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Hugh Hefner's B-Day

The Party to Die For

4/6/2009 12:50 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Hugh Hefner pulled off his best "Weekend at Bernie's" impression during his 83rd birthday at the Palms in Vegas this weekend.

Hugh Hefner
Rigor mortis is the new Viagra.


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I do nbot think it is disgusting. Look, Hugh H. has made himself part of the Playboy Brand. Unfortuantely he is too old for it to be believable anymore. He should really be developing the next generation of Hefner Brand. You go Hugh Dogg....what a life you have had. PS, I am willing to be your Apprentice.

1993 days ago


The picture would be funny if it weren't so pathetic. Hefner is 83 and supposedly living every man's dream life with zillions of beautiful women, who I might remind you must live according to his rules. I doubt he realizes or even cares how foolish he looks. The thing I really don't get are the women who over the years have become more plastic and more phoney than ever. And for any one of them to say they are seriously religious while living the lifestyle of Hefner is a joke. But their choice...whether or not Hefnre got his heart broke by the 3 departed women is in doubt. He has spent his entire life being a womanizer...there is always someone willing to lower themselves for his money....which is truly sad. Grow up 83 it is about time. And for the guys who think women take him serious, they laugh until he replaces them with the next bunch of tramps.

1993 days ago



1993 days ago


You give us something to look at and we drop our jaws in awe, you give these girls money to take off their bras. You give the idea these girls will have fame and “they can have the life” if they play your sick game. Young women and girls wait for you to hear you shout “Playboy is holding a casting call, come and try out”. You promote yourself as women’s beauty a nude picture taken in time, all so you can fill your pockets with cold hard cash and some small shiny dimes. Some of these women do have lives, even with children and some are wives. But you drag them in and expect only one thing. Them being naked Hef, so you can live your dream.
Hopefully it’s not true with all what you do behind closed doors, but think long and hard your basically a pimp, pimping out whores. You get them young and most still not completely mature, some completely lost in life so they see you as the cure. Networking, stepping stone or anything they can think of to justify why they pose for you. It’s basically simple and completely true.
Yes these women are beautiful, but do you think were dumb. We weren’t born yesterday sucking our thumb. Yes its their with boobs and ass in our face but the real reason these women pose is a disgrace and let us not BS if you don’t get what you want, you will find another to take their place. You might as well just say “if you let me have sex with you in the rear, I will make sure you have a great joyful career”.
But overall what you have done is great, look at you man and what’s on your plate. A mansion a bunny house filled with flesh buns and all your mostly old friends hoping to get in on a piece of the fun.

Hef is a sick moth F'ya

1993 days ago


OMG! A white man with a white/blonde! He is racist!

1993 days ago

ex lax    

just let grand paw rest in a piece of his grand kids!

1993 days ago

ex lax    

what that blond person scraping off her face?

1993 days ago


Really sad and pathetic.

1993 days ago

Travis Allen    

First and foremost, Hugh Hefner, has been an upstanding ICON worldwide who has changed many lives by exposing the fact that the naked female form is an art in in itself . For example, those who didn't come from old money or new that fact, he opened up the doors for individuals not has financially such as himself. Also, he started his magazine from nothing but paper and magic markers, if you will, and made it into something. Something else in its own rite, When the world found nudity was an unthinkable topic that was brought to mainstream America and sold millions of copies.. Jokingly cracking that coment of "Rigor Mortis is the new Viagra" was COMPLETELY uncalled for. I'm not perfect and yes, I understand making fun or enlightening someone can be done more tastefullly. That was flat out wrong. He make a life for himself. I'm not uptight--don't get me wrong. I'll day one day as well as will we all. But, for goodness sake, leave one's dignity intact. Is this website (as well as you show), should be entitled THC instead of TMZ becuse your staff must be smoking something. The whole production of this site as well has your show is really pushing the envelope. Harvey Levin, your host, is so intelligent--I have a lot of respect for him. Use that brain power for somethng else.. I like you much better on " The People's Court." Do take care and leave the ones who knows life and lived it as well continue to do so in there golden years. Hugh Hefner changed the world in many ways. He is a wonderful person and lets face it guys, * bet he's had more women that most of you combined--money or not. Forgive me if I have offended anyone. And how many guys have su ceded well into their 80's and is still going strong with his numerous beuttiful women still at his beck and call. JEALOUSLY provokes people to lash out at successful people. Get a grip,. Straight men would give their right arm to be in his slippers, robe and bed jacket."JUDGE NOT LEST YOU BE JUDGED!

1993 days ago


"Till death do us part", except death still hasn't stopped these girls from hanging around the halo of gold coins stashed in his pockets.

1993 days ago

#645732 - Cell Block H    

There are a lot of mean spirited people on this site. Most of you guys would love to live his life. Money, women, fame and an instant entry into any place in the world just because of who you are! What red blooded straight man wouldn't make a deal with the Devil to live in his shoes? I'm sure even Harvey Levin has spent a few days at the mansion. I can understand why the women don't like him for his exploitation of their sex, but he has done more for adolescent fantasies than anyone in the world. Give the old coot a break. I know he helped me get through some difficult teenage frustration.

Thanks for giving me a "hand", Hef.

1993 days ago


oww i love him! give him a break, i wanna see you when you get his ya heff

1993 days ago


I like Hef. I suspect at that age I'd either be staying home and NOT partying or I'll be dead. Give the guy a BREAK.

1993 days ago


Comments 91-96 are all from the same doosh bag wannabe playmates or playmates themselves. They have realized "oh my gosh, we may be real whores" HEY PLAYMATES, the joke is on your looser @$$e$. Yes TMZ and the people reading this are laughing at you! You are hired prostitutes!

Get over it!

1993 days ago

playmates are legalized escorts    

PLEASE LET THIS COMPANY GO BANKRUPT ALREADY! So we dont have to see these skanky girls like the one in the picture wearing a religous cross (which is sickening) and the others that have messed up brain cells and are all stupid gold diggers wanting some sort of fame because their failures

1993 days ago
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