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Howard K. Stern Arraignment Postponed

4/7/2009 1:31 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Howard K. Stern and Khristine Eroshevich did not enter pleas today in L.A. County Criminal Court -- their arraignment in the Anna Nicole Smith drug case was delayed until May 13.

Howard K. Stern: Click to watch
Stern's lawyer, Steve Sadow, told the media after the arraignment that "[Howard] is innocent. Let me repeat that, he is innocent."

Sadow reiterated what we first reported -- Stern plans to fight these charges to the end, because he believes he did absolutely nothing wrong.

Howard K. Stern: Click to watchSadow excoriated California Attorney General Jerry Brown, saying he should be "ashamed of himself" for using Anna Nicole to further his career.


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Another Jewish conspiracy and scam!!!

2004 days ago


LOLOL! The hearing postponed to it's original date! Typical publicity stunt!

2004 days ago


Quote: "Anna made her own choices." SO DID HOWARD. And he's liable for them.

2004 days ago


I really got into the ANS case way back when. Most of the "so called experts" on Nancy Grace and other shows got alot of their facts wrong. The clown video was only part of a video. Why wasn't the whole video released? Because it wouldn't show HKS in a bad light. The people who released it where the guys from the east coast. She meet them thur Larry Birkhead. She had an affair with the father. She was at his house for a month or so when the father talked her into going to the island. Mothers have alot more rights there than here. Anna thought that once she named the father of her child and he argeed he was the legal father it was unheard of to contest it.
Anna had Howard move down after the she moved down. The east coast friend couldn't go to the island because he was convicted to flying drugs. His son was also friends with Anna. The son and his family spent alot of time with Anna on the east coast and on the island. His daughter was the one taped. The son was the one who broke into Anna's house and stole everything. Even the paintings Anna made for her daughter's room. Because of all the dirty dealings the east coast family lost all rights to the house. The east coast family had alot of reason $$$$ to destroy Anna and Howard.
One of the newspapers of the ialand had a letter about who Anna and her baby would sit at the mall and just enjoy watching people,

2004 days ago


If nothing else but that horrific clown video existed, Howard Stern should be put in jail for many years. He was filming
Anna under the influence while she was 8 months pregnant with what he told the world was his baby, also saying the video will make us $. It is a wonder Dannielynn wasn't born with brain damage.

But let's look at reality - a lot more than the clown video exists - he kidnapped a baby and lied about being the father, he likely murdered Daniel, he administered drugs to Anna while she was in rehab (as told under oath by Larry Birkhead), he attempted to steal a mansion in the Bahamas, enabled and encouraged Anna to take drugs in an attempt to keep her under his control. He went too far and killed her. Come on folks - he is as guilty of murder as is O.J. Simpson. Let's not let another famous double murderer get away with it!

2004 days ago

THese sternies are mean people who have no feelings    

New THEORY ! The whole ANNA GETTING FAT JUST BEFORE HER TRIMSPA WEIGHT LOSS ? KINDA STANGE ESPECIALLY from a model whose entire life depends on their looks ! Then the E ! reality show , it was all planned out way before.

So she could go on all these shows showing off her new body. BEING PAID for it , buying HOWARD shoes , her life wasexpensive all right.

Losing all that weight was difficult , she had to starve herself, she needed help during her DIET so she was PROBABLY on amphetamines too, imo.

Then ANNA's LIVE IN LAWYER, agree it would be a good thing to take a bunch of drugs and go on an award show so high she lost her bearings, was the laughing stock of the world, she had to bear that shame alone. POOR ANNA she was so alone.

2004 days ago


Howie pimped Anna out on a reality show when she was fat and drugged out. Then, when she was pregnant and drugged out, he filmed her in clown face saying THIS WILL MAKE A LOT OF MONEY. He's a sleaze, and he's going DOWN.

2004 days ago


Quote: The clown video was only part of a video. Why wasn't the whole video released? Because it wouldn't show HKS in a bad light.

WRONG. Greta showed the whole video, as did Geraldo, and it made Stern look TERRIBLE.

2004 days ago


As if this was any suprise -- a continuance that is. That's the damn norm for celebrities in court -- to drag it out for months and months until we're years into it. Hmm, how long did we waste the tax payers money for what's his name R. Kelley? Yeh, come outta the woodwork (his supporters that is) -- as if hush money wasn't paid to his accuser (REALITY - it sure the hell was to buy his innocence and no jail time). Now who do we have wasting our money and delay after delay currently well of course it's Chris Brown *working on a plea bargin* yeh, yeh, yeh, whatever, that was bound to happen the MINUTE he hired a lawyer so what the hell is taking so long and wasting our money and resources. He is not going to do any jail time. And I am not a racist, just in case someone wants to jump in here an insinuate. As I have said, the example here is T.I. he at least came forward and admitted he was guilty (although I think not initially) he did over a 1000 community service hours, and is doing a year and a day in jail and he still is richer than rich will come out and still be a mega star. That ole adage money buys silence -- and if you have money you can buy off the system still seems to work for many a celebrity today.

2004 days ago


It's a whole lot different for Stern and Chris Brown. Chris Brown is a 19 year old kid. Stern is a 40 year old LAWYER. AND HE'S facing potential criminal charges in Florida also. The Rolexes he used to bribe officials in the Bahamas won't work here. He'll eventually get to court.

2004 days ago

just me    

Why was it postponed til May 13th the original date? Another PUBLICITY STUNT! Has anyone told these characters it looks tacky to be Limo-d to Court...Guess ET is paying that too! ET is always VERY TACKY! Howie has goods on someone at et...I smell it....

"It is easier to get a Camel through the eye of a needle

2004 days ago


Stern and Dr. E deserved to go to jail.

2004 days ago

pattie in cali    

i can't believe this freak is walking around free, he KILLED ANNA AND HER SON, he set up all the drug pickups, he made it easy for ANNA to get drugs, as far as i am concerned howard and ANNAS doctors should be locked up, thank GOD we don't have doctors like this, all to make a name, or to be close to a star, howard you are a dog,an your little dogs( the docs).
you say you loved ANNA, but you did her in. when you laughed at ANNA( with clown makeup). YOU MADE ME SICK. you knew what you were doing, and now your going to pay the price. THANK YOU GOD.

2004 days ago


He's a real slim doggie -

2004 days ago

Stephanie Goldmin    

Im more concerned of where Bobby Trendy is and the fashion segment of this trial.

2004 days ago
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