typical abused woman and he a typical woman beater. i bet he also has penis issues as well....most do. tell him to get viagra and keep his fists off of you. HATE THIS PIG!!!!!!

2023 days ago


I don't understand why almost everyone has turned this into "battered woman syndrome". She supposedly started this altercation by grabbing his cell phone, reading a text meant for him and physically assaulting him before he hit her and made terroristic threats. BOTH ARE GUILTY. This case should bring attention to improper conduct, assault, terroristic threats etc. BOTH handled a personal matter disgracefully, illegally. BOTH are young and should be mandated to obtain problem solving skills. Very clearly, both are clueless. It doesn't matter if this may have been the only thing they saw as kids. As adults, they should face the consequences in a positive way. Jail? No way. Each appears to need help before one or both gets seriously hurt or seriously hurts someone as, these events can escalate.

Domestic violence isn't just men hitting women. It encompasses all forms of behavior (physical and verbal) that hurt another person. That appears to be the case here. Both need help. Punishment, no. Compassion, understanding, professional education, yes.

2023 days ago


Hope he goes to jail and gets a nice cellie who makes him his bitch.

2023 days ago


There must be a reason little Brown did this!

2023 days ago

He's just another Idiot    

Hope Chris goes to jail and his career tanks. Is he retarded? He looks and acts like it.

2023 days ago

Veronica in Amarillo    

I was so mad I wanted to Chris Brown someone! Ok so I only spent the afternoon cleaning off all our iPods & iPhones and trashing Chris Brown music. Just makes me sick to think about and it is worth the money lost to get rid of the music and will never buy another song of his nor will my family.

2023 days ago
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