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Serena Williams'

Butt Goes Jet Skiing

4/6/2009 3:10 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

With an ass like that, it's shocking two people could even fit on that jet ski.

Serena Williams was in Miami this weekend, looking more booty-ful than ever.


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Now THAT's an ass, TMZ!!! It's about time you guys show a REAL butt on this site! You idiots love to rave over all these boney-butt white women on this site! Well, here's what REAL woman's ass looks like!!! Make all the corny comments you want, but REAL men know what this is! NICEEEEEEEE!!!


2003 days ago


37. Hey Rosie O'Donnell, don't hate her because your ass is flat & wide!!! What is attractive about a flat ass? A flat wide ass? A cellulite infested ass? How about no ass at all? This girl is very athletic & very tone. Anyone who says any different or negative things is just jealous!! Thanks to you people, Kim FakeFatDashian is on her way to the surgeon once again to have her ass worked on. The implants are just not big enough & the cellulite is getting worse, she'll be in rehab soon. The thought of someone having A REAL ASS bigger than her's and cellulite free?????? You know she's losing her mind right now!! This is what a real ass looks like Kim, and don't bother taking this picture to the surgeon, it's impossible to try to surgically recreate an ass like that!

I like big butts and I cannot lie!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

2003 days ago


i dont get it.. granted, she aint my type (i do like the anorexic, or at least thinner type of girl & color dont matter, if your hot your hot) but you can bounce a quarter off that bottom. compared to all the morons out there famous for nothing much more than a big ass and maybe a song or movie or 2 to (maybe a sex clip as well) to there credit , her accomplishments on the field of play & her seemingly gracious ways put her head & shoulders,,above the rest. i'd much rather have a drink & dinner with this girl than lets say a jLlo or that other waste of skin kardashian. just for the conversation . through the same swim suit on the 2 previosly mentioned girls & tell me who's ass aint better proportioned and damn sure better toned. like i said, i dont get it, 2 pigs who's claim to fame is a giant ass and not much more. and one girl who really made good for herself is knocked for having a big ass of obviously better all around shape.

2003 days ago


How does she wipe?

2003 days ago


I hear Ubama wants to tap her ass and make it a new pipeline to low cost gas !

Not surprising as these so called from africa stuffing their faces with billions of our tax dollars for food stamps

Does she have to pay for 2 seats in a airplane ?

2003 days ago

Pimp juice    

BAWHAHAHAHHHA!!! I love how our ultra sensitive PC culture has managed to ruin a perfectly good word like "healthy" to now be the replacement word for FATASS!!! Same can be said for "thick." This chick is built like a D-IA linebacker. Everyone is right. She, and her sister, have no business playing beautiful ladies that are actually built like a LADY. The Williams sisters are between 175-195 pounds a piece for crying out loud. This is why they will never be considered one of the all-time greats in their sport because they had an obvious physical advantage. All they're missing is the shlonge.

2003 days ago


nice really nice, edible and sweet!!

2003 days ago

Obama is Gay    

That Jet Ski will never run the same

2003 days ago

Eric in Indiana    

WOW she looks as great as always and is one of the greatest tennis players on the planet. Just look at the beautiful muscle tone in those legs (no cellulite there for the comment hatters) and as for the curves she's got an ass that you either love or hate. Just remember when J Lo first started getting papps pics the same type of butt comments where happening and now plastic surgery for butt enhancement is a huge business.

2003 days ago


i don't like big butts and i can not lie lol

2003 days ago


Posted at 4:30PM on Apr 6th 2009 by Sir Mix A Racist

Dude, you are wrong on all counts! But what else would one expect from a white boy with a tiny d*ck! Clearly you have a problem with african americans, is it because you have SDS or have you lost your girlfriend to a hot black man with deep pockets & a fat one! Trust me, once you go black you'll never go back! I KNOW I WON'T EVER!!! Our two little girls are absolutely beautiful!! And yes, my sister is married to a black man also! WTF are you talking about? "getting a boob jobs means you're trying to be black" , you are deliriously jealous aren't you? I was talking about ass implants stupid! I don't have botox lips, fake ass hard titties & a flat ass! Just the opposite, and it's all real baby. I do have a bit of cellulite (1 or 2), but most women do. AND MY MAN LOVES IT ALL!!!! And yes he does think Serena's ass is hot!! Dude I would tell you to expand your mind a little bit, seeing as there are beautiful people of every color in this country, but seeing as you are so into being an ignorant racist ass yourself, why bother! Get of your mother's tits and grow some azzhole!

2003 days ago

j-lo did not create it    

It seems like a butt is only cool and beautiful when j-lo or a white chick is attached to it....for your information the "black ass" has been around from the beginning of the black race, so go figure.....insult it but people like you wish you had a chick with one or you could touch it's amazing when some people don't realize when they make racist statements....don't hate you 2 can get surgery....but that's okay, i understand you only admire what u

2003 days ago

Ms. X    

Embrace the differences among us. She is spectacular. Wouldn't it be sad if all butts looked the same?

2003 days ago


Paaaaa-POW! ah, I look out of curiosity, too much showing and in such proportions; makes me look out of curiosity...

2003 days ago


isnt their a saying that if you got it flaunt it? So thats what shes doing and who cares what she looks like or anything shes beautiful and anyone that says otherwise is just hating.

2003 days ago
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